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Oh, What a King!
by Nikayla in Poetry » Historical Fiction

we are artists of different kinds
by Lightsong in Poetry » General

my gibberish take on hypocrisy.
by DrFeelGood in Poetry » Spiritual

by Biluata in Poetry » Realistic

Hear Me Now
by OreosAreLife in Poetry » Realistic

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  • Short Story » Fantasy, Mystery / Suspense
    Potions and Poisons (2/3)

    P2: The Dead and the Living.

    MissPhoenix - 8 hours ago
    E - Everyone

  • Short Story » Fantasy, Horror
    The job

    I'm not done with this, this is just what I have so far. Love reviews. I just want reviews as I go along. Thank you!

    Midnightmoon - 11 hours ago

  • Short Story » Fantasy, Mystery / Suspense
    First part of my new project.

    It gets better. Lets just say... It is the perfect example of the contrast between fantasy and crime.

    cookiesandcream20011 - 14 hours ago

  • Short Story » Dramatic, Realistic

    No idea who wrote this.

    Gravity -
    16+ Violence

  • Short Story » Narrative, Supernatural
    Cursed Companies String from the Family

    Because a company doesn't get cursed or downright evil on it's own.

    atticAesthetic -
    16+ Language Violence

  • Short Story » Romantic, Other
    The love story that remains unnamed

    A sad short story about love and loss. (Yes, I know, it may be crap. I literally wrote this today because I was feeling sad.)

    LadyShadows -
    E - Everyone

  • Short Story » Science, General
    The Universe: A History

    From the Big Bang to social media, probably skipping a bunch of important parts.

    LukeStarkiller -
    E - Everyone

  • Short Story » Horror, General
    Tap, Tap, Tap

    "It's outside, I'm inside. Until I hear a shatter, I'm safe."

    gxldencrxwns -
    E - Everyone

  • Short Story » Fantasy, Action / Adventure
    God's Assassin ★ 4

    Rila's past continued to unravel. She is given a question.

    Lightsong -
    E - Everyone

  • Short Story » Dramatic, Mystery / Suspense
    the house of death

    This is a story that is about a girl going on a walk and finds and abandoned home so she enters to find chilling papers and mind scarring sights

    bvbAngel -
    12+ Violence Mature Content

  • Short Story » Narrative, Realistic
    my broken love

    This is a story I came up with to reflect how I feel. It is about how I still love my ex but he has moved on. What do yall think need improvement?

    bvbAngel -

  • Short Story » Realistic, Narrative
    my personal hell

    This is just a short story that I thought of. It is based off of my daily thoughts and feelings. What do yall think I need to work on?

    bvbAngel -

  • Short Story » Narrative, Realistic
    Our World

    This is the memory of a time when I visited a world that only we could see.

    Mage -

  • Short Story » Horror, General
    3 a.m.

    She danced down the hallway with me, but she was dead while doing so.

    gxldencrxwns -
    18+ Language

  • Short Story » General, General
    The Tree

    Just a random story I hope others can relate to.

    0325564 -
    E - Everyone

  • -

"Cowards die many times before their deaths; but the valiant will never taste of death but once."
— Julius Caesar