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Zeze the clown’s origin story

by vampricone6783

Warning: This work has been rated 18+ for violence and mature content.

*The origin story of a clown from my second Halloween tale from last year. It’s called “31 horrific Halloween tales”, if you want to read about her. Gacha Club character designs are on my wall. Enjoy!


Ever fallen in love before? Yes? No?

Ever fallen so in love that you’d stay together, even in death? Even all alone, haunting an abandoned house no cares about?

This is what Andrea and Carter did.

They were forgotten by the world, the two of them.

But not by each other.

This should be the important part, right?


Let’s leave that for you to decide.

This is told from Andrea’s POV. This is how she saw what happened to them.

This is her story.

We will now begin the love story of Andrea and Carter-from the views of Andrea.

Chapter One


Carter hasn’t been positive lately.

Then again, he’s never positive.

I know it’s a lot. I know moving into a new town is hard work.

But we have a nice enough house! We have each other! We’re sure to get used to it.

I’m already getting used to living in Maven Hills right now.

We just need to give this new place a chance. To really get the feel of a town.

That’s why I accepted an invitation to eating out at a fancy restaurant I can’t pronounce the name of from my friend, Alessia. She’s lived here for years. This is the first time since she moved here that I’m going to see her.

She said that there were a lot of opportunities in this place, that she was really living the life. She said a young, married couple like me and Carter were lucky to have found a place like this. Most people don’t get this opportunity.

I just can’t wait to see her again!

Just one more earring-

“Are you done yet?”

“Just a minute, dear!”

All done!

I look fabulous in my red dress and black heels. Oh and my curls are just exquisite!

I open our bedroom door and walk downstairs.

Carter is waiting for me. His eyes look tired and his hair is more disheveled than ever, but he’s still my Carter.

I kiss him on the cheek.

“You look lovely, Andrea.”

“Thanks, dear.”

“But I don’t think you should go.”

“What? Why?”

“It’s just…how long has it been since you’ve seen her?”

“Four years.”

“Okay, that’s a long time!”

“It’s not that long ago! Besides, why do you care? We’re just going to catch up.”

“It’s just that…what if she’s not the same as she was when you last saw her?”

“Honey, it’s only been four years. She couldn’t have changed that much. I’ll be fine.”


I give him a goodbye kiss on the cheek and leave.

Boy, he worries so much! About the littlest things, too!

I’m just going to see my friend.

What could possibly go wrong?

Chapter Two


I’m walking inside of the restaurant, searching for my friend-

“Andrea! Andrea, over here!”

Her voice is familiar the moment I hear it.

I turn towards a table with a young woman who’s got short auburn hair that curls around her pale face. She’s wearing an exquisite muted blue dress. Her pearls lay delicately on her neck, her blue eyes glimmering back at me.

For a moment, I’m stricken with envy. I forgot how beautiful Alessia is. My green eyes are nothing compared to her blue ones. Her hair color is far nicer than mine, which is a muddy brown. She doesn’t even need to put makeup on to look beautiful.

I take a deep breath. No. We’re friends. I should be happy for her. Besides, I have Carter. He loves me.

I smile.

I walk towards the table.

I sit across from her.

“It’s good to see you, Alessia.”

Chapter Three


“So? Still haven’t found a place to stick around?”

The way Alessia asked the question makes me want to throw up the spaghetti dish I just ate.

Instead, I say:

“We found Maven Hills. Because of you.”

She nods.

“True. If it weren’t for me, you’d still be searching around. Maybe Carter would have gotten tired of you..”

“Never! He…he loves me.”

“Oh? Well, didn’t you say that he was reluctant to let you see me? I just feel like if someone loved somebody, they’d let them do what they wanted. You might not want to stay with him...”

I don’t understand why she’s talking about this.

“It’s quite a wonder I don’t have anyone.” She says.

“Yeah, well. Thanks for this. Really.”

“Oh, it’s nothing!” She smiles.

I’m so glad this is over.

Chapter Four

I’m just walking home now, in the darkness.

Why was Alessia so…different?

She was so nice when we first met.

Now she’s…well…she’s changed.

And I don’t like it one bit.

Chapter Five

It’s really dark outside. I wonder if Carter is watching TV or if he already went to sleep.

I’m not going to tell him about how Alessia was at dinner. Maybe she was just talking. She’s my friend, after all-

Something crunches underneath my foot.

