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Devolution of Weapons
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There Will be Peace
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I have had the word 'realist' hurled at me
by Pompadour in Poetry » General

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  • Forums » Writers Corner
    what is the best name for a half mermaid mc?

    okay so for the main character I'm going to go with Marina. I'll change the poll in a minute to the next character if you guys want to help me ...

    marms - 10 minutes ago

  • Forums » Welcome Mat
    Hello there

    Thank you both!

    SynonymousTom - 6 hours ago

  • Forums » Writing Tips
    Motivation Tips

    BlueAfrica is so right about not waiting for the motivation, I could spend years waiting for mine. I have written at least a hundred words every day since the beginning ...

    occymay - 8 hours ago

  • Forums » Writers Corner
    Polyamorous Relationships?

    Thanks! The plot thus far is: "o Atlantis is nothing more than myth, right? Wrong. Atlantis is a real place, a world unto itself. It wasn’t always this way, though. ...

    SheWhoWrites - 13 hours ago

  • Forums » Lounge, The
    What's on your bucket list?

    @Mea I love Lindsey Stirling!

    Danni88 - 20 hours ago

  • Forums » Lounge, The
    I Need to Feature You on my Blog!

    Hey there Young Writers. I've decided I would like to do some profiles on some Young Writers at my blog. We will talk about you and promote your writing. I ...

    EmmVeePi - 20 hours ago

  • Forums » Lounge, The
    The "I'm Back" Thread

    HELLO! I am officially baccccckkkkkkk

    Halfbloodcheetah -

  • Forums » Welcome Mat
    Hi, i'm Alana :)

    Thank you!

    alanadono123 -

  • Forums » Art & Photography
    Wolfie's Graphic Gazebo

    @Wolfical Oooo I love them all actually! But... hmm.... maybe the third up from the bottom is best (: Thanks, girl! ;)

    RubyRed -

  • Forums » Welcome Mat

    Thanks @Dest

    Danni88 -

  • Forums » Research
    Synonym for 'Tree'

    Tree, plant, organism, being, entity...annndd I'm out.

    FalconryGirl9086 -

  • Forums » Writers Corner
    Hell or High Water

    Thank you! I've been struggling for a long time over the title for this one, nothing seemed right, but so far, I'm happy with this one :)

    scribbleinks -

  • Forums » Writers Corner
    From a Former Bully's Point of View

    You want it to be a story about "dealing with his guilt and growing from his regrets", so it seems pretty clear that the main arc for this character is ...

    Cadi -

  • Forums » Writers Corner
    Blessed Are The People

    LMS Writing Part 3 YWS: Your chapter part is too long to fit into this post, why do you keep pushing my limits? Me: *flips table in rage* Clearly it's ...

    TheSilverFox -

  • Forums » Welcome Mat

    Welcome! (:

    RubyRed -

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