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Mr. Tooth Fairy

by Empires

She always disappears exactly at Midnight.

She claims to be doing a night shift,

every night.

Why is my wallet filled with teeth?

Children’s teeth!

But we don’t have any children...

You know, just between me and you,

I suspect it’s Santa.

He always gave her the eye around Christmas time, 

talking about delivering gifts to children.

I don’t buy any of that.

I just want my coins back. 

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Tue Jan 30, 2018 9:09 pm
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wendylau98 wrote a review...

Hey there Empires, popping her for a quick review. If there is any offensive or unclear on something I said, feel free to reply me or PM me.


Hilarious, creative, short, sweet content.
Such ignorant Mr Tooth Fairy. poor him.

I do question why his wallet is the victim of tooth collector centre?

Anywhere, what's with Santa?
He always gave her the eye around Christmas time. It's unclear why Santa needs to eye her.

But, I love the hilarious behind the scenes of ToothFairy!

Keep it up!

Empires says...

It%u2019s because Mr tooth fairly thinks she is cheating on him with Santa when she goes out at night.

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Tue Jan 30, 2018 1:24 am
TJJProductionsGirl wrote a review...

Hey I am her to give you a review. This is a rather interesting piece of writing and I can't say that it makes that much sense. After all it is called Mr. Tooth Fairy. This suggests that the tooth fairy is male or it is her husband. Anyway all that I have to really say is that if you are going to write something like this then add a little bit more and have it make a bit more sense. I had to read this three times!(More than I should) in order to truly get it's meaning so pleas either in the summary add something that helps it make a bit more sense or add a bit more detail into this writing. Anyway thats all that there is to it. Bye~

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Mon Jan 29, 2018 10:41 pm
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Radrook wrote a review...

Say! This is some extremely good stuff. LOL!

That is hilarious! Makes sense though. At least far more sense than his manufacturing toys all his life for the sole purpose of giving them away at no profit. So that's why he's so jolly each year! Good material for a flash fiction story.

you ever say spidgit finner unironically?
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