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Reflect me 4

by demoncat

Warning there may be some triggers and Gore in this story. Also this is part four please read the other parts first.

Dear diary,

           I had another nightmare last night. I woke up screaming. And I was dripping in a puddle of cold sweat. When I woke up I couldn't stop crying. Eventually I woke up Roscoe. He reached his hand into the mirror and held my hand. And even though I didn't realize it at the time... He actually ended up making me feel better. It was nice. Having him there. Even though I was still shivering and crying. He didn't seem to mind. Huh that's weird. Did I used to know someone like that. 

Dear diary,

          It turns out that shadows ghost is still lingering. He likes to come into the mirrors and visit with me. He really is soft still. Even though now shadow is just... Well a shadow. I'll write more later. Me and Ros are going to play video games. Something called fort night? Or something like that. Do we build forts at night Maybe? Like that one game with all the squares? That one was fun. I hope it's like that.

Dear diary,

          So video games are not like how I remember them. Whatever happened to going to the arcade and playing games like donkey Kong? Or Mario? Or even pac-man! I liked pac-man. It was fun. Safe even. And way less violent. But for some reason I can't stop playing!

Dear diary,

           Tyson and Susan are coming home in afew days. So me and Roscoe decided to have a serious talk. He wants to know more about how I died. And about my life before I died. And he wants to help release me from the mirror. Our conversation went kind of like this.

"Uuuugh!" I shreiked with frustration then plopped down on the bed. Roscoe sat down beside me on the non reflective side.

"Are you ok?" He said trying to get comfortable. Then he layed down and reached in the mirror rubbing his thumb across my fingers.

"I don't know!" I squeaked pulling my hand away and putting a pillow on my head. I didn't know what to think anymore. I'm sick and tired of being trapped in this mirror. But how was I supposed to tell him that? Of course I'm a very blunt person who really doesn't care. "I want out of this mirror!" I screamed kicking my feet. "I'm constantly trapped I'm this relm. And I don't know how to get out!" Tears began to well up in my eyes and I sat up to look at him.

Ros also sat up. It's been afew months since Tyson left. And he will be back soon. Me and Rossy have grown ALOT closer in this time. He's become my best friend and he is always there for me now. He reaches his hand into the mirror and grasping my chin gently pulling my face closer to the glass till my forehead is touching so close to his. Then he sets his forehead on mine. His breath going through the glass like it's air. I could feel it on my face. That's how close he was. His black hair was pulled back from his eyes with a clip. And I could see right into his big blue eyes. Like pools of ice. Or crystals. Then he closed his beautiful eyes and said. "Alright."

I pull back in disbelief. "What?"

He smirks at me. Then gives me a look I have never seen from him before."you heard me. I will find a way to release you." It might've been my imagination. But right then I could've sworn I seen a tear fall down his cheek.

Dear diary,

         Tyson is coming home tomorrow! I am so excited! But for some reason Roscoe seems pretty bummed that Tyson is coming back. I thought they were freinds. But every time I rant about how excited I am to see Tyson, well Rossy gets this sad broken puppy dog look on his face. Like he doesn't want him to come back at all. I wonder what that's about. Oh I have to go Ros is calling me. I think he found a way to get me out of the mirror. Bye.

Dear diary,

           So Ros says he searched it up on Google. But between you and me I know he spent hours scrolling through the internet and flipping through old books. He's so great! But um Roscoe if you are reading this uh I didn't mean that! Anyway he thinks he found a way to get me out of the mirror. He has to take me back to where I died. And he has to... Wait I hear the door. Oh maybe I can write what I see. I haven't done that in awhile. Maybe I'll let the pen write by itself. Ah the perks of being a ghost. Oh tyson and Susan are home! But Roscoe isn't here. He's going to miss them coming home. Wait ... What is Susan wearing?? Is that a ring? Why is it oh her ring finger? Wait there are two. One a plain band and one has a huge diamond! And Tyson is wearing a band too too... And he carried her in over the threshold. Here I'll follow them into the bedroom while they unpack to see what in the world is going on. Ugh they are making out, I really didn't want to see that right now! Oh her suitcase is open.... Oh I see a vail. A wedding Vail. I can't think. Or breath. Wait I don't breath. Who am I? Where am I? Why am I writing? What do I do? Oh Tyson! I can't stop crying. My sketchbook is soaked with tears!

Dear diary,

          I'm sorry. It's been afew months since I wrote anything. I've kinda been in a trance since I found out about... You know. Oh yeah and get this! Roscoe knew all along! He is such a jerk! He let me be led on. He let me think Maybe I had a chance. He let me rant about Tyson for days! Days! Who does that! I know I love him, but he's a married man now. And I have come to terms with that. Also me and Roscoe are talking again. Just barely though. I haven't left his mirror. He put it back on the wall too. I just sit there on the bed crying. All the time. And for some reason I can't stop drawing my ring. All I want is to leave this mirror and maybe move on with death. Because I know I don't wanna be here anymore. Susan and Tyson are getting on my last nerves. And I can't sleep. They are so loud! I'm gonna have to talk to Roscoe Again to leave this mirror. But I'm ok with that. Truth be told even though he lied... I kind of miss him.

Dear journal,

          This is Roscoe. Marie thought it would be nice if I put my thoughts in. But man I really don't know what to say. She promises not to read this if I don't read what she has wrote so I guess I can write anything? Welp here goes. I think I'm in love with a ghost! Wow it feels so good to get that off my chest. Now I know what you are probably  thinking. "What even?" Yeah. Well before you go thinking I'm a nut job hear me out first. I have been able to see ghosts, and touch ghosts for as long as I can remember. But I usually avoid them. Ignore them even! But Marie... Oh Marie.... She is so hard to ignore. In fact it is near impossible!

I tried believe me I did but then she just kept finding ways to embarrass herself. And she is just so cute!

Like there is the time i accidentally walked in on her in the shower! It was so embarrassing! And she didn't even realize I was there. Heh I even started taking cold showers because I noticed she didn't like it when the mirror fogged up. And then I actually started talking to her... She is so amazing. All I want to do is help her. Although I Know if I let her out of the mirror she will have to leave. But I'm willing to accept that. If moving on will give her peace I will push through the pain. Somehow. But I will get her out no matter what!

Dear diary,

           Roscoe brought me a surprise today. He visited my grave and found my ring sitting on my gravestone. And he placed a fresh bouquet on my grave. Roses are my favorite. And he remembered from my sketchbook. He says having the actual ring might help. But seeing as I am already wearing the same ringi thought it would be best he kept it with him. He put it on a chain around his neck. It looks good on him, he calls it his good luck charm. He is so goofy I can't help but chuckle.

Dear diary,

          Today Roscoe is taking me to the place I died. He got a locket with a mirror in it to take me there. But there is something I should do before I go in the mirror. Here I will leave my pencil on auto write as this is happening. Sorry that was really funny and now I can't stop laughing! Auto write! I crack myself up! 

"Ros... Come closer to the mirror." I say quietly. And of course he obeys coming so close that his face almost touches the glass. "No. Put your face in the mirror." 

He blushes but does as I ask. "Why am I doing this again?" He questions rather confused. While his head is inside the mirror I decide to take advantage of the opportunity. I place my cold hand on his warm cheek. He flashes me a confused smile In Response. Then he blushes as I lean my face closer to his.

"Um Mai?" He says frantically his face now a tomato. "What are you doing?" 

I then rest my forehead on his still holding his head in my hand. He gulps fearing what trickory this may be. Then I close my eyes and lean in even closer. Till our lips are almost touching. And we stayed like that for a second. But eventually I get embarrassed and push his head out of the mirror and hide in the locket. 

Dear diary,

           Me and Roscoe have been on the road for awhile. And I'm getting kind of carsick from writing but that's ok. You Know now that I think about it I wonder how Ros Trapped me in that mirror in the first place? Maybe I'll ask him.

Dear diary,

          I had a long talk with Roscoe about when he Trapped me. Right now we are at a rest stop and he is asleep so I can write. I will now relay the conversation to my best ability.

"Hey Roscoe." I asked timidly. "Why did you trap me in the mirror that night?" Roscoe froze. "I don't always have the best luck with ghosts. I have been hurt before and I wasn't sure if it was safe yet."  

I looked at him in shock. "You don't trust me?" I was honestly alittle hurt by this. I was really starting to care for Ros. He is my best friend in the entire world. Well except for shadow that is. And he was worryied I would hurt him.

He jumps at this. "No that's not it! I trust you. I really do!" He then proceeded to blush and smile like a dork. "I care for you too much not to trust you." 

This time it was my turn to blush. And I couldn't stop. "I care about you too." I mumbled. 

Then a smirk creeped it's way across his face. He obviously was about to pick on me. "Oh what was that? Did I hear you say something? But gosh my hearing must be getting worse because I thought I heard something sweet come out of your mouth. Can you repeat that? Hmm?" He had his hand placed to his ear to show he was listening.

I was getting kind of mad at this point. Well less more embarrassed. But eventually out of frustration I blurted out, "I fudgin love you you butthead!" And as soon as it was out I immediately regret it. I covered my mouth to ensure I wouldn't say anything else stupid. 

The car was quiet for a long time after that before he finally said. "Did you just call me a butthead? And who says fudgin?" 

I couldn't help but laugh at that remark. My stomach hurt from all the laughter. In fact it was really starting to hurt. It was excruciating. And when I lifted my shirt up Abit to feel and make sure i was ok I seen alot of blood that wasn't there before. And I passed out.  I woke up later to have been in a larger mirror buckled into the passengers seat and we were in a parking lot. Ros was asleep. Apparently while I was out he used his T-shirt to stop the bleeding. There is blood all over the place. It looks like the backroom of some butchers place. And I'm the hog. Weird Ros didn't put his hoodie back on.  I guess he was too tired. Oh my golly gosh goodness! I never realized before because he's always wearing super baggy clothes but Ros is really hot! His muscles are perfectly toned. Why have I not realized this before? Did my heart just skip a beat? Wait it beated? Oh well it might be nothing.

Dear diary, 

          I guess I fell asleep earlier. Because it's sunrise now, and we are still on the rode. And guess what. I'm looking at the ocean right now. I woke up to this view. I'm here. The place that I died.

To be continued in part five

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Thu Aug 08, 2019 6:20 pm
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Dreamy wrote a review...

Hey, demoncat! I finally caught up with the story! Yay for me!

This chapter had a lot going on. And the time difference was huge! Is time a thing with Ghosts anyway? Because the way she talks about the differences in video games makes me think that may be she's way older and hasn't realised that yet, along with many other things.

Mai keeps writing about how her and Ross are getting closer and are talking a lot these days. But I couldn't help but wonder why they never talk about things that matter. Like, what does Ros do, what does he like and how he can see ghosts since it's a diary entry you'd expect Mai to just rant about him at length. But all these entries look like they are written to keep the diary updated? I don't know if it'll work on the longer run. This chapter has Ros writing the diary. Which I don't know what to think of. Because reading about him and knowing him through Mai eyes, it's pretty obvious that he's a good guy and has feelings for Mai though she's unsuspecting of it; it's still Mai's diary. I don't know why she thought it's a good idea to let him write an entry in the diary. Like, wat! o:

Otherwise, I thought it was cute. I liked their conversation in the car. They were absolutely cute and I was like, "awww, cute" the entire time. Her bleeding randomly, was very random and I don't know why instead of worrying about her bleeding (Ghosts can bleed?) she was gawking at Ros's nicely toned body, like, wat wat? o:

Also, her reaction to Tyson's marriage: I really expected her to go on and on about how betrayed she feels though Tyson didn't even know that she existed much less that she's a ghost. But since she felt so much in love, I thought it would be obvious to see her be depressed.

On with the typos, pretty much the same thing were repeated. They can be avoided/corrected if you proof-read the chapters before you publish them.

I can't wait to know why she's having all these reactions on her body. It was nice of Ros to visit her grave and bring her back her ring and taking her to visit her grave.

Keep up the good work!


demoncat says...

Just hearing this review makes me kind of excited for you to read the next part. It is going be longer. Also I am taking it out of the diary format because the next part is too implausible for them to have written in the diary. And I would also like to add that I think of the diary more of an account of her memories seeing as she always forgets. I'm so excited for you to read on and im glad you like it. Ooh also I made a club just for my writing so there will be updates there. Like when I'm gonna post my next part.

demoncat says...

Just hearing this review makes me kind of excited for you to read the next part. It is going be longer. Also I am taking it out of the diary format because the next part is too implausible for them to have written in the diary. And I would also like to add that I think of the diary more of an account of her memories seeing as she always forgets. I'm so excited for you to read on and im glad you like it. Ooh also I made a club just for my writing so there will be updates there. Like when I'm gonna post my next part.

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Wed Aug 07, 2019 4:18 am
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DottieSnark wrote a review...

This is your best chapter yet by far. First of all, it was so much easier to read and follow. And your transitions from the diary entries to Marie recalling past events as she writes flows so much better now. The narration makes perfect sense.

I've been noticing that you've been foreshadowing Marie's background a lot. She's starting to remember things from the past. These little hints are a great technique that hooks your readers. We want to know more and you're giving us just enough to keep reading. Great job! Now you've just got to make sure your delivery of that background is impactful.

There are some typos but not too many. A simple word processor's spell check should be able to catch most of them. For example, afew should be two words, alot should be two words, layed should be laid, relm should be spelled realm, alittle should be two words, worryied should be worried.

However, words like wanna and gonna (which you used) would be picked up by most word processor's spellcheck, but since they're common slang I would personally consider them to be the correct spelling as long as that's how you want it to sound. Dialogue (and therefore diary entries) do not have to use "proper" English.

Content and storywise? I'm really getting into this story. I am fully invested and shipping Marie and Roscoe. Not only am I waiting engaged by waiting for the mystery of Marie's backstory to unravel, I'm also root for her. I hope Marie gets out of the mirror and can live her happy ever after with Roscoe. You've written a great paranormal romance between those two that I want to see more of. Great job!

demoncat says...

Thank you I'm glad you liked it. It really is my favorite chapter so far and I'm really excited for the next. I have alot planned for the next few parts and I hope you enjoy them too. Also I'm glad you have a ship in the story that makes me so happy. I kinda ship them too.

demoncat says...

Thank you I'm glad you liked it. It really is my favorite chapter so far and I'm really excited for the next. I have alot planned for the next few parts and I hope you enjoy them too. Also I'm glad you have a ship in the story that makes me so happy. I kinda ship them too.

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