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buried things
by marms in Poetry » Realistic

Play it Loud
by speakerskat in Poetry » Romantic

Am I Too... Me?
by Flumadiddle in Poetry » General

Dust Demons and Stars
by Flumadiddle in Poetry » General

Grim - Part 7 of SMSU Poetry
by Flumadiddle in Poetry » General

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    Holidayify Your Avatar - 2017

    Thanks, I love it!! And don’t worry :)

    Danni88 - 12 minutes ago

  • Forums » Art & Photography
    Lee's Art

    Oh. Umm. I forgot to say, I do dual colour art only...

    LittleLee - 8 hours ago

  • Forums » Lounge, The
    I messed up the activation of something


    DemonGoddess - 13 hours ago

  • Forums » Lounge, The
    Post Your Picture Here! [10]

    What a coincidence! It's a big universe out there. The odds are low that we'd live so close together. Weird.

    Feltrix -

  • Forums » Art & Photography
    The Heck Desk

    working on a new project, if you can catch it

    Hattable -

  • Forums » Welcome Mat
    Bonjour, hello, hola!

    Oh, I see how that looks now @Feltrix! @Shuppy02 isn't my mum, I was replying to them to say my mum is French! Sorry, I will amend that now. And ...

    KatieC -

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    The "I'm Back" Thread

    Wow, it's been a while. I only just got started here, but then life got crazy, like it always does... Anyways, it's good to be back

    jster02 -

  • Forums » Fiction Discussion
    Harry Potter questionnaire

    The boggart has never been shown to appear as a scene, always a living thing, but it's also supposed to appear as the thing that the person looking at it ...

    Feltrix -

  • Forums » Writers Corner
    Novels About Real People

    I was pretty sure that a lot of movies are based on books that are based on true stories- like the Hunger Games for instance. (LOL did you think I ...

    Holysocks -

  • Forums » Art & Photography
    Which Cover Looks Best?

    I personally like the 1st one

    snowmonkey9 -

  • Forums » Writing Tips
    How to write a torture scene

    That's fair enough. Lightsong's advice is pretty sound. If you're aiming to keep it light and focus on the MC's strengths then I would say the Harry Potter universe is ...

    Tenyo -

  • Forums » Writing Activities
    Characters magic Christmas gift

    So, you know that part in narnia where Santa gives the children magical gifts? The question I want you too answer is what would he give you characters, and why? ...

    DauntlessDagger -

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    Welcome New Members! [3]

    Greetings, fellow YWSers! @Danni88 's mum at your service!

    KatieC -

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    The last thing you... [No fibbing!]

    - The last thing you ate? Potato and Leek Cup A Soup with 2 slices of bread and butter - The last thing you drank? Summer fruit flavour squash - ...

    Cyvain87 -

  • Forums » Research
    Hey, writing about a time-period.

    There are so many resources you can find about the time period. If you prefer to read, then historical fiction novels are fine. As someone who loves fantasy novel, I ...

    Lightsong -

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— Groucho Marx