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16+ Violence

The Prime Control Chapter 10: The Tesseract

by keeperofgaming

Warning: This work has been rated 16+ for violence.

What bad luck…

“Mr. William, why is the new student doing that?”

“She is very clingy.”

Aoi, not only shared my math class, but EVERY SINGLE OTHER CLASS TOO!!! Apparently Mrs. Jones didn’t want her to be lonely.

“Yes… but that looks a little… more than clingy.”

“Trust me, I know. That’s why I told Mrs. Jones that matching our schedules wasn’t a good idea.”

“Oh… Um, Ms. you need to come down here and introduce yourself.”

Aoi looked at the teacher.

“Oh, I forgot about that.”

She flipped bouncing from divider to divider, until she landed in front of the teacher with a triple side flip.

“Aoi, go less acrobat next time you introduce yourself.”

“Oh, right. Forgot that people can’t normally do that.”

The teacher nodded.

“O…kay? Introduce yourself.”

“I’m Aoi, I’m William’s friend, hi.”

“… Anything else?”

“I’m a ninja.”

She started doing dramatic poses. Then she smiled.

“That’s it.”

She zoomed back up to me, catching a few people off guard, and regrappled me. She was hugging my face.

“Aoi, I need to see.”

“Oh, sorry.”

She shimmied to the back and looked at the teacher with an eager grin. The teacher looked at her with a raised brow.

“Alright, let’s begin…”


“Alright, today, we are picking lab partners. They will be your partners for the rest of the year… It seems that some people already have their partners.”

The students turned at me and Aoi.

“How is she even doing that?”

She decided to see how strong her core was, so Aoi had her legs wrapped around my neck, and held herself in a upside plank. She had her arms crossed.

She’d been like that for almost an hour now.

“I think she’s asleep.”

One of my classmates looked at her.


I nodded.

“Yep, usually, she can only do it for thirty minutes before getting bored.”

“… How are you standing so normally?”

“Two reasons. First, she’s light as heck. Second, I’ve known her for ten years. I’ve gotten strong enough to do it, because she’s done this since forever.”


“Are you two dating or something?”

“Bleh, no. We’re simply friends. We’ve known each other long enough that it’d be like dating my sister.”

“Oh… she’s really touchy for a friend though.”

“She does that with anyone she’s comfortable with.”


The teacher coughed so we all looked back at him.

“Alright, William, could you please wake Aoi up? We are about to do a dissection.”


Aoi popped up and hugged my head.

I sighed.

“Of course, you woke up to that.”

“Wait, where are we?”

“The next class, you fell asleep.”

“Oh, oops.”

She giggled, rocking around.

The teacher sighed.

“Alright, pick your lab partners, and Aoi, if you could please get off of William.”


She was then next to me, catching a few kids off guard.

“Sh-she’s fast.”

“Yes, yes she is.”

“Alright, we are currently dissecting pigs.”

A girl sighed sadly.

“Do we have to cut into them?”

“OH, William, this is so exciting, Saiyung never lets me do this.”

“For good reason. I’ll hold the knife; you hold the body steady and take notes.”

“Awe, come on, I won’t freak out this time.”

Aoi had a minor condition, when she sliced something, she sliced faster and faster, looking quite crazy. Especially since the shinobi had to hunt for their food. Aoi always had to have a partner cut the catch so she wouldn’t make the meat and hide unusable.

“No, I’ll do it.”

“No fun…”

“Your definition of fun would land you in a psych ward. I’m doing the cutting.”

“Hmph. I’ll spread nasty rumors about you.”

“Everyone can hear you, so if you did, it could be easily dismissed as there are several witnesses to you using it as a threat.”

Aoi sighed.

Taury had just been flying around the school the whole day. She was irritated that Aoi took her spot on my head, so she decided to take out her anger by pretending to be an irritating fly to everyone.

We were handed the scalpels and Aoi made a snatch for it, but I grabbed it before she could.

“No fair, you were closer.”

