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Your mind, the well of wealth

by akanbright

                                    "And be not conformed to this world,

                                     But be ye transformed by the renewing

                                     Of your mind, that ye may prove

                                     What is good and acceptable..... "

Life is for enjoyment not for endurement. The mind is the biggest faculty of man. It is so important, that it controls the events of your life. The mind controls the functioning of the body and the capacity to think and as such, is the seat of consciousness. The brain cannot relate with the body, without accessing the mind faculty. Every perfect picture of what we tend to create is seen and first actualized in the mind. If we want to be a success, and we begin to see ourselves successful, then we'll definitely be successful, no matter what. 

The biggest work is renewing of the mind. The mind is the element of a person that enables them to be aware of the world, and their experiences, to think and to feel. You can never become great, is the thoughts that runs your mind is not refined to come to become realistic. Our ability to think creatively, is the key element and well of wealth. Most persons do not have a creative mind and so can never come to their wealthy place. At first, you may have no creative ideas for wealth or so, but with time and consistent focus as well as positive thoughts, your mind will have to house your thoughts and can no longer stand the strain, then it begins to release deep pictures, ideas and imaginations for creation of wealth.

You are what you think. Your future is determine by your mental picture. Desire is from the mind. The mind if the elemental statistics for wealth Creation and creative innovations. Most persons would actually put it this way, "I cracked my brain and head to think and birth this idea or creation". The truth is that you don't crack your brain or head to think and birth ideas, if not, it would have been shattered. Instead, you search your mind for ideas, stretching it in critical thinking, using you head, brain, thoughts and imaginations as factors. The mind is a room, where possibilities as well as impossibilities are defined and determined. I hear many say "the idea just came". it didn't just come, rather, it's something that has been there all the while and has been trying to surface, at least in your thoughts and now it saw the chance in surfer either the mental focus of the mind and vision or an indirect access to it, caused by pictures and imaginations. People's inability to prove things, has so conformed their minds to becoming corrupt and unrenewed.

Wealth is a function of a man's capacity to think. A person's mind adapts to whatever it is focused on at all times. If the mind is always focused on trying to think of possibilities from an angle of impossibilities, and continuously trying to find answers to difficult tasks as well as making obscure things extraordinary. Creative (wealthy) men and women rule their world and creations from the concept of their minds. The three keys of the mind that opens access to creativity for wealth are;

1. Flashes (ideas).

2. Imaginations and pictures.

3. Thoughts and thinking.

Before a thing is developed, it must first come up as an idea, which is prone to opinions and choices before it is clearly pictured from our second vision, which is our imagination.

The underdeveloped ideas we get, are flashes and pictures. In imagination, we try to see clearly how the ideas can fit by viewing pictures of it and forming images that matches up. 

The thought is another key where things come to a conclusion after been brooded upon. To meet up with being wealthy, you must have certain inputs that puts you to straight thinking and offsets of thoughts.

Failure in your mind is failure in life. With a renewed mind, you can know that God can prosper you in any nation. You don't have to be born with a silver spoon, to live a golden spoon life. One should know that not all ideas or pictures amount to wealth, nevertheless, they are not useless thoughts or ideas. Again, wealth is not a gift, it is something in us we develop through our minds. Our minds are a forerunner of our wealth and most of the time engineer possibilities, for wealth come as a spark and flash of ideas that may seem far from been possible at the moment. How things are viewed, determine how we see them to work out well or not.

The difference between a rich man and a wealty man, is that the later seeks not to settle for less. When you accept the status quo, you will settle for less. Anyone who occupies the mind with "it can't work or I cannot do it mentality", can never be wealthy and cannot generate new idea's since those ideas and mental imaginations would always seem impossible to develop, and an undeveloped idea can never match the context of wealth aspirations. In order to birth result, ones mentality must change and be driven to the course of what is set in front of them, for ancient mentalities don't work in real wealth Creation and so our mentality and thoughts must be modernized and always in the light and line of our mind and expectations.

You remain in prison, when you don't know how to reason. If you have a grasshopper mentality, you will just keep hoping around poverty and your place of wealth, without ever getting to it.

In conclusion, the mind is the power house of wealth and wealthy men see with their minds and what they see, is what they seize. An abstract mind will always remind you of the past and present, thereby corrupting your thoughts and limiting you from seeing and getting to your wealthy place realistically and creatively.

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Sat Dec 10, 2022 6:29 pm
Lovestrike wrote a review...

Hi akanbright!

This has some really interesting material in it!

I agree with a lot that is said! The mind is such a powerful thing! It's cool to see other people's interpretations of their own. The way you describe things keeps me on the edge of my seat! There's a lot going on, but it works for what you have written. The theme is the mind and its capability and how you write fits that perfectly!

However, I am a little unsure what the actual point of this is? I can't tell if it's an article or not. The genre marked as art doesn't help me either! Everything can be art! I don't think it would work as an article if it was 'cause there isn't any scientific basis behind the thoughts. It's all just your own feelings on the matter. I can also see this as a prose poem! The language is very flowery and poetic, but that could just be your writing style.

I'm glad I read this! It made me realize a lot of things!

— Solstice

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Sat Dec 03, 2022 12:43 am
ccarson wrote a review...

-Cleo Carson speaking

Oh wow! I don't even know where to start! This article is the perfect amount of scientific fact mixed with philosophy! I like the idea of comparing the mind to wealth. I actually don't think I've seen it anywhere before. Truly an absolute masterpiece!

-Corp. C. Carson
-[REDACTED] County Sheriff's Office

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Sat Oct 29, 2022 12:32 pm
akanbright says...

The mind is the most powerful force on earth, that can push men forward as well as bring men down. The mind controls everything whether in reality or in thoughts. It is the mainframe of wealth and success in life. You are what you think you are and what you see, is what you seize. You can never become great, when all u keep thinking is that you can never make it in this hard economy and recession. Once you keep saying things that puts your mind on the negative wing, you'll never make it and g even if you do, you'll never last at the top. The mind is a creative force and only those who can think creatively and out of this world, can achieve greatness in life. No matter how much you think you've invested, if you have no good business idea, you'll never prosper. Ideas are a faction of the mind and the mind is a construct that flows from your capacity to think feel and see. You'll never see the light when you keep thinking impossible things because your mind is a product of what you think and perceive to be able to become realistic. Whatever be good, whatever be nice, whatever be possible, whatever be achievable, think on these things. Develop your mind, so wealth can flow as a fountain and you will laugh at last. The difference between a wealthy, a rich man and a great man is all about their ability to think creatively renovatively.

It's all a matter of perspective. Everyone is the hero of their own story, and the villain of another's.
— James