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What love feels like
by MaybeAndrew in Poetry » Humor

​Steam Off a Cup
by QueenShadowGem in Poetry » Dramatic

Late Bloomers
by Iforgot in Poetry » General

by JoyDark in Poetry » General

Curve and Grow
by quitecontrary in Poetry » Lyrical

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  • Forums » Writer's Market
    Call for poetry and art submissions! COOP Zine

    Screen Shot 2021-01-27 at 8.02.48 AM.png If u want a dark chicken poem this is all I have to offer u uwu

    soundofmind - 35 minutes ago

  • Forums » Lounge, The
    What made you smile today?

    One of my friends knows that clam chowder is one of my absolute favorite foods. And on Saturday, she and her boyfriend made a huge pot of it for a ...

    SpiritedWolfe - 14 hours ago

  • Forums » Lounge, The
    I'm Writing, Come Join Me!

    In here!

    BluesClues - 20 hours ago

  • Forums » Lounge, The
    Older Member Returned

    Oh that's awesome! That's awesome you went to Uni and passed- though sorry it was difficult! :/ I can't imagine how people pursue careers that require them to take so ...

    Holysocks -

  • Forums » Writing Activities
    Tanka Train

    Nothing lives on Mars; On that vast and vacant plane, Only dust gathers, Waiting for human footprints To shape its red particles.

    JoyDark -

  • Forums » Lounge, The

    Anyone want to join me in chat? I miss when i'd go to the chatroom and people would be there. Anyone want to join me today. Or, we can orginize ...

    queenofscience -

  • Forums » Writing Activities
    The "I wrote a poem, but don't need reviews" thread

    Its not about the hate. And it can't be about the joy of things. "You don't care for all the world." The answer is: we can't. We are but one ...

    rida -

  • Forums » Writing Activities
    Haiku Train

    these new epitaphs though engraved just yesterday already grow moss.

    whatchamacallit -

  • Forums » Poetry Discussion
    The Poem of the Week

    Voice , by Ann Sansom link (Enspoilered for a swear word) Call, by all means, but just once don’t use the broken heart again voice; the I’m sick to death ...

    whatchamacallit -

  • Forums » Fiction Discussion
    How to get unstuck on a story?

    I find a lot of my inspiration comes from reading, so the more I read the better I write! It's also really easy to get caught up in trying to ...

    IcyFlame -

  • Forums » Writers Corner
    The Finders

    Chapter Four- If You Give a Brownie Honey “Honey? Yes I do believe I have some. How much in exchange for a drink?” Leikin taps his satchel waiting for a ...

    QueenShadowGem -

  • Forums » Writers Corner
    My Four Main WIPs

    @nateatnight - thank you so much!!

    Liebensteiner -

  • Forums » Writers Corner
    Help me name a character

    @stellathomas I love the name Sorcha. What a wonderful middle name :) Also the name in the poll is Ashling not Aisling :b Here is the link to the page ...

    Charm -

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    Code tests

    heart icon-spin

    LordMomo -

  • Forums » Writers Corner
    Crow Calls

    There's an old red wish branded in the back of this house, a shudder of wind buffets through shutters, tossing about dust motes in an eddy of pointed words. How ...

    Liminality -

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I communicate much better on paper than I do when I open my mouth.
— Aaron Sorkin