“That’s no excuse, you were too slow.”


“Pick up the paper and pencil.”


The teacher nodded,

“Alright, be sure to follow the instructions. Begin.”

Since Aoi was my partner, I knew I could go faster, so me and Aoi began to dissect it, we quickened our speaking and began to dissect it quickly.

“That was it?”

“Yep, we got all of the info we needed.”

“Hm, would’ve been more fun if I was the one doing it.”

“That’s the problem, it’s not fun, it’s science.”


The teacher somewhat gaped at us.

“It’s been two minutes, there’s no way you’re done.”

“It wasn’t like it was hard, we located what we needed too and wrote what we needed too.”

“Yes, it’s not hard, but you still need to do such delicate cuts.”

“We were able to.”

He checked our work and smiled.

“So, you did.”


I sighed at lunch. The only time Aoi was off, and Taury was now holding on like she hadn’t seen me in seven years.

It didn’t help that they had some sort of feud, they fought for my attention… despite having entirely different relationships with me.

Of course, I was pretty sure that Aoi was doubling the cafeteria’s revenue alone.

She ate more than Ir*ma from that one anime. The demons in that show also ate humans, but at least they were somewhat friendly.

“Why can’t demons be more like fictional demons?”

Brent looked at me.

“Where’d that come from?”

“I was just thinking, in fiction, demons can be reasonable, or even kind, but these guys only have the slightest sympathies to each other. I mean, Delcel didn’t give a crap when Cilth died, he simply began acting like he was the only one that mattered. It’s almost like they can’t care.”

Taury sighed.

“There are numerous theories about that, almost as many theories about their origin.”

“What do you mean?”

“Most people think that demons came from specific realms, but Mordred being a demon kind of throws a wrench into that theory. I, personally, think that they have multiple origins, but there has to be a similar factor.”


“No, because then Morgan would be a demon.”


We sighed.

“I wonder if we’ll ever figure it out?”

I looked over.

“Maybe by the time she’s full.”

The rest looked over to find Aoi asking the chefs for another serving.

“No, we aren’t giving you another, you already had 24.”

“But I’ll pay.”

“I don’t care, I have no clue how you aren’t sick already, if you eat more, you may just burst.”




She walked back to the table looking sad.

“Williammm they aren’t giving me food.”

“You already ate enough to make anyone fat, calm down.”

“Are you saying I’m fat?”

“I’m saying that by all laws of physics, you should be, but instead I’m half convinced that you have a black hole in your stomach as you ate more than twice your body weight in mega-sized meals, yet there isn’t the slightest pudge.”

She smiled, posing like a model.

“It all goes to my best parts.”

Then I smiled.

“Then there truly is a black hole in your stomach.”


I snickered.

Amy sighed deeply.

“Anyways… what are you going to do about the weird tree thing?”

“I’m gonna do as Gramps suggested and go alone.”

“What if it’s dangerous?”

“Gramps wouldn’t lead me into danger.”

“Fair, well, what class do you have next.”



Brent looked at me.

“By the way, is Maven anyone important, like, I know she’s a fey now, but she seemed to have the demons cautious.”

I smiled.

“She’s a member of the council, actually.”

Brent’s jaw dropped.

“We were camping with a council member. I didn’t ask her anything vaguely important… Man…”

“Eh, I learned a bit, like the bit about fey and regular animals looking the same to the nonmagical.”

Amy pondered.

“I wonder if Emma is a fey.”


“My cat, I always take off the amulet after school, because my parents wouldn’t like it, but I wonder if she’s actually a fey. She’s very friendly.”


I sighed.

“Well, it’s time to head off to class.”

We waved and Aoi walked with me as she glared at Taury.


“So, students, today, we learn about King Arthur.”

“I thought this was history, not literature.”

“Oh, child, King Arthur has plenty of historic value, from traditions to actual events, dramatized as they may be.”

Ms. Pan was teaching again. Knowing she had connections to Maven was interesting.

“All right, so, what do you know about King Arthur.”

