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by hexglass in Poetry » General

the library
by RippleGylf in Poetry » Realistic

we could light our fingers like matches, set our heads on fire.
by amelie in Poetry » General

by Apricity in Poetry » Romantic

weather reports bring warnings of monachopsis: locals advised to keep out of own skulls
by Pompadour in Poetry » Culture

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  • Reviews » Poetry » Dramatic, Spiritual
    In Spring

    Hello, This is one of the more mature poems I've read on YWS, despite its conciseness and simplicity. You use simile very well, and your structure compliments your poem well. ...

    QuentintheSad - 55 minutes ago

  • Reviews » Poetry » Satire, Culture
    When the Cool Kids Come Knocking at My Door

    Hey it's Jordyn! If i could only describe this poem in one word it would be "preach!" I am going to expand on why I agree with you so much ...

    jordynlp03 - 2 hours ago

  • Reviews » Poetry » General, General
    It Hurts

    Hello, I cannot really comment on the poem aesthetically, as you appear to be a much more direct poet than I. I tend to bury what I'm saying in symbols ...

    QuentintheSad - 2 hours ago

  • Reviews » Poetry » General, General
    The Lion and The Wolf

    Hi this is spartan 118 here for a quick review and to make your day a lil better, so kick back and relax. First off this poem seems like it's ...

    Spartan118 - 2 hours ago

  • Reviews » Novel / Chapter » Fantasy, Science Fiction
    Firebreed chapter 2-- Cassy the Killer Queen

    Hey! Sky here. Just saw this in the green room and realized that I had started to read this story. I reviewed your chapter one and remembered that I had ...

    skylnn00writes - 3 hours ago

  • Reviews » Short Story » Realistic, General

    Greetings! Let get right into the review! Criticism: I feel like the word 'malicious' is overused a little. You use it in one paragraph, then again twice in the next ...

    RoseTulipLily - 4 hours ago

  • Reviews » Novel / Chapter » Fantasy, Science Fiction
    Firebreed Chapter 4- Lucky Break

    Hi, Awkard! I'm pkid, stopping by for a (hopefully) short review... First Impressions I'm not a fan of the way you wrote this, splitting up the scenes by dates. I ...

    pkidchick - 4 hours ago

  • Reviews » Lyrics » General, General
    New Pair of Shades

    I think Kal caught the little typos and grammar mistakes, so I'm left with the content part (which is where it really gets fun anyway). So I take this piece, ...

    Wriskypump - 6 hours ago

  • Reviews » Poetry » Realistic, General
    the library

    I like the flow of this. It reminds me of Japanese poetic styles somehow. There is also a very nice mix of happiness and melancholy as well, rather than just ...

    Werthan - 10 hours ago

  • Reviews » Poetry » Romantic, General

    This is nice and avant-garde. The scientific language clashes with the romantic content well and I feel like this actually plays into the rhythm in this case, and the same ...

    Werthan - 10 hours ago

  • Reviews » Poetry » Dramatic, Teen Fiction

    Hey there, Mem here for a review on your poem! I saw you said that you needed help with poetry and though I'm probably not that great at it myself ...

    Remembrance - 10 hours ago

  • Reviews » Short Story » Horror, Mystery / Suspense
    Dr. Carnival - the loony sequel

    LOl, once never cease to amaze me. This story defiantly sent chills down my spine and made it wiggle like a worm on a hook. But never the less ...

    Holiday30 - 11 hours ago

  • Reviews » Novel / Chapter » Fantasy, Teen Fiction
    Axylia — Elia (1)

    Hi, maisewriting--I'm dropping by for a review. Your chapter definitely grabbed my attention. The opening immediately pulled me in, and I think you did a pretty good job introducing the ...

    PrincessInk - 13 hours ago

  • Reviews » Novel / Chapter » Science Fiction, Action / Adventure
    Engulfed- Chapter Two

    Greetings! Nice to see the next chapter up. Now let's get started with this review! ;) Criticism: "She let out a laugh and increased her speed, gripping hold of the ...

    RoseTulipLily - 17 hours ago

  • Reviews » Poetry » Realistic, General
    the library

    Hey there, RippleGylf! This poem resonated very deeply with me, and your descriptions are so very accurate; you convey truths with quite an astonishing grace. I don't have much to ...

    hexglass - 18 hours ago

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