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In Which My 3 Fave Avengers Go Shopping: A Script

by lelu


Dr. Strange is pushing a cart. Loki is walking next to him, checking a list.

Loki: Bananas, check. Bread, check. Milk, check. Soy milk for Wanda, check. Almond milk for Banner, check.

Strange: And Parker's getting the pizzas. I think that's everything. Remember, stay inconspicuous. Thanos has spies everywhere, and we're still supposed to be dead.

They turn and go to a checkout.

Cashier: Hi.

Loki: Hi.

Cashier picks up the PA: Aaron to register 3, please. Aaron to 3.

Strange and Loki start unloading the food onto the conveyor belt. Aaron shows up. Peter Parker simultaneously shows up, carrying a very tall tower of frozen pizzas. He stumbles and falls onto the end of the belt. Pizzas fall onto it.

Aaron (started saying it before anything went wrong): Is plastic okay?

Loki, grabbing Peter by the shoulders: I don't know! Plastic! Speak to me, Plastic! Are you okay, Plastic?!

Peter, shaking him off: Paper, please. I'm fine.

Strange, rolling eyes: Do you know if you have flatirons? Like girls use on their hair?

Cashier: I don't think we do, sorry.

Loki: Considering copying me? Sorry, I don't think you could pull it off. You look better as a hobbit.

Strange: It's for Romanov. She lost hers when they were fighting the Winter Soldier a while ago.

Loki: She can borrow mine.

Peter, picking up a candy bar: Can I get this?

Strange: We stick to the list. Tony only gave us so much money.

Peter, grabbing Loki by the shoulders: Tony, can I pleeeeeeease have some candy?

Loki: I don't know. Ask Tony.

Cashier: That's 97.35, please. Unless he wants the candy?

Strange: If you get candy, everyone wants candy.

Peter, putting back the candy: You're not being a very supportive parent.

Strange: I'm not being a parent.

Peter: Exactly.

Strange hands the cashier a hundred.

Peter: Hey! We stayed under a hundred! I can get the candy!

Strange: You'll have to share it with the whole class. I can just picture them lining up...

Peter: I'll share it with you two on the way back to base.

Strange: NO--Is that a Butterfinger?

Peter hands it to the cashier. She beeps it.

Loki: You meant you'd share it with us TWO, yes?

Cashier (hands Strange the change) Here's 1.65. Thank you, and have a nice day.

Aaron: Have a nice day, Plastic.

Peter: Oy...

Is this a review?



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Fri Apr 24, 2020 5:59 pm
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AngelLily says...

Ok, when I saw Avengers, I was like, yessss! Anyway, I like how you voiced the characters, you kept them actually in character, which not a lot of fanfics do. I think it flowed pretty well, and I didn’t find any grammar mistakes, so good job. I would like to see more Avengers scripts because I really like the way you write them. This was really good.
You have great skills. Keep up the good work
~AngelLily 😇

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Fri Apr 24, 2020 5:58 pm
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AngelLily wrote a review...

Ok, when I saw Avengers, I was like, yessss! Anyway, I like how you voiced the characters, you kept them actually in character, which not a lot of fanfics do. I think it flowed pretty well, and I didn’t find any grammar mistakes, so good job. I would like to see more Avengers scripts because I really like the way you write them. This was really good.
You have great skills. Keep up the good work
~AngelLily 😇

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Wed Apr 17, 2019 4:10 am
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Blairwood wrote a review...

This is good maybe add some more context into the plot line. Like how did they survive? But Peter is Super cute and Loki is as hot as ever and strange is well... strange. I would recommend making a series baced on this story line! *koff koff* or a Loki book!:} But this is super good I love it a lot keep up the good work!

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Sun Feb 03, 2019 3:58 am
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keystrings wrote a review...

Hello there. I figured I'd give you a second review on this and boot it out of the Green Room.

Judging by a comment below, I understand this was meant to be less of a strict script and more like something for fun. Either way, I'd like to discuss what things you could do with this idea of yours, especially if you really wanted to make a more formative script, instead of mainly dialogue chunks from the four characters.