A girl raised her hand.

“He pulled a sword from a stone and married Guinevere who betrayed him and ran off with Lancelot.”

That caused Taurael to do a spit take before laughing.

“Guin and Arthur?! Really? Please, her and Lance were married when Arthur met them. HAHAHAHA!!!”

I sighed.

“Guin and Arthur… HAHAHAHAHAHAAaaa… Oh dear. That’s funny.”

I smiled.

“Alright, that is a common thing in the lore, but what else is known.”

“He dated the Lady of the Lake.”

“Less common but still there.”


Taury couldn’t stop laughing. It was loud, and she was on my head, rolling with laughter.

I could tell Ms. Pan was trying her best to ignore the cackling pixie.

“He was killed by his son.”

She stopped laughing, as though she remembered that day vividly.

“Yes, that is it in almost any version. Anyone else?”

“He had a kid with Morgan Lefaye.”

“Yes, that is another thing in almost every version.”

“He was raised by blacksmiths.”

Taury sighed.

“He was raised by merchants, not blacksmiths.”

“That’s in a few versions.”

“He was trained by the most powerful magic user, Merlin.”

“BWAHAHAHAHAHAH MERLIN?! He’s the most powerful?! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!”

“Yes, that is in most versions as well.”

I raised my hand.

“He had fire magic.”

Someone snickered.

“Idiot, the sword had fire, not him.”

“Actually, both is in various versions.”

I smirked at the snickerer.

“Now, we know the basics, so we need to look at the historic things. What happened to inspire the legends.”

One kid raised her hand.

“Arthur’s journeys being dramatized and fantasized?”

A few people laughed at that.

“Arthur wasn’t real, everyone knows that.”

I intervened.

“It’s actually more likely that there was a historic Arthur, according to many experts, so it’s not entirely hard to believe that there was an original basis for the stories in some historic figure.”

The ridiculers blushed at being called out.

One guy persisted.

“What, and let me guess, the Lady of the Lake is a random smith’s wife?”

“You never know with those old stories.”

The Lady of the Lake, who was currently sitting on my head started fussing.

“A smith’s wife, please. I was the dang smith.”

I whispered.

“I know that, but they don’t.”

Aoi smiled.

“I think that a lot of it actually happened. Magic is real and cool, you know.”

That prompted a lot of laughter. I sighed, rubbing my eyes.

“What, did I say something funny?”

“You actually believe in magic?!”

“Yeah, William is a magician himself.”

I sighed again as more people laughed, not at me of course.

“Wait, magic being real could explain one thing.”

A girl spoke causing people’s entertained eyes to turn.


“Well, you remember when William came in looking like a murder victim… somehow looking in even worse condition then those at the lake… and the next day it was like nothing ever happened.”

Some people began considering that, but Aoi focused on something far different.

“William… was hurt?”

“Yeah, it was really bad looking, he was missing for two days before that too.”

Aoi glanced at me in a pure question and promise.

“Don’t worry, the one who did that ended off much worse than I did.”

She smiled.

“Well, that works for me.”

Then someone raised a brow.

“You looked half dead, and you’re telling me the other guy was worse off. Did you kill the guy or something?”

I simply smiled.

“We’re getting off track, we were discussing King Arthur, yes?”

Upon the realization that I legitimately killed someone, the ones at the lake realized why I wasn’t nearly as traumatized as them.

“Nah, we aren’t coming off of that that easily. You actually killed someone.”

“That… was no person… it was a fiend. If it wasn’t it, it would have been me… it didn’t fight for a reason but fun…”

I shook with remembering the cold glowing eyes of the shadow that bit off Taury’s arm.

“But that thing hurt someone else that I care for… It deserved far worse than I gave it…”

My vision clouded with remembering my fury. My aura shaking.

“Trust me… the thing that did that, could have easily done far worse than what happened at the lake…”

Ms. Pan began shivering. A few students shook at my statements.

“Two miracles happened. That I recovered, and that I even survived.”

