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Lovewell's Song

by GoodieGoat

Lovewell's Song

The bright September sunshine could warm her face,

No tearful outpour nor silent heartache could win against her grace

Even now she casts sweetgum flowers into the wind, with the billows of her dress chiffon,

Cause it's been a year now since I've been gone…


Do you remember when we first met?

I was working the Scioto bottomland soil, seared by the sun and drenched in sweat,

My Papa needed me to stop by where you worked, at the hardware store,

And God himself would provide the winds to drive us to dearest shores

Our love wasn't perfect, we fought, we endured my faithless strain,

But as a Thursday July evening, we cherished dancing naked in the rain

It was the first time for you, the same for I,

We made love and we both cried


Now when the summer turned to autumn, she said unto her father;

"Father, I've given my love to someone. I don't care if you fancy it improper."

His eyes grew wild, he whipped her with his belt, left a black ring on her eye,

And when she ran to me and collapse in my arms, I knew he had to die


The sunset I saw was hot and red, and I stole my father's Winchester twenty two

And when he opened that door, the flash of his muzzleloader left me no ado

My darling screamed, and her mother blushed,

And in Lovewell's arms my life was forever hushed

Through his laugh her father said; "You've loved too soon!"

But she slammed my rifle butt again her chest, and the whole county heard a booming boon

My father prayed, and my mother wined,

But Lovewell remained to keep the expectance of her life alive


The bright September sunshine could warm her face,

No tearful outpour nor silent heartache could win against her grace,

And even now she'll visit my grave to sing her favorite songs…

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Tue Feb 14, 2023 7:00 pm
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vampricone6783 wrote a review...

Even in death, love still resides. Even after death, there is still love. Maybe one day they will reunite with each other. Until then, she is all alone. This piece reminds of the songs “Hayloft” and “Hayloft ll” by Mother Mother. Those were just the vibes I got from it, anyway. I enjoyed reading this poem of yours.

I wish you to have a wonderful and lovely day and night.

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Mon Feb 13, 2023 5:59 pm
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4revgreen wrote a review...

Your poem Lovewell's Song s a beautifully crafted poem that tells the story of a tragic love affair.

The poem's structure is organized into stanzas that vary in length, with a consistent rhyme scheme that helps to create a musical quality to the poem. You tell a hauntingly beautiful story and it would make an amazing song!

The imagery in the poem is vivid and evocative, with the setting described in great detail using sensory details. The use of metaphor and symbolism is also significant, with the bright September sunshine perhaps representing hope and renewal, and the sweetgum flowers symbolizing the fragility of life

The themes presented in Lovewell's Song are powerful and moving. The poem explores themes of love, loss, and violence. The love between the two characters is passionate and intense, but it is also plagued by external forces such as societal norms and familial expectations. The violence that ultimately ends the relationship is devastating, underscoring the price that is sometimes paid for love.

The themes presented are timeless, and the imagery and structure of the poem are expertly crafted to convey the emotions of the story

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