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Look, see
by TheMulticoloredCyr in Poetry » Dramatic

YWS (parody of Y.M.C.A)
by ArcticMonkey in Lyrics » General

कुछ पलों की आज़ादियां
by nanda in Poetry » Spiritual

avalanche of time
by whatchamacallit in Poetry » Dramatic

A Valkyrie's Dream: Chapter 1.2
by Shadeflame in Novel / Chapter » Fantasy

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  • Poetry » Romantic, Realistic
    Goodbye, Precious Gold

    A poem about heartbreak and recovery.

    Em16 - 12 hours ago

  • Poetry » Dramatic, Other
    Look, see

    I little poem I wrote in one go while regretting half my life.

    TheMulticoloredCyr -

  • Poetry » General, Literature
    मेरी मां

    A poem I wrote out of the love and regards I have for my mother. Not just me, but all of us have a special bonding with our mothers. Isn't it?

    nanda -
    E - Everyone

  • Poetry » Narrative, Fantasy
    A Dance With the Devil

    Satan's a handsome one, isn't he?

    silverquill12 -

  • Poetry » Spiritual, General
    पहचान औरत की

    A short poem that explains the necessity of women. How important, according to you are women..? Read the poem and decide. (It's a Hindi poem)

    nanda -

  • Poetry » General, General
    Poetry Exercise: The caesura of broken lines

    Who knew white space could mean so much?

    Haraya -
    E - Everyone

  • Poetry » General, Dramatic
    forgetting/the sailboat

    a poem about forgetting and remembering

    ellasnotebook -

  • Poetry » Politics, Culture
    What is Privilege?

    Reflecting over recent events...

    Zoom -
    E - Everyone

  • Poetry » Dramatic, General
    avalanche of time

    what do icebergs and my life have in common?

    whatchamacallit -

  • Poetry » Spiritual, General
    कुछ पलों की आज़ादियां

    My first post in Hindi. Do read it guys!

    nanda -
    12+ Language

  • Poetry » General, Dramatic
    Poetry Exercise: I don't have wounds to make my words bleed

    I couldn't think of anything last night, so now I have this.

    Haraya -

  • Poetry » Romantic, General
    'Slaver of Hearts

    Another one inspired by The Outlander series and someone I like very much.

    anarki -

  • Poetry » Literature, General

    i don't know if i've ever written anything about sunshine before since my world has always been full of clouds

    nykolasandrews -

  • Poetry » General, Realistic
    Stolen things

    We don't care what you think about our old things. Just listen to us, cleaning is good, but don't just throw away things when we aren't around. Please

    ChrisDixon -

  • Poetry » General, Politics
    Hot Riot Summer


    Morrigan -

  • -

It is a happiness to wonder; it is a happiness to dream.
— Edgar Allan Poe