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Nightsongs: 15 nocturnes

by IamI


One Last dance my love

One last waltz in the shadows with the fireflies

To a nightbird’s concerto with the crickets

One last twirl my love, In the twilight

Through the grass near the river

One last dance my love


the nightwinds call me on

A seductress’ urging voice

Beguiling and chill

Coaxing copper leaves to twist and turn along the road

with a breathy laugh

The nightwinds call me on


To the night, I give my final song

To the night I give my sorrow

My hope, my love

My tears that sparkle in the moonlight

To the night I give my weeping voice

To the night, I give my final song


What may the night bring to me?

It chills my bones to wonder

At the stars so far away,

At the moon that watches, an icy silver eye

Through all my fear in this cold night I wonder

What may the night bring to me?


The wind, the rain, and the moon

Like leaden silver sheets

They fall, beating like needles

I walk through

alone, save for my silent companions:

The wind, the rain, and the moon


I watched the moon

Paint the oil black Sea with quicksilver

In her eyes between streaks of her black hair

We stood on the sands, swaying,

Smiling, content, careening in love, with her

I watched the moon


In this midnight

I stand, awake and alive

Chasing winds down alleyways

Hoping, laughing cheering, shouting

Living, for once, living

In this midnight


In this lotus garden of the night

I wait among the twilight trees

In between groves of silver glamoured flowers

Alone, awaiting an unarriving love,

I abide silently in this place,

In this lotus garden of the night


The winds whisper between midnight willows

They chill my weary bones

They whip around my black wrapped frame

The blinded black moon stares down, shineless

And lightless above this wood where

The winds whisper between midnight willows


This night will never end

The blazing city lights

Look on like glaring, imperious stars

Through the rain, the window, they glare

Unwondering, uncaring, unfeeling.

This night will never end


Would you walk with me my love?

In your white dress

Down this tree arched road

Hand in hand with the moon looking on

Through gaps in the branches

Would you walk with me my love?


Sometime the night will end

I know not when

This night may end

Will it?

From my balcony I can only hope

Sometime the night will end


Those sultry summernight winds

Purr and whisper down the street with me,

Brushing down my arms

I wonder

If they can hear me

Those sultry summernight winds


That ghostly falling moon

Falls upon the ocean

reaching for the sands

In coal black plumes

Streaked silver by

That ghostly falling moon


My morningstar

Your eyes spark gray

The first sparks of dawn!

You are

my hope, my heart

My morningstar

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Tue Jan 21, 2020 2:44 am
highflyer wrote a review...

Hi again! :)
I just reviewed another of your works. I'm in love with all of these, they are all so beautiful. Reading these is just mesmerizing. I just love how you use your words in these to describe things and feelings. It really draws me in as a reader to be able to understand these poems so well due to your talent for words.

Keep Writing! Your poems are fantastic, keep up the good work. :)

- Reviewed by Highflyer <<

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Tue Jan 21, 2020 1:31 am
HGsomeone wrote a review...

A hoy hoy,

All your nocturnes are very beautiful and the figurative language is enchanting. It's clever how you were able to twist the meaning of the first line so that it would mean something different when it reappeared again at the end of the poem. My favourites were, I, VII, VIII and X.

If I had to point out a downside, it would be that some lines of the verses could have ended with punctuation to aid with the flow.

But apart from that, carry on!

IamI says...

Thanks! I plan to, there%u2019s a second part I%u2019m working on called %u2018the crown of the night%u2019, it%u2019s going to be a heroic crown of sonnets, a poetic form where the ending line of each poem is the beginning line of the next, and the fifteenth poem is made out of all of the ending lines. As you can imagine it%u2019s giving me a bit of grief right now, and I%u2019ve got a few other things I%u2019m working on right now. I%u2019m glad you liked it. I%u2019ll keep the punctuation in mind, I%u2019m typically pretty sparse with that when it comes to poetry.

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