One of the students that was on the trip shivered.

“Worse than the lake?”

I nodded.

“Yes, now, could we please go back to talking about Arthur.”


“Thank you.”

I regained my chipper mood as I shoved away the dark memories.

“Alright, so where were we?”

Even Aoi and Taury had a look minor fear at my sudden shift, because finally, for the first time, I let a fragment of my true face show.


I walked out of the school with Aoi.

“Alright, you two head back, I’m gonna go and check out this tree.”

“Alright, be safe.”

“I will.”

I walked towards the forest and saw Aoi and Taury look at me with minor concern.

I sighed and passed out of earshot before speaking to myself.

“Stupid. I’m so stupid. How could I mess up like that? I’ve kept it up for twelve years… why… why do I mess up now?”

I shook my head and continued walking.

I walked over to the forest and began to look for the tree I was supposed to find.

I walked far and eventually came to the lake.

“Hello human.”

“Hello, Simial.”

“That power of yours.”

Of course, he would talk about that.

“You want it secret, correct?”


He stood and pinned me against a tree.

“Then give me an offer.”


“To keep your secret, I’m going to need something in return. I care for the lady greatly, so, if you want to keep the secret of you ruling her, then I need payment.”

“Alright, Control.”

His eyes went white as he stumbled back and began swaying.

“You will not remember anything about the control power, you will remember it as I tricked the demon into saying the word to cancel a word command allowing the lady to kill him and his comrade. You will also forget her name, do you understand?”

“Yes, Master…”

“Good. Release.”

“As I said, human, tell me how you managed to trick the demon, I can’t figure it out.”

“It was very simple, I told him to release me and he merely mimicked it, it’s a simple trick that it seems that even demons will fall for.”

“That can’t be it… fine, I’ll leave you to whatever you’re doing here.”

“Thank you.”

I walked past and walked far further and I saw it finally, at the midpoint between the lake and Morgan’s palace, was a tree with a knob shaped like a starry eye.

I walked up to it and knocked twice.

“Only scum see wit.”

Then I heard a cackle and looked up to find a female demon.

“You? You are the one? I know who gave you that password, that means he wants it back.”


“Oh please, don’t play coy, you know that man, he’s the only one who’d know the password, but you are the one the Hunter is after. Does he even know who he’s going after? Or could that be why? Either way, take it.”

She tossed a package and sneered.

“I’m telling the Hunter I am not going to deal with that man again, I’m leaving. He can die on his own.”

Then the demon jumped from tree to tree. Leaving me confused.

I picked up the package.

“Why would a demon be that scared of Gramps? And why would he use a demon to hold onto something that important?”

I clearly didn’t know a lot about this. Was the Hunter actually after Gramps? Why would he be? That would explain him not weaponizing the pixies and keeping me alive.

“I’ll think about it another day.”

I sighed and walked past the lake and saw Simial once again sitting at the edge. This time he didn’t notice me. I noticed him cry.

“My dear lady… why didn’t you choose me? Why a human? I waited and waited, and you came with a… blasted human… why?”

Suddenly, understanding dawned my eyes. Why he hated me despite what I’d done.

He loved Taury. Not like a knight and liege, but as a lover.

I snuck past quickly and walked back to the city.

“Now that was odd. A demon with a package. I’ll check it out in my apartment.”

I opened the door and saw everyone.

“Okay, so we can close down the dead theory.”

“Pay up, Grace.”

Grace muttered and handed Amy a $10 bill.

“Did you guys seriously bet on whether I’d die or not?”

“Among a few other things. What happened?”

“Well first, I ran into Simial who had some words for me.”

Aoi handed Taury a 5.

“Then I found the tree in between the lake and Morgan’s palace.”

“Alright, and what happened when you did the thingy?”

They were eager. That appeared to be the main money source.

“A demon appeared and gave me a package.”

They blinked.

Aoi looked confused.

“Now who do we give money to?”

Grace, luckily, had her priorities straight.

“Forget the money, a demon?!”

“Yep, weird as heck. It didn’t even threaten. It was just like, ‘Hey, I know who gave you that password. I’m retiring.’ Before throwing this thing at me and running off.”

Taury looked at it confused.

“That would be weird.”

“It definitely was.”

“So, what’s in it?”

“I was gonna check here.”

I layed it down on the table and unwrapped the package. A box was there with a lock.

“Great, how do we open it now?”

Grace smiled.

“It’s a good thing I came.”

She placed her finger in the lock and molded it to fit, then the lock fell off.

“There we go.”

I opened it, and there was a satchel. With a note.

“Jacob, if you are reading this, you are in danger. Do not return to the mountains. Do not go to the forest, and for goodness sake, hide your son. Inside this satchel is a way to truly hide William. If you have need of it, then you are truly in danger. I hope you weren’t too caught off guard by the messenger. She may be a demon, but she knows not to mess with me. Then again, if you need this, that means that other demons aren’t as smart. You will know what to do when you see what’s inside.”

“Wow, so it was supposed to be picked up way before.”


I opened the bag and instantly dropped it.

“William? What is it?”

“Gramps. How the heck did you come across something like this.”

I took it out and Taury gasped.

Brent winced.

“What is it? It hurts my head, looking at it.”

“It’s a tesseract, on a chain?”

“A necklace with access to the nexus.”

“What does this mean?”

I sighed.

“It meant that my father was supposed to hide me in the nexus instead of bringing me to gramps, but, being my father, messed that up.”

“But why hide just you?”

That was a good question, Aoi.

“You’re right. That doesn’t make sense.”

Grace sighed.

“Who can you hide from in the nexus?”

Then Taury looked at the amulet.

“Many… hundreds, no millions of realms are connected by it, a child at the age of 10 could easily be anywhere in it.”

“It seems kind of dangerous, there must be more.”

I checked on the back and found a password.

“A cart fit…”


“That’s what’s written on the back… think it could be a realm password?”

Taury sighed.

“Only one way to find out.”

I nodded.

“All right, everyone who wants to come, grab on.”

Everyone grabbed my hands.

I focused and willed myself into the nexus.

“That was dizzying.”

Everyone was kind of shaky except me and Taury.

“Woah, she’s big?!”

Aoi was looking at Taury, who was in her large form.

“Yes I’m big, now, William, do the password.”

“Wait, why is his hair reddish?”

I sighed.

“We don’t know, actually. Anyways.”

“Um… A cart fit.”

Nothing happened. At least… we weren’t moved.

“Um… this is awkward. Hello, child of Amelia.”

The Artifact was laying on me as she fell on top of me.

“Hello, Arty.”

She got up and smiled at the ensemble.

“Ah, Grace, Child of Nena, Brent, and Grandchild of Caleb.”

The group blinked. She just named their relatives, and Brent.

“Why did you name Brent directly?”

She sighed at Grace’s question.

“Because he’s the most historically important in his family. Not like that’s a high bar to pass.”

Brent sighed.

“Yeah, my family sucks.”

Aoi looked confused.

“Okay, which one was my parent?”

“Nena, she’s responsible for the fall of the Shinobi clans, so pretty important.”


Aoi, being a shinobi herself, didn’t look to happy that her mother was behind her clan’s downfall.

Amy nodded.

“I understand Grandpa Caleb. He built our whole enterprise.”

Grace sighed.

“And since Atronachs don’t have biological families, I’m just Grace.”


“What even are you?”

“I am the Artifact, but you can call me Arty.”

Brent seemed thoughtful.

“Artifact… a cart… OH! I understand now.”


We looked at him and he smiled.

“A cart fit is an anagrAAAA”

The anagram lady was, once again summoned, and she hovered above Brent for a second before crashing down on top of him.

“So, Gramps works in anagrams?”

Arty sighed.

“Yes, he does.”

Taury walked over.

“You okay… both of you?”

Arty smiled.

“Of course, Taurael.”

