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Four poems about time

by IamI



Let us keep our thoughts

Gated from tomorrow

In this twilight

An ocean, no

A lake, no

A puddle of peace

Left by some unthinking hand

No one’s seen it

I don’t want to know

Let us stay under

This tree painted in shadows


We can learn from that tree

Waiting, living, silent, peaceful

A shame we can’t stand like trees

We stand like water

Always going down

We all know where

None dare say it


But let us leave these contemplations

Let us leave tomorrow

For today

Let us live now without a care

Until morning.



Remembrance of things past


Let us stop and look

As one towards

This everlasting sunset

Always edging to twilight

Never to reach tomorrow

Never for us to see


Let us stop and look

At dreams hoisting anchor

Sailing into the sunset

As we chase them

Through this everlasting sunset

Leaving us to go on, turning our heads to the fiery sea

Leaving us to wonder


Let us stop and look

To the fields behind us glimmering green

In the ever nearing twilight

The world’s down there

Away from the everlasting sunset

But where to go?

But where to wish?


Let us stop and look

At each other

Dressed in black


In this everlasting sunset

Why do we mourn?

Why do we look to the lands behind forlorn?


Let us stop and look

At this monument

Let us stop and look at ourselves

In remembrance of things past.



In search of lost time


I stand so strange

So selfish so arrogant so vain

Longing for something

Longing to leave it behind

But why?


So many think the same

Think they see the world for what it is


So much Less than what they see

Pyrite shimmering in imagined light

Not quartz and gold shining summer sunlight


But I still stand stumbling

Rambling, cursing backwards

Looking still

In search of lost time



Untitled (birthday poem)

This poem is for abigail, My Muse and my morningstar, happy birthday


The years

Like tears,

trickle away,

One by one they drip down

Into an ocean.


But why kneel upon the banks and weep?

This ocean of years is an ocean of memories,

An ocean of hopes and dreams,

A sea love and joy.


Every drop is a moment in life,

A moment in the river of time.

Every drop is an evanescent world,

Every drop is a drop for your time,

Give thanks, but do not mourn the passing years.


Time will pass without regard,

It stops for none,

And rarely relents the same chance twice.


So step off the banks my love,

Step off the banks and swim.

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Tue Mar 31, 2020 7:57 am
BhavyaMehta123 wrote a review...

Hi! I loved the concept of writing short poetry on different topics but regarding time. My most favorite out of the four is"Tomorrow".
My favorite lines are :
"Let us live now without a care
Until morning."
The idea of living in today is what I liked. I loved the idea and concept of all your poems.They are short, simple but at same time very effective.
As far as, grammar part is concerned I have nothing to say.I liked your thoughts.
I would love to read your future works as well.
From: Bhavya

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Thu Mar 12, 2020 4:01 pm
ZaffranGrey wrote a review...

You have a nice way of ending.

But where to go?
But where to wish?
So step off the banks my love,
Step off the banks and swim.

Besides that, I feel that the parts that really touch a reader are the more general/abstract bits as compared to visual imagery, if both are present in one piece. Keeping things indirect stokes curiosity and allows for greater scope of personal interpretation (tell all the truth but tell it slant ;))

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Sat Feb 29, 2020 3:27 am
Watermelon.sugar wrote a review...

remembrance of things past; I think it does an incredible job on reflecting on death physically or even theoretically. I took it as theoretical, as for a broken relationship. I really connected to it and I really like to read poetry like this that connects a little but hides a deeper meaning that keeps egging me on for some more. It an amazing poem.

I love all of these, their all so very cute and genuine. In a good way, cute ad in it has a deeper meaning that can be processed throughout other poems too.

When you cut pieces out of the truth to avoid looking like a fool, you end up looking like a moron instead.
— Robin Hobb