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Spring Into Summer, and Summer to Fall

by GoodieGoat

The following is based in part on the ending of the 2015 movie 'The Witch'.

Spring Into Summer, and Summer to Fall

Spring into Summer, and Summer to Fall,

Fall into the Winter, to Winter into the Spring,

The curtain of pines gives way to his footfalls

With the cold clang of his spurs, with the slippery grind of his boot

In the warbling of the night, she was transfixed against the window

Open and bare, in a shift and a shawl

And the wind wails; "Allure, a lie, lo!"


The heart is aflutter, and with the flutter takes flight,

Flying into the darkness of a darkening heart,

A night still and laden, cracked by an oaken knock

And outside her window are his ladies in waiting

Chanting and dancing their frowns laid plain

And his ankles transmute between themselves and fetlocks

And the wind wails; "Allure, a lie, lo!" 


Voices strung upon temptation, temptations hung to the aspens high,

Aspens felled by an angel, and angels snuffed by a honeyed voice,

Crossed the doorway he waltzed, his hat long-brimmed and pointed

His eyes ballerinas, all evil and trimmed

He's rugged and virile, a body swelling with manhood

He's dainty and lithesome, abounding womanly vessel

And against trembling aversion were her eyes with his jointed

And the wind wails; "Allure, a lie, lo!"


Oh can living be so sweet? Sweetness tastes of only salvation,

The only salvation that is mine, my only way of living,

He put his hat to his heart, and curtseyed down low

And said; "Would thou like to live scrumptious and fancy free?"

Giggling and dimpling at what is so frightful,

Drawing her last pantings on the first pangs of freedom

And kissing her hand he said; "I knowst that thou cannot write. I will guide thine hand for thee."

And the wind wails; "Allure, a lie, lo!"


To be immortal, immortality delivering unto thee things immemorial,

The recall of immemorial brings cessation, bring about the cessation to be,

And her mother and father would follow her footsteps

And needing to see what the night could hold, into the pines they were lured

Their daughter and the ladies in waiting are in naked rapture, blaspheming while they orbit the fires and pyres

Flying about with Five Holy Wounds, their salvation assured

And the wind wails; "Allure, a lie, lo!"


And in their awesome terror her parents threw themselves into the fire,

And the wind wails; "Allure, a lie, lo!"

For we are his unfaltering faithful soaring infinitely higher,

And the wind wails; "Allure, a lie, lo!"

And the wind wails; "Allure, a lie, lo!"


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Mon Mar 27, 2023 2:11 pm
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vampricone6783 wrote a review...

I’m going to have to watch “The Witch” one day, because I love the vibes in this poem. It seems like the narrator is giving themselves over to the tempting darkness and that everyone is falling into the darkness. The darkness is consuming the town. This poem also sounds like a fairytale to read late at night. It’s really beautiful. Good job.

I wish for you to have a fantastic day and night.

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Sun Mar 26, 2023 4:56 pm
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Nini wrote a review...

I guess I cannot write a very suitable review for this cuz after reading I realized that there've been going so much throughout the poem and imagining while reading this seems like watching a fantasy movie. So many details and wordings you chosed are so good. I liked how it started with describing of seasons changing to moving about the cold wind, pines the surroundings , lots of mix emotions at the same time and then the knock at the door by the ladies to angels to the magical man and so on..

Then the description of the" hero", the boy or the magical man in the poem, it more overly gave me the vibe of evil and angelic at the same time, the way you mentioned his eyes, his voice, the hat and his body and blending of it's little detail with the setting of the poem were so on point, it was all smooth and didn't mismatched anywhere with the vibe..

The third paragraph where the girl seemed hopeless about life and where the man appears kissing her hands, holding up the promises.. that's where the part goes by so beautifully

The first two lines of the second last paragraph seems to be a dialogue by a king in historical fantasy movie, maybe I'm noob at this :)

The final last part where the parents and ladies gathered blasepheming around the fires and with flying about the five holy wounds they threw themselves into fire.. was a bit confusing for me to understand and then it goes on a bit full of drama and emotions.. the words "Allure, a lie, lo" are like some magical enchantments and at last you added those made this poem even more magical and

This poem overall is so like full of fantasy and very magical.. I really liked the hypothetical details you added, the way you blended things in the setting of them poem, really an appreciating , loved it >>

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— Susanna Clarke, Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell