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Beautiful Words

by LucytheBrave

I have spent hours and hours

reading endless pages,

millions of words and sentences,

looking for the words 

that can make me feel something.


I look for phrases and stories 

that fill me heart with joy, 

and people who, without even existing

can make me cry.


There's more to life 

than i could ever experience

in this world of ours

when i look in the pages 

of novels.


There are a million more words

I have yet to read

A million more adventures

I am yet to experience


And I cannot wait to discover

more beautiful words.


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18 Reviews

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Sun Dec 06, 2020 11:41 pm
Purple67 wrote a review...

Hello there! i really like this piece so i'm here to give a review on it.
It's more positive than most, but i hope you like it.

1. I really like the words that was used in this poem.
2. Books are a very rare subject for poems in my opinion, so this is interesting to see.
3. I also like the ending as well

Overall, keep writing what you are writing, it's good!

Sincerely, Purple67

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Tue Sep 12, 2017 5:02 am
wetumbrella5 wrote a review...

great piece of work. reading books is really intresting. a person without a friend can befriend his or her books. exactly like myself. i can escape my loneliness by refuging to books. sorry for bad english. i am not a native english speaker. i hope i read more of you. good luck with your writings. i hope you like to read my works.

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Sat Oct 15, 2016 1:05 am
all wrote a review...

Hey! here for a review.

I just wanted to say this poem really captures the spirit of an avid reader, I really love it! The simplicity of the word choice profoundly makes this poem even more well written, simple words for elaborate meaning. One little criticism would be that punctuation is lacking from it's place in some stanzas. But, this is a great poem and I hope to read some more poems of yours. Really good job!

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Fri Oct 14, 2016 5:27 am
yakitsa wrote a review...

Hello pretty.
First off, congratulations on this poem's lovely sentiment. We can never have enough book lovers. This is one aspect that will be wholly relatable for many readers.
Your style of writing? Very simple and enjoyable. You haven't used any extravagant words or pretentious illustration, which is refreshing. The voice of the poet appears cautious and contemplative, as though the poem is being written parallel to the formation of thoughts. I love the feelings of wonder it triggers- makes me sit back and remember what a ginormous role books have played in my life.

Technical tit bits coming up. I have a small inquiry as to your first stanza. It sounds as though the poet has difficulty finding the words that make them feel something, as opposed to finding many words that make them feel something. This proves to be a slight contradiction to the later stanzas. I think the key word is 'looking' in the sentence 'looking for the words'. The word suggests that the feelings aren't being found. Maybe something along the line of 'revelling in the words' would be more articulate. Of course, this is your creation and these are only suggestions.
In the second stanza, 'me' will be 'my'.
The third stanza appears a little neglected, love. You've forgotten to capitalise the 'I's and it is begging for punctuation.
Fourth stanza,
maybe 'I have yet to read' will be better as 'I am yet to read'. It currently sounds slightly awkward. Again, you could drop a few commas where required.
The ending is satisfying and conclusive, while simultaneously promising more wondrous words.
This is a great work, and I see a whole lot of potential. You are clearly skilled at translating your emotions into literature. More finesse and depth will come with practise!

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Fri Oct 14, 2016 12:04 am
KiraThePotatoChip wrote a review...

Well, you managed to put into words what an amazing thing books are to have. It always amazed me how humans have evolved on a level where creating worlds that don't exist and making them part of reality is something we seek. Your formatting is very well put together, and the poem is lovely. Keep an eye out for grammar mistakes. Some of the I's are not capitalized and make sure you don't make any typos. I look forward to seeing other works of literature from you.

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