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About Twinkle4ever

Hmm... let's see, about me... There isn't much to say except that I'm a dreamer. I dream big and I'm not afraid to go after that dream. I don't really care about how I'll do it, nor do I plan out my life because nothing ever happens according to my plans. So I've stopped bothering to do that, and I've started to improvise.
Just like I do in my stories. When I plan something out, the story never turns out as good as when I just improvise and write further.
I love to sing, but not as much as I love to play the piano; not that I'm good at any of the two but I still love doing it. It must be true love... =]
And I love adventure, I've always wanted to travel the world and see its beauty with my own eyes. I like to try out new things every time. And I get along very well with kids half my age!
That's pretty much about me that I can remember at the moment. =P


love's to draw her feelings out on the pages! Even if the pages are no longer able to retain their original shape. =] hehehe Writing, reading manga, novels too. And I love music! I love japanese cartoons although I don't speak japanese. =P


tends to forget stuff

But like all lower back tattoos, it is deeply flawed.
— Bill Nye