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Poetry Compilation #1

by GoodieGoat

Warning: This work has been rated 16+ for language.

Hello reader I hope you are doing well. Unfortunately the writing of the next installment of my fantasy series, to be entitled 'Commandments of Cyan Silver Steel', is taking longer than I would have hoped. In the interlude here are the best trio of a few poems I wrote for my amusement and practice. The first two are heartfelt attempts at expressing myself, and the last is a glorified shitpost.

Until next time, -GoodieGoat

Maplewood Byway

There goes Great Chronos to devour another barren Friday

Standing atop a robin's corpse a crow is cawin' with morning fervor

Please Demeter delay the harvest and uproot the scents of new mown hay


But the crow's a clawin' into the ruins with a wrathful bray,

And I must take to the bitter bitumen of the maplewood byway,


Travelin' now I'd rather behold paths of the hackneyed Amish foxtrot

But I oughtn't to make a fuss or a murmur,

Putrid winds are harryin' to hollow my soul sordid and rot


I'm Funnily watching everyone savor Thanksgiving,

Whilst begging myself for delusions of selfish misforgivings,


The sky is afire with the candescence of the sun,

The moment is ephemeral, the instant so fleeting

And the razor comb rakes dispar in my mind so artfully and finespun


An evil wind is caressing crossed a verdant field,

Any paragon a parody unto fruitlessness afield,


I hate the brilliance of the Autumnal polychrome of chlorophyll wilting

A hideous herald of the ultimate meeting

A fitting closure to verses so fraudulent and unlilting


The radio clangs with a merry twang, perhaps I'll drown myself in the Chattahoochee River,

It sure would be a damned low down shame to leech away the charity of the almsgivers,


Regrets and loneliness, I'm the burning presbyter of the maplewood byway,

Philophrosyne, it is to you I offer my final hopes as I pray,


Whence Once Winds Blew

Let me tell you a story of the happy times,

When my face yet could reflect the soft sunshine

When I'd confess my thoughts to the stars,

And when the warmth of tomorrow was ours


I remember it all looking back it was the summer I turned nineteen,

Through Appalachian trails so gorgeous, ambling on highways so green

Down on into the enamoring bulwark of North Carolina,

Did I meet a jasmine haired jessamine named Delilah


We rented on the fly, you know those coastal cottages on stilts,

And the nautical decor was a little cliche, but still handsome with cozy quilts

Two wrong can't make a right, but two Wrights can make an areoplane,

I hadn't a care and up Kill Devil's Hill I forayed running wild with free reign


Atop the hill is breathtaking, an ascension in glorious winds,

And whose beauty is so compelling I felt my eyes lacerated, my spirit skinned

But all awe faded when I saw what still leaves me broken and indrawn,

A coterminous fellowship a peers playing of all things Pokemon


"So casual amongst memorials. They must be locals." I surmised,

I greeted them and into the fold of their fellowship I was baptized

I was a dolphin, in their ocean we did caper,

A Spanish horse shipwrecked on foriegn shores, arising to be what's cherished and savored


Delilah was the one who took my heart and fortified it in trust and trusses,

Now I don't know much about their game, but she clearly played a top tier platinum Arceus

Reveries of time's perfection throttled distortion throughout that hilltop arena,

When her opponent won with a brilliant combo cruxed by Giratina


Look at me now, longing for someone probably fictitious and whose name I do not know,

Beseeching the sky that before my time I'll see a season or two more of good snows

Trying to fulfill to myself what I might never have even forsworn,

And even now every art and hope is scorned


Blueberry Wine

I'd have to say blueberry wine is the best of all the vinters' crafts

And to anybody who thinks otherwise I'll spit in your face and laugh


Now I like raspberry wine but to me it's still only second

It doesn't make you feel like shit like blueberry wine I reckon


Your classic grapes just leave you drunken in sin

And God uses it as a metaphor for the genocides He calls a win


Dandelion wine ain't bad, their pretty flowers with tasty seeds

Unfortunately there abhorred as nothing but detestable weeds


Bananas are a catch, the tropical flair is uncanny

But I'd hate the be disrespectful to the memory of Miguel Dávila or Queen Lili'uokalani


Strawberry wine is poisonous, a lick of a harlot's tongue

So would say those whose sustiance is slurped from the eye of their congressman's bumb


What about apple wine? Surely it is wholesome and rich?

