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Shadow's Rising Chapter 11 (part 1)

by dragonight9

Chapter 11

The dragonets made it about three steps outside before they all stopped in awe at the shear size and brilliance of the outside world. Their minds had paused for a moment as they tried to take it all in.

Meanwhile Shadow got a good look at the other dragonets for the first time.

Tempest was sitting as she looked around and squinted in the sunlight. Her scales were a mixture of dark and light blue with small streaks of white here and there. Her wings were all dark navy blue with tiny white specks like raindrops. They also seemed very streamlined and tough. Probably for swimming or flying through bad weather.

Gale was craning his head back as far as he could to stare straight up into the sky. His mouth hung open slightly as a result. He was all grey, though he had a lighter grey underbelly and blueish grey wings. His tail was a lot thinner than Tempest’s but just as long. He was also quite a bit smaller overall compared to the other dragonets. At least 2-3 inches shorter than Shadow who was about average size for a dragon of his age.

Boulder was looking around at the forest and trying to keep the sun out of his eyes. He looked pretty much exactly like Shadow had expected. He had strong golden brown scales along this back and wings but his legs, neck and even a bit of his head had much darker brown scales. He was a little bit bigger than the other dragonets though not nearly as big as Quake or even Shear. He had no horns but instead had small spikes where his horns would be as well as a few spikes on both sides of his jaw kind of like a strange small beard.

Hailstorm was the first one to begin thinking again as he looked around the clearing all the while comparing what he had read to what he was seeing. His scales were mostly a cold blue with the rest being snow white. His eyes were also a bright blue as they studied every aspect of a tree. Shadow had heard that Ice wings were covered in icicle like spikes but even though Hailstorm did have a few spikes on the edges of his wings and his back as well as a couple tiny ones in the center of his head, they looked more delicate than sharp. His talons looked sharp though. Shadow could easily imagine how they could hook into a glacier for footing or a dragon’s hide to tear them apart. Shadow shivered at the thought.

Then Shadow’s whole world seemed to grow dim as he noticed Aurora. She was standing just outside the door with the biggest smile Shadow had ever seen and had tears of joy running down her face. Her scales though! It looked like they were made of silver rainbows. They reflected the light like mirrors and seemed to ripple with color whenever she moved. Her eyes were a beautiful shade of violet and her horns even had small swirl designs on them. Her wings were a light grey and had streaks of the same colors that made up the designs on her horns. She had small ridges on her back from the top of her head almost to the tip of her tail. She looked so soft and delicate as she sat there. Then she blushed and the fin-like ears just below her horns twitched in embarrassment as she realised that everyone was staring at her. Even Shear.

“W-what’s wrong guys?” She asked, shrinking back self consciously.

“Sorry Aurora. It’s just… your scales.” Gale said in awe.

“They’re beautiful.” Boulder praised.

“You’re so pretty Aurora.” Tempest agreed. Aurora’s cheeks turned light pink and she twiddled her fingers in embarrassment.

“I think I read about a certain type of snake with scales like yours. It was called a rainbow snake, and it is said to be one of the rarest snakes in the jungle.” Hailstorm commented excitedly. Aurora looked down at her scales.

Wow. Maybe there is something good about being born this way. Even if I can’t control plants, at least I have these pretty scales. I just wish there was something about me that would help my friends, she thought, smiling sadly to herself.

Shadow wished he could comfort her but before he could move Shear stepped forward.

“Sorry to interrupt dragonets but we must get moving. We can talk more when we get to the base of the Mountains of Rain and Night,” She said as she spread her wings.

The other dragonets spread their wings and Shadow followed a second later. Shear leapt into the air and shadow leapt after her. Then they paused as the rest of the dragonets took a running start and slowly climbed to meet them. Shadow had forgotten that they were raised with a roof and probably didn’t know how to take off straight upward yet. Shear patiently waited until they were all together before taking off towards the mountains.

It only took them a few minutes before the mountains loomed high in front of them. The dark clouds enclosed within cast a constant shadow with the occasional flash of lightning lighting the further peaks. It was easy to see how the dragons had given them this name. The Dread Mountains also fit the ominous shadow the sharp peaks cast but Shadow felt he should use the name the other dragons used for it.

They landed at the base of the first mountain. Shear turned to the dragonets with a serious yet calm look.

“This will be the last time we see each other for a while little dragonets. If you have any questions please ask them now, and if you have anything you want to say to me, or the other guardians please don’t hesitate to tell me,” she said almost pleadingly.

She wanted to do everything she could for the dragonets even up to the last minute. Her serious look giving way slightly to the true sadness underneath as she tried to hold herself together for them.

The dragonets all tried to think of something they could ask to delay their parting. Shadow could feel their sadness, and surprisingly none of them, not even Tempest, tried to hide it. Hailstorm raised his talon.

“What kind of monsters should we be wary of? Is there any that we should watch out for?” Hailstorm asked. Shadow knew that he’d probably already read about every dangerous monster on the whole continent, but it was still a good question. Shear smiled and nodded, grateful for the chance to prepare them as much as possible.

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