I look down.

It’s a flyer.

I pick it up and bring it closer to my place, so I can read it:

“Leonardo’s fantastical theater troupe!

In need of performers!”

Hmph. I like to perform.

I don’t know if Carter does, though. He doesn’t do well with people.

It’d be a shame if I were alone, though. We do everything together. Everything.

He’ll probably say no, but I hold on to it anyway.

Life has a funny way of working…

Chapter Six

“You want us to perform for a theater troupe?”

I just got home and showed him the flyer I found on the ground.

“What? It’s something for us to do! Think of all we could accom-“

“No one cares about “theater troupes”. “

“You don’t know that! This is an opp-“

“We’ll find work in the local paper. Not from this.”

“But this is local!”

“We’re not doing this. End of conversation.”



I didn’t like being scolded as if I were a child. I didn’t like it when he said my name like that.

But he wasn’t budging and frankly, I don’t have the energy to fight anymore.

“Fine.” I say, heading to the kitchen, pretending I’m going to throw it away.

Instead of throwing it in the trash, I leave it on the counter, next to the paper, which screams headlines of dangerous times we live in.

I’ll talk him into it tomorrow.

Chapter Seven


“Honey, about that theater troupe-“

“You’re not trying to convince me again, are you?”

We are eating breakfast together and I mentioned the theater troupe thing.

“I might be.” I say with ease.

“Huh. Well...okay.”

I almost drop my fork in surprise.

“You’ll do it?”

“Yes. I will. I’ll do it.” Carter says again.

I could kiss him right now, but I don’t.

We’re going to do it!

We’re going to perform!

Chapter Eight


“So this is it.”

“This is it.”

“Thanks, Carter, really-“

“Thank me later, dear.”

We hold hands.

We walk in.

Chapter Nine

We wait in the theater, for instructions. Something.

Then we hear voices.

Yes! An opportunity to perform! It’s coming for us.

Chapter Ten

I breathe happily and take Carter’s hand. It’s our turn.

“This is it.”

“Yeah. This is it.”

I sneak a look at him.

His eyes are twinkling.

I knew he’d come through!

Chapter Eleven

“So you want to join?”

“Yes. Exactly.”

“Well, what are your talents?”

Chapter Twelve


I don’t remember what we did. I guess I was too happy.

Carter still doesn’t look enthusiastic.

That’s okay.

We’ll be fine.

I know it.

Chapter Thirteen


We’re home now.

Carter doesn’t seem to care.

Hopefully he will later.

Chapter Fourteen


So we got to be clowns in the theater troupe. We’re Zeze and Zuzu. I’m Zeze and he’s Zuzu. I really like greeting the children and making them smile.

Carter is actually more supportive than before. I’m glad he’s not complaining.

Chapter Fifteen


It’s the end of the day for us. The end of performing with the others. I love to sing and dance and…

..and I feel more like myself than I’ve ever felt. More like myself underneath makeup than if I were like the others.

I’m just removing my makeup in the backrooms-


I freeze.

It’s not Carter.

It’s Alessia.

“Hello.” I say.

I turn around.

Why is she smiling like that? What is she doing back here? Why-

“Or should I say Zeze? Is that the name you go by while performing?“


She’s my friend. My best friend.

So why am I seething, brimming with hatred?

“It’s interesting to see you end up here.”

“Yes.” I say.

I don’t like how she said interesting. Like an insult.

“You can go now.”

I point to the door.

She smiles at me. I hate how white and beautiful her teeth look. Like pretty, perfect, pearls.

“Goodbye, dear.”

I don’t wish her a goodbye back.

Chapter Sixteen


I don’t understand what’s going on with me and Alessia.

We’re supposed to be best friends.

So why…why do I hate her?

Chapter Seventeen


I’m greeting the children, trying not to think about Alessia-

“Do you like your friends?”

I blink at the little girl who just spoke to me. She’s got long black hair almost covering her entire face. I can see a large blue eye peeking out of it.

Her dress is white and almost covers her feet.

The girl’s Mom shrugs behind her and says:” She does this all the time.”

I’m surprised a child would even ask that, but I answer her anyway.

“Of course. Why do you ask?”

She shuffles her feet.

“I…I…something bad happened to my friend-“

Her Mom pulls her away.

Is...Is she okay?