I do see that this is set in some time of the future, and coincides with the very popular fan theory that at least some of the characters previously thought of as dead, or at least, disappeared in the previous Avengers movie. I actually would have been really curious to see if you have any specific details on what you think will happen between now and whatever time period this takes place in. That tidbit of them supposedly still being dead to the public caught my eye, but since this is more of a light story, that wasn't addressed too much.

In terms of the characters themselves, I think they're portrayed decently - I'm curious as to how "close" they seem - that's why I wish there was more backstory (but I do understand having fun writing fanfiction!) so I could get to know this version of these three characters in particular. (You have good taste in favorite Avengers XD). What had been a little confusing was that Loki seemed to be appearing as Tony actually (that had thrown me off a bit) but overall, it wasn't too bad to differentiate between who's speaking.

I liked the jokes! I think this was fun to read, and I hope it was fun to write as well. Here's to a good Avengers ending for next movie c:

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Fri Jan 18, 2019 1:28 am
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rosette wrote a review...

I saw Avengers in the title and freaked. No lie. Marvel is the best. So, naturally, I had to slide in for a review. ;p

First off, first off: Loki! <3
Who doesn't love that guy? I was thrilled to simply read about him and I thought you voiced him well. I truly can imagine him telling the good doctor that he couldn't pull off the classic Loki look - though I found the comparison to a hobbit strange since that sent my thoughts spiraling off in Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit direction, which doesn't even relate to the Avengers. (Do hobbits even exist in this Avengers-world?) Looking back at my main point, though, I thought you voiced all the characters well. Peter sounds like the exuberant teenager he is, and Dr. Strange is calm and composed as normal. I only thought he seemed a touch out of character when he questioned the cashier on flatirons. His language is usually more... formal? The questions just didn't sound like something the distinguished doctor would say.

While I enjoyed reading the dialogue, I was disappointed when it ended. There wasn't an arc to the story: no conflict or character development or anything. It could be considered a sketch, it's certainly short enough to be one, but I don't see the ending as a punchline. The comment concerning Plastic could be considered a funny little joke (and don't get me wrong, I did find it amusing) but it doesn't make a giant impact. I am keeping in mind that this is flash fiction, which can be tricky, staying in the word limit and such. But every story needs a well, story, and that seems to be missing here.

I was kind of expecting something crazy to happen: Thanos to suddenly appear or Loki to temporarily turn evil... Speaking of Thanos, though, I was a bit unnerved by how normal everything was. I hadn't expected the Avengers to be sitting around moping after Thanos showed up but I certainly didn't expect them to be grocery shopping. xD That fact amused me, as much of this dialogue did. It was an entertaining read for sure, but as I said earlier, I think there could be more of a story.

keep it up!
~rosette <3

lelu says...

Thanks for the review, Rosette! I didn't put much effort into this--I just had the jokes stuck in my head, so I got them out and put them here. It's not supposed to be a story, just supposed to be funny. Sorry if the jokes don't really work for you. Too bad jokes can't work for everyone.
As for the hobbits, they don't actually exist in the Marvel universe, but I imagine J.R.R. Tolkien still wrote his books, and they've read LotR. I mean, Loki's pretty old, so he probably got around to it sometime. Again, thanks!

rosette says...

I thought it might be just a fun little thing :P
I don't want you to think I disliked this. like I said, it was an entertaining read - I did enjoy the jokes. Sorry if that wasn't apparent. D:

lelu says...

I was not offended at all, thx for the comments

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Sat Jan 12, 2019 3:46 pm
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ThePenultimateGinger says...

This fills me with life thank you very much

lelu says...

Can you come to my Pride and Prejudice club pllllllzzzzzzzzzzzz? Absolutely nothing has happened there since I created it.

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Fri Jan 04, 2019 1:08 am
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Horisun says...

Hello! First off, great job, second, I loved this. Third, this is honestly good enough to be turned into a play. If there were in spelling mistakes, I was laughing to hard to notice them. It was so, so, so, so, good. Keep writing, and I'll be happy!

Horisun OUT!

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— Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy