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belief, I go from

by UrbanNomad

The consent to belief
comes when

all opposing thoughts
are dismissed
I cannot
as you do.

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Sun Mar 31, 2013 6:18 pm
lyssiekins wrote a review...

I definitely like the structure and brevity of your poetry. I don't really like the break between when and all opposing thoughts, its uncomfortable to read, weird little cliffhanger, but it gets the job done. Maybe if you took the word "all" out. Or if you switched around the paragraph to form:

All opposing thoughts
are infinitely

Its much more of a dismissal this way and although infinitely does make a firm point I think it flows better this way.

This poem really speaks to my spirit. I always am doubting my own beliefs and countering them. Its so hard to hold myself to one thought or way, because I know it can always be disproved.

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