Chapter Eighteen


“There was this girl who went up to me and-“

“I know. I saw. Don’t worry about it. Kids are weird. That’s just the nature of them.”

“She looked like she needed help-“

“I’m sure she’s fine.”

“Is she?”

Carter holds me close and gives me a kiss on the head.

“It’s not your job to worry about her.”

I don’t think I agree…

Chapter Nineteen


“Do you ever feel so alone?”

It was the same girl again.

I don’t know how to respond to her questions. Yes, I feel alone. Yes, I don’t like my friend.

But she’s just a child. Why would she ask these things?

The same mother pulled her away, worry written on her face.

The children love us the most. They find us the most entertaining.

Well of course. Everyone else performs for more…adult reasons.

I’m happy with where I am. Yet I’m…not? I don’t know, it’s weird.


The night is dark when we leave the auditorium. If anyone were out, it would be impossible for them to not notice our bright clown costumes.

We’re walking to our car-


“Alessia. Hi.”

Carter wants her to leave. I can sense it.

But maybe she has something important to say.

I turn around to face her. Just like before.


“Do you know what it’s like to be beautiful, like me?”

I bristle at the question. No need to be so vain.

“Don’t talk to her that wa-“

“It’s hard to tell when people are genuine. When people want to love you. Most only love you for your looks.”

Huh. This was interesting.

“The men…they never stayed. They didn’t love me. They…they found someone else. But you...”

I can’t see well in the velvet black that is night, yet I can sense that she is glaring at me.

She has no reason to.

“You have someone who will love you. Despite everything, he loves you. You two will do anything together. And you think that you have the right to complain! “Oh, I can’t find anywhere to live”, “Oh, I need help” “Oh, help me.”

Alessia is crying now. I can hear it in her voice.

“You…have…everything. Real love. You are the lucky one. Everyone wants to have someone beautiful. Someone nice to look at. Someone who has no feelings. But everyone has feelings. Including me.”

I didn’t know. I didn’t know she felt this way.

I wish I could have seen it. Her sadness. Her want. I wish I could have helped.

Maybe I still can.

Her sobs are breaking my heart. I can’t believe I thought ill of her. She needs help. She needs love. She needs-

Carter holds me back. He saw me reaching a hand out to her.

Why is he stopping me?

“Andrea, let’s go. Now.”

Alessia stops crying.

“I made my decision. It was one I didn’t want to do, one that has haunted me for days. But it is the only thing I can do.”

What is she saying? What is she going to do?

Carter tries to pull me in the car,but I grab him. I don’t want us to leave. Not yet.

“I have to kill you. Both.”


No…she couldn’t be serious…kill us?

“Alessia, what do you me-“

The loud and deafening bangs of Hell ring in our ears.

The sound of a gun.

I feel warm liquid spread on my body. I smell something horrid, something detestable, something metallic…


Chapter Twenty


I see the dark sky…

..The gun…

..The blood…

…Are we alive?

I get up from the ground and-

There are our bodies. Lying on the sidewalk.

A hand clamps on my shoulder.

I scream out of surprise.

“Relax, it’s me.”

I turn around.

It’s Carter. His eyes are black and have white pupils swimming in them.

But he’s still Carter.

“What happened to us?” I ask.

His peculiar eyes become haunted and lost.

“We’re dead, sweetheart. Ghosts.”

“Dead? That’s impossible.”

Then it all comes rushing back to me. Alessia crying, holding the gun at us. Wait, did she have two guns? I don’t remember.

All I know is that it wasn’t supposed to happen…Alessia was my friend…not a killer…

I clench my fists.

She lied to us.



I can’t let her live. Not after she hurt us. Not after what she did.

“Carter…let’s kill…Alessia...”

My voice is shaking. I can’t believe my own words.

But I want this. I can feel it. This is what’s meant to happen. This is what should happen.

“Are you sure you want this?”

I’m crying now.

Yet I couldn’t be more sure.

“Yes…YES…let’s kill that lying rat!”

I’m frightened. I’m furious.

But I’m mostly brimming with happiness.

I laugh. It bubbles up in my throat and fills the darkness.

Carter is laughing too.

We’re laughing together.


I remember where Alessia lives. She gave me her address in the letter she sent for us to live here.

What a silly mistake that was!

Everyone is asleep, oblivious to the world around them.

I swing the front door open.

She’s in the kitchen. She’s washing the blood from her hands.

I see her. I’m behind her.


She freezes, just like I did whenever she said my name.

She turns around slowly.

Just like I did.

Her eyes are desperate.

Just like mine were.

“Andrea..Andrea..please..I had to..you..you didn’t..appreciate..”

Alessia breaks off, voice shaking.

She’s on the floor.

She’s shaking.

I crouch down till we’re face to face.

“My old friend, you hurt me. You hurt me with your words. You hurt me with your actions. You hurt me with your gun. But most of all, you hurt me by always having a way to my heart. I thought there was some good in your soul. Somewhere, anywhere.”


I know what she’s trying to do. She wants me to pity her. She wants me to forgive her.

HA! FORGIVENESS! That’s off the table now!

Nothing can save her for what she did. NOTHING!

The old me would have comforted her. The old me would have loved her.

But the old me died just a few moments ago.

Andrea was gone. Zeze was here.

The insecure young woman was no more..the excited, happy clown would forever live.

“But there’s nothing in you. You took the light from me. Now it’s your turn.”

The gun she used earlier is lying on the ground.

I pick it up.

Walk farther.

Alessia is still sobbing and shaking on the floor.

“Don’t kill me..please..I’m..sorry..”

“It’s too late for that, friend.” I say softly.

The click of the gun against soft flesh.

Her body thuds on the floor, like a weight finally giving up.

Hopefully she will rest now. Maybe in the next life she will find someone who will really love her.

Until then, this is the end.

Carter holds my hand.

We watch the blood pool onto the white, stainless, sparkling kitchen floor.

We’ll leave soon.

For now, we’re watching the last remains of Alessia drain away,much like what happened to us.

All gone.




It’s been years since our deaths. No one ever found out who killed us. No one found out who killed Alessia.

Apparently she had another friend who went to her house and…found her.

We’ve only been known as Zeze and Zuzu. We wished for our names to be used, but over time, we got used to it. In fact, we call each other those names now.

If there are three things I’ve been thinking about while haunting our house, it’s that it’s horribly dusty, our deaths were unfair, and I want kids.

After seeing children all the time, I couldn’t stop thinking about wanting children of my own. But I never told Zuzu about it.

And I can’t have kids now, since I’m dead.

Wait..that girl..that strange girl who asked me the questions..could..could she..can she..

Can she be our child?

I’m opening the door. It’s old and worn down, but it still opens. Slowly.

I step into the light. I’m not scared. No one is going to see me anyway.


I’ve been walking for hours. The world looks so different now. Different cars. Different stores. Different houses. Different everything.

I place a hand over my eyes, shielding them from the sun. Some children with their families see me. They tell them, but no one believes them.

I don’t know why I think I’ll find the girl. She could be gone or-


I recognize the voice. She sounds a bit older now, but she has the same politeness, the same innocent feel..

I turn around.

She’s so much older. She looks like she could be in the sixth grade. Her black hair is up to her shoulders,not as long as before, her fuchsia dress is an appropriate knee length (Why can’t it be longer? She’d be a real princess), her white gloves are up to her elbows, her blue eyes are brighter than ever-

She’s beautiful. Just like Alessia was.

But I won’t let her become that woman. Never, ever.

She recognizes me.

She’s running away, but she trips over her heels.

I grab her shoulder.

I’m taking her home, with me.

“W-W-What are you doing? I thought you were dead! I thought-“

“What were those questions? Tell me! I want to know!”

“What questions?”

“The ones you asked me when you were little.”

Her face has this shocked expression. I don’t know why she’s shocked. She has no reason to be.

I’ve slammed open the door to our house. I will tell Zuzu about this.


“Those-those were questions I asked when I was little! They’re not important now! I was going through some stuff...”

I’m carrying her over my shoulder. She’s struggling, but I won’t let her go.

The basement steps are a little challenging, but what’s wrong with a little challenge?

“You can tell me anything. You know you can. I’m a real funny clown. I’m your friend. I’m-“


“I can’t. You will grow up and live your life. You’ll forget all about me.”

“Why do you want me anyway?”

I have placed her on one of those hard chairs we never got rid of. I wish we had something more comfortable.

I’m walking to the box of scarves. I need to tie her down, so she doesn’t leave.

I hold the scarves and-

“Excuse me?” I ask.

The girl got up from her chair!

I don’t waste a second. I grab the girl, still holding the scarves, and push her into the chair.

It’s a little hard tying the scarves on her wrists, because she keeps trying to rudely leave, but I eventually tie her down.

The girl is crying. Why is she crying? She has nothing to be afraid of. I’m not going to hurt her.

“What..what are you doing?”

I smile at her.

“You have nothing to fear. I just want a child. I want you. You can tell me all about your life after I kill you.I want to get closer to you.” I say with as much friendliness as I can.

She’s still afraid.

“You’re going to kill me?”

“Of course. There’s no other way for me to have a child, now is there? While we’re talking, I want you to tell me your name. I should know what your name is.”

The girl doesn’t say anything. I wish she would talk. Why won’t she talk?

She looks up at me. She’s not crying anymore. Instead, she looks..upset?



What? Why?

“It’s Danika.”

“Danika. That’s a beautiful name.”

“What about you?”

“You already know. It’s Zeze.”

“No, it’s-“

“Yes. It is.”

I’m holding sharp, pointed scissors. We sure have a lot of dangerous stuff lying around here.

I don’t know anything about the human anatomy.

But why should I? All I have to do is use pointed weapons and place them on all the wrong parts of someone. They’ll bleed out. They’ll die.

I push the scissors into the soft flesh of her stomach.

She cries out in pain. It hurts my ears and my heart shatters for her, but I have to do this. I have to.

“I’m very sorry. This will be incredibly painful. When it’s over, you’ll be with me. We’ll be best friends. You’ll like Zuzu too. He can be a stick in the mud, but he’s real nice all the same. It won’t just be us either! I’ll bring more kids! We’ll be a whole family!”

I’ve moved the scissors up to her right shoulder. I’ve lodged it deep into her flesh.

Danika is wincing and crying out in pain. Her hands have gone sweaty. The scarves are slick with her sweat and blood.

“I..I..I don’t..want..to..die..”

It’s difficult for her to speak. She keeps gasping for air. Every word takes effort.

“I hate to tell you this kid, but life is about not getting what you want. Now, if you just close your eyes and think of the most positive things, you’ll be okay.”

She doesn’t close her eyes like I tell her to.

That’s alright.

If Danika wants to keep them open, I’ll let her. I tried my best to warn her and she didn’t listen.

The blood is hot on my hands and the stench is overwhelming.

This is how it is now. It starts with hope and optimism, and ends in distrust and death. I wish my tale had a happier ending,like those fairytales I used to read when I was little.

I hold back tears.

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Sun Jan 08, 2023 3:42 pm
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IcyFlame wrote a review...

Hey again vampricone! Happy Sunday.

I just wanted to kick this review off by saying I can really notice a difference between your writing now and when you first joined the site - it really shows how much you improve each time you write something new and it's so nice to see!

The dialogue in this was well written, and I like that I could see the relationships between the characters. I didn't quite understand what was going on between the main character and her friend though. They haven't spoken in four years but then not much later she's referring to her as her best friend. The progression didn't really fit for me.

I found the plot effective, but I don't think you necessarily need to change chapter every time you change scene in this. For instance, everything that takes place when they go out to dinner could be one chapter because they're in the same place. The change in chapter takes me out of the story each time because it forces me to pause and then it breaks up the wonderful tension you've been creating.

Hope this was helpful!


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Tue Jan 03, 2023 3:57 am
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alliyah wrote a review...

Hey vampricone, I always admire your ability to have such a web of stories around your different characters. A few points of feedback for this one:

> I think the parts where the dialogue was going back in forth, while initially maybe a tad difficult to follow was very exciting as a reader and I think you used that well to add tension to the piece.

> I think that the beginning part starts out a little slow with a little too much narration of what we're going to hear / what the stories going to be about etc. I don't know if it would be possible to just start in the scene and then give some of those narration hints, or maybe return to having those narration comments other places in the story but I found it a bit odd to have so much sort of "narrator voice" (like "this is the story...") just at the beginning.

> Very emotional story back and forth of the pain caused and the death and the unhappy ending. You might consider adding a higher rating like an 18+ as there are a few parts that might be a bit on the mature horror side for some readers with the descriptions of violence. You have a very vivid way of describing some of these actions that as a reader certainly made me cringe and I'd look away if it was a movie.

Keep on writing!


vampricone6783 says...

I changed the rating. Thanks for reading!

— Nate