Well I'd hate to be eaten alive by some stray deer that are bewitched


I've tried blackberry wine before, it was amenable and I'd say amen

But unfortunately it blew out my intestines like my exploding phone from 2010


Oh and then there's peach wine, which is just fine and peachy

But perchance my pastor made it and its taste was sort of over sweetened and preachy


Orange wine is a masterpiece, all the hard work put in is such a validator

However it's made in Florida and the winemakers always get eaten by alligators


Its ain't exactly wine, but perhaps I'll head on up to Kentucky for some killer moonshine,

And when the fed boys come we'll hop in our General Lee and show them our behinds


And lastly I'll confess honeysuckle would triumph blueberries for me

Unfortunately I'd get inundated with catcalls from bumblebees


Is this a review?



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Wed Jan 12, 2022 12:38 am
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vampricone6783 wrote a review...

I liked all three of the poems.They were descriptive and had lovely imagery.They all had their own charm and imagery to them.I think my favorite poem was the second poem.It had a magical feel to it,I like reading works like that.These were all nice.These are good poems.I liked them.I hope you have a wonderful day and night.

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Mon Jan 10, 2022 5:01 am
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Jamesies wrote a review...

Hi, I'll say my thoughts on each poem collectively. overall I think you did a fantastic job with all three of them and they are all great poems!

I love the word usage in these poems, all the words seem so carefully and fit together in such a way that It just forces my mind to continue reading further.

With Blueberry wine, I ended up reading it aloud over and over to myself because I loved the rhythm and how it sounded, nothing seemed out of place and it just made it a thousand times more enjoyable, and the rhyming doesn't feel forced. when reading it I for some reason the images were clear in my head and it is definitely a great poem.

the same could all be said Whence Once Winds blue, though there is more I would like to add. I love the way it tells the story it is just told perfectly and I can understand very clearly what is happening yet at the same time there is still plenty left to the imagination and that just makes it way more enjoyable to read.

I love how Maplewood Byway sounds, I just don't understand most of the names and words used, which is not your fault at all, I am just explaining why I didn't say much about it.

sorry if this review is bad I am still kind of new to this and not sure how to review stuff

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Sun Jan 09, 2022 5:21 am
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YP@17 wrote a review...


YP here with a short review! :D

I don't read poem,
It's first time I give it try,
I enjoyed it lot.
It was pretty interesting to read work like these.
That´s a great three poems.
Not gonna lie I find it a philosophical.

Also love this lines:
"Let me tell you a story of the happy times,
When my face yet could reflect the soft sunshine
When I'd confess my thoughts to the stars,
And when the warmth of tomorrow was ours"

Just Awesome !! & Motivating.
Don't know it's only me or same for others.
But I really liked it.

first poem : "Maplewood Byway" - little hard for me understand maybe because I am not native English speaker.

Also, you referenced many things that I am not abled to recognized but so be it at least get moto of it.

also, as a writer don't know why:
"Look at me now, longing for someone probably fictitious and whose name I do not know,
Beseeching the sky that before my time I'll see a season or two more of good snows
Trying to fulfill to myself what I might never have even forsworn,
And even now every art and hope is scorned"
last two lines just hits differently. Today, peoples perspective about art and artist completely changed. Don't know it's same thing that you want to express or other.

Also, you did very good thing to mentioned the introduction little bit like first two poem that you wrote to express yourself, well that's good thing to mentioned sometime.
Because it gives reader idea or something that they can relate.

Anyways the amazing rhyming and word playing, on point.
Flow of all poems is well concluded.
You did a very good job to keep writing simple. because I find it more writer uses complex words it just makes reader life hard sometimes.

I am saying this once again I don't have much knowledge about poetry. so, as reviewer I don't have anything to say, but as reader I really loved it.

Good job!
I liked to read more.
Have fun writing!
Keep writing!

You flare, you flicker, you fade... And in the end, all your tomorrows become yesterdays.
— Megatron (Lost Light, by Roberts, Lawrence, Lafuente)