Everyone but Aoi, me, and Taury froze.

“Woah, she passed her dad?”

“Yes, by saving the entire pixie population from being enslaved by demons, she edged out her father barely.”

“Nice… I get no credit points?”

“You do, but both your mother and father are still far more historically important than you.”

“You two aren’t going to just care that she just stated Wings’s name?”

I sighed.

“We already knew she knew.”

“Yeah, but we didn’t.”

Aoi looked around.

“Is it bad if we know her name?”

Brent sighed.

“Well, it means that if any higher fey found out we knew we’d be butchered.”

I sighed.

“It doesn’t really matter.”

Grace looked at me in shock.

“I think it does matter.”

Then Taury.

“No, not really, not anymore.”

“Not anymore?”

Brent was confused by her wording, of course, Arty was quick to answer that question…

“William used his magic to remove the power of using her name to control her. To follow the natural laws, he instead put himself as her master, making her only able to be commanded by him.”

Everyone blinked.


Grace was rubbing her head.

“D-did I hear that right…? You took away the name power.”



Brent was shaking.

“What the heck… what the heck… how would you even do that?”

Amy looked at me with a shocked expression.

“I don’t know that much, but I’m pretty sure that could get you killed by a lot of different fey.”

Aoi looked somewhat betrayed for some reason.

“You’re doing master x maid stuff?! I thought you said you hadn’t even kissed yet.”

Taury flushed, everyone snapped to look at her with a confused face and I facepalmed, deeply blushing.

“Aoi… I think you misunderstood just the slightest bit.”

Arty had fallen over and started pounding the floor, then she belted out laughter.

“HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Oh, that’s amazing, even I would have never guessed someone would say that… HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!”

Aoi had a look of confusion, once again, it was like you could see the question mark form over her head.

I explained what it actually meant and she seemed to figure it out.

Grace was still trying to wrap her head around it.

“Wait, you… you would have to use control, but control shouldn’t make you able to do that.”

Brent looked at her confused.


“His main magic. It’s a very powerful magic that allows him to force people to do anything by as much as I know.”

“I can’t force unless I use a lot of power, the most I can do with most people is simply chisel them to what I’m trying for.”

Grace looked back at me.

“Hm… that’s cool. Which did you use to do that?”

“I used the bigger one, it was the only way to completely override the demon’s name command.”


Grace clapped her hands like she’d been considering it for a while.

“That’s what I wiped from everyone’s memory.”


“The whole class was there.”

They blinked.

“You wiped that much?”

“Yeah, why do you think I fell asleep right after my frustration with no one hearing my ‘story.’”


“The hardest part was wiping it from Mordred’s memory.”

Amy looked at me in shock.

“You did that?”

“Yeah, he works for the Hunter, I’m not gonna just let him have that knowledge.”

I looked at Aoi, who once again had a question mark over her head.

“How much of this do you understand?”

“You can be a puppetmaster.”

“Yeah… I could be, luckily, I’m nice.”


“Well, Arty, do you know what would happen after I say that?”

“Well, if your father ever actually made it to that tree, you would have been in my realm until about this time. I would have trained you in magic and what not.”



“Who is my Gramps? He seems to be quite powerful and important, but you don’t name him?”

“As I told you before, I cannot name my equals.”

I blinked.

“He’s that strong?”

“Yes, anyways, I’m heading back to my realm, with that amulet, you can get to the nexus whenever you want.”



Then she disappeared.

“Well… that was interesting.”

Amy looked at me.

“So, you have mind powers?”


Brent sighed.

“I’m still concerned about the name thing, even if we can use her name, it’s probably not the best idea to do so. Morgan alone would be a massive threat, and with that, we could anger the whole council. Not to mention what they’d do to you after learning exactly what you did.”

I sighed.

“Morgan would kill me, the Pixie would glare intently, Roman would blink then threaten me, Maven, if her being there when it happened was any indication, would be cool with it, and I’ve never spoken to Astella.”

Grace blinked.

