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lets get this bread

“If he was going to hit you with a steam engine, he would've done it by now."
idk bro i opened a book and landed on that and it spoke to me on a personal level



A lot of things, to be honest, but Victorian shit's fascinating -Sherlock Holmes (BBC and classic. Holmesian through and through. I am open to debates! please fight me) Doctor Who (doooWWEEEEE OOoooooOO0000o) Natasha Pulley (go read her books now) Reading anything I can get my grubby, paint-stained fingers on painting (oil, mostly, though I do dabble in watercolour and I can pull off acrylic in a pinch) 私は日本語をとても簡単に翻訳できますが、私は完全に流暢ではありません。私はまだ学んでいる、助けていただければ幸いです!



Democracy! Bah! When I hear that word I reach for my feather Boa!
— Allen Ginsburg