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Railway Drifter
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  • Forums » Poetry Discussion
    NaPo Goals

    Hey! Update time sounds fun XD Thanks @alliyah! ^^ I did manage to make a list of 30 poems, and I'm doing one-per-day, so I have made that goal, which ...

    fraey -

  • Forums » Lounge, The
    Happy Earth Day

    Happy Earth Day, YWS! Setting aside a day to celebrate the earth is great, but our planet needs more than a day in April to thrive. Your friendly neighborhood AP ...

    Magestorrow -

  • Forums » Research
    Writing Mental Health: Therapy

    I watched a documentary series some time ago which showed therapy sessions, but also had a commentary to go with them. It was more aimed at explaining the way some ...

    Tenyo -

  • Forums » Research
    Writing Mental Health: Depression

    Sooo I edited my previous post to include the more personal side, because I realised that that's what really matters when making characters. Not gonna lie, it was also an ...

    Coffeeism -

  • Forums » Lounge, The
    How Did You Come Up With Your Username?

    Easy. I like gnomes, but Gnome was just too boring. Hence, Gnom ish.

    Gnomish -

  • Forums » Lounge, The
    Featured Member April 20th-May 4th: 4revgreen

    AHHH THANK YOU SO MUCH! I Literally just turned on my laptop to see this!!!!!

    4revgreen -

  • Forums » Research
    How to research for ghost stories?

    I don't have a specific site to check out, but the youtube series Buzzfeed Unsolved might give you some inspiration! You'll want to watch their Supernatural episodes. They go to ...

    inkdreams -

  • Forums » Writers Corner
    What would a villan want with a shrink/growth ray?

    I'm struggling with somthing... One of my characters is Willow, a visualy impaired teenager who wants to use PREFORM (my shrink/grow ray) to assist in her being a veterinarian in ...

    queenofscience -

  • Forums » Writers Corner
    Good Book Idea or Cheesy?

    I don't think this idea sounds cheezy. I think it sounds quiet interesting. It cought my attenton. :)

    queenofscience -

  • Forums » Research
    Writing Mental Health: Social Anxiety

    Thanks for the help, both of you!

    Magestorrow -

  • Forums » Lounge, The
    Write a Random Prophecy!

    The time has come, for the pizza to arrive, to the family who ordered it three hours previous. The delivery man must strive, to NOT eat the pizza. Or else ...

    Horisun -

  • Forums » Research
    Writing Mute Characters

    Hi. Maby I can help. My vocal cords are damaged. (However, I need a doctor to look at them, to diagnose them.) I am suspected to have paralized voical cords. ...

    queenofscience -

  • Forums » Welcome Mat
    Hey everyone

    Hi and welcome! :D No it's not too late to join and it is 100% free. Basically, it's the poetry version of NaNoWriMo, where you try to write 30 poems ...

    inkdreams -

  • Forums » Writers Corner
    How To Write A Complex, or Complicated Plot

    One of the things we often struggle with as a writer is writing a plot that's complex or complicated. It can't just be boy, meets girl, boy looses girl and ...

    Katnes -

  • Forums » Welcome Mat
    Welcome New Members! [3]

    Welcome to YWS, Tawsif! Glad that you’re enjoying the site. :)

    neptune -

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