“You… know the entire council.”

“Were you listening? I just said I never spoke to Astella.”

“Not the point, people in this realm barely know Morgan, and you know the names of all four named ones?!”

Taury smirked.

“Well, he used projection to accidentally view the meeting, that’s why Maven called him Mr. Mist.”

“Oh… so, that’s where he learned your name… he knows the Pixie’s name too, doesn’t he.”

I smiled.


“Jeez, well at least none of the council know you have that kind of power.”

I smiled.

“The Pixie knows.”

“How does he?!”

Grace looked concerned.

“Because I stopped him before he could make a major mistake using it. I also used it to convince him that she was innocent as she told it to me while under suggest.”

“Wow… that… is incredible.”


Brent nodded.

“So, you used your power to verify her innocence.”


“Wow… and this pixie guy would just glare?”

“Pretty much. He’s actually very level-headed, he’s just not as friendly as Maven.”

“I see, well, we should get back.”

I nodded.

“Let’s go.”

End of Vol 2

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RavenAkuma wrote a review...

Hello Again, My Friend!

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What The Black Eyes See...

Ah, so with this, it's the end of Volume 2? Fascinating! Well, this chapter was great; the mystery really deepened with each new development. Somehow the tree led to a demon, which led to a note for Jacob, which led to this tesseract shard, and an anagram that summons Arty...To think William would've been hidden between realms is such a weird element as well, I wonder how that would have gone. Either way, I'm curious where this will lead them all! Let's get into the details though.

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This is freaking hilarious; both the revenge tactic and her being jealous in the first place. And amid the initial banter, I also liked the ominous question about demons and some of the theories:

“Most people think that demons came from specific realms, but Mordred being a demon kind of throws a wrench into that theory. I, personally, think that they have multiple origins, but there has to be a similar factor.”

Oooou, how curious! I wonder where demons actually come from; if they're like actual demons from a form of Hell, or as I'm currently thinking, a type of corrupted fey. Either way, very cool bit of exposition there!

And I was actually nervous when somebody accused William of murder during the Arthur lesson, and when Simial actually had the gall to demand payment for keeping a critical secret. Hopefully neither of those doesn't go any further O.O

I am definitely curious about this new demoness, and how she may be related to Gramps. She definitely doesn't seem hostile, which could be out of intimidation, but now that she's delivered this package...will she just disappear? Will she be a chaotic neutral, or pick a side? Intriguing...

And of course, the clues themselves. I imagine there's a lot that William will be able to do with a tesseract pendant, and how this links to Jacob's plan or Gramps, I have got to know! Plus, though it could be assumed that Gramps wrote the note, I wonder if there will be a twist there? And...

“Well, if your father ever actually made it to that tree, you would have been in my realm until about this time. I would have trained you in magic and what not.”

So Arty would've been the one to keep and train William in magic...I wonder if she'll continue to help him now, and exactly how. Does she still have magic knowledge to share? Does she know something about Jacob?? What about Gramps, if he's her equal??

So many questions! O.O

Our Mad Thoughts...

Overall, that was another great chapter and a great place to end a volume on. Nicely done! :D


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vampricone6783 wrote a review...

Hello there, human! I'm reviewing using the YWS S'more Method today!

Shalt we commence with the review?

Top Graham Cracker - William finds a tesseract that was supposed to keep him safe in the nexus, but it was delivered late. His friends find out that he got rid of Taury’s name command, and Aoi is disgruntled that he gives Taury the kind of attention she wants from him.

Slightly Burnt Marshmallow - This chapter is fine, I like this chapter.

Chocolate Bar - My favorite part was when they discovered the tesseract. It seems like an interesting and helpful item, and I wonder what would have happened if James actually made it to the tree in time with William. I’ll have to see how it will be used later…

Closing Graham Cracker - William’s friends found out about his power, but hopefully, Morgan doesn’t find out. There’s still more to do, and he’ll only be able to hide for so long…

I wish you a beautiful day/night! ^v^

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