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The Stage

by Liminality


Black-and-grey set-up, mechanical language

prefaces the stage, will the audience hold the script

and yet keep their peace? The actor misses their cue,

not wanting to enter something they cannot exit

by their own means.


There is a speck on the backdrop of tropical rain.

It is inches away from the blonde head

of an actress mouthing the villain's lines,

afraid he will mess them up, or perhaps

she is living two roles at once, inside her.


Only people in ominous purple-black masks

stick to their lines. That makes them darlings,

for the audience loves to hate.


Two minutes to curtain call, and yet

watermelon-red light still going,

as if it will never switch off, never go dark,

but it will.

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Tue Nov 24, 2020 4:52 pm
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BIHXY wrote a review...

ok, so I was like in a theatre myself as I read this... that's how good it was!! I cannot get over how much I am obsessed with this! like how?? this I guess, is talking about life as we know it, it is a constant preparation for the final performance but then again it all comes to an end.. at least that's in my opinion. regardless, this is gold and I really think you put yourself out there bravo, bravissimo. I absolutely loved it!!

Liminality says...

Thanks for the review! I find your interpretation of the meaning lovely :D

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Mon Nov 23, 2020 2:10 pm
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fleuralplants wrote a review...

Hi! Here is a short review!
First of all, I really enjoyed this poem. It transported me into the scene of being backstage, even though that is something I have never experienced. I could really put myself in the character's mind and the sort of mindset that can be had when doing this sort of thing, with lines such as

The actor misses their cue,

not wanting to enter something they cannot exit

by their own means.
I think the idea of becoming so absorbed in the performance that you can't get your head out of it is a wonderful idea.
My favorite line was this,

she is living two roles at once, inside her.
I just thought that was interesting.
I liked the stylistic choices you made- using roman numerals to split up the poem into separate stanzas.
I feel that the very last line was a little weak- it certainly didn't break the whole poem, but I feel like it didn't fit very well. Perhaps it was too overly simple for this poem.
Overall, I really enjoyed this poem! It transported me into the scene, even though I have never been in the situation described.
Thanks for sharing!

Liminality says...

Thanks for the review! I agree with your point on the last line - it does feel a bit too abrupt, and I do plan on changing it when I revise this poem. Thanks again!

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