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by Avis

Maybe it’s okay that I cry
For everyone I held for even one moment
And then I lost somehow
Even if they walked away from me willingly
Knowing how much it would scar me
For life

Maybe I can live with the pain
Of knowing that I can love someone
With everything I have
But I will never be anything to them
Not worth another thought or a

Maybe it’s fine to be so broken
After all the tragedies that haunt me
Through dark days and nights
And I may never get the happy ending
That I’ve wanted and thought that I

Maybe I can find it someday
Find what I’ve been looking for
All these wandering years
Even if I’m not quite sure what I seek
Other than this sense of happiness
And peace

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Thu Jan 20, 2022 5:56 pm
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Shayna Basu wrote a review...

Hey There!!! Here for a quick review!!!!
what an emotionally rich poem !!!! It reflects on everyone's problems,anguish and misery and make them sound as hopeful ..... You might have written it down impulsively but with a profound intent of cheering people up !!! And that makes you everyone's angel... Its not easy to be challenged, deceived, heartbroken and still sound that promising and optimistic deep down ..... Your poem is a source of comfort and constant encouragement and motivation ...
Keep going and you will find your lost purpose,love and happiness soon!!!

Avis says...

Thanks for the review!

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Thu Jan 20, 2022 2:27 am
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AlmostImmortal wrote a review...

Hello, Avis! Lorde here with a short review.

This poem's subject is heart-wrenchingly beautiful—the idea of being hurt again and again and loving anyway for hope it will get better. I don't know if it was intentional, but the ending of the stanzas on one or two words is compelling. It enunciates those ideas, which gives the entire stanza a focal point. It creates a juxtaposition to the beginning, which is relatively weak. Maybe this, maybe that. And that's where this poem sings. It's the crescendo from the unsure to the punch.

I love the last stanza ending hopefully. While not every story needs a happy ending, I agree with your choice in this instance. It continues the feeling of uncertainty, that stumbling grasp for the light that is imperative to the human experience.

Thank you for sharing your work. Keep on writing.

Avis says...

Thank you so much for your insight and feedback! ^-^

Of course! It was lovely piece.

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Wed Jan 19, 2022 4:22 pm
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Maxwellisunwell wrote a review...

Hi, I'm Maxwell!

Impulsive poetry is my favorite kind to write and read because it feels the most authentic. I can relate to what this poem is about very easily because this sort of describes my entire life.

"Maybe I can find it someday" is probably my favorite line. I've always liked the idea of chance, possibilities, and maybe because at the end of the day life is uncertain. There's always hope, though, no matter what's going on, and I like how you show that in your work. It makes a sort of sad poem and adds a layer of hope and a silver lining. Keep up the good work, I'd love to see more from you!

Also, I love your Profile Picture :)


Avis says...

Hellooo, thanks for the review and I adore your profile picture too, fellow Avatar nerd!!! ^-^

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Tue Jan 18, 2022 11:10 am
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naazmemonn says...


Avis says...

Thank you!

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