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What is Happiness?

by Apehdavid2

What is happiness?

Is it an emotion of being happy?

Is it prosperity?

Is it good luck?

Is it a smile?

Is it laughter?

Is it a state of well being?

What exactly is happiness?

Can we find happiness in love?

Can we find happiness in family?

Can we find happiness in friendship?

Can we find happiness in religion?

Can we find happiness in the lab?

Do we find happiness in good?

Do we find happiness in bad?

Where in particular can I find happiness?

How do we notice happiness?

Is it in progress?

Is it in riches?

Is it in wealth?

Have we ever experienced true happiness?

Is happiness just a chemical reaction in the brain?

Is Happiness in affection?

Is it an individual perception?

Is happiness relative?

How do one tell if he/she is happy?

Is happiness a feeling or an expression?

I saw a woman dancing

Does it mean she was happy?

Should we dance to be happy?

Or rather feel happy to dance?

Are we responsible for our happiness?

Is someone else responsible for our happiness?

Viktor. E. Frankl once said happiness ensue in the dedication of ourselves to a cause greater than onself or by submission to another person.

So, happiness isn't our responsibility, we aren't in charge of our happiness?

I just have to conclude;

No one is really happy

Those you see partying all day are in actuality just mourning

True happiness is achieved inside of us and can never be reached because of the enemy within.

Even if we manage to convince ourselves we achieved happiness, it can never be expressed outside.

Happiness is not ideal

Happiness isn't real because we possibly have no way to identity it.

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Fri Apr 08, 2022 6:29 pm
BhavyaMehta123 wrote a review...

Hello there!
This has been a very interesting and a poem full of insights. A poem which is filled with many questions and has been able to intrigue my interest and is similar to questions I come across.
The poem, the simple yet deep questions you ask at every step give readers a space to think and analyze and not only this they are truly a highlight of this literary piece.
I loved how you expressed yourself and even gave your own idea and conclusion. I believe Its a contentment which can be achieved for short periods and happiness leads the way. This has been a very interesting subject.
You have done a good job. Keep Writing! Best wishes

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Apehdavid2 says...

Thanks for the comments, I appreciate.

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Fri Apr 08, 2022 6:28 pm
vampricone6783 wrote a review...

That’s a different view on what happiness is.Are you saying there is no joy in life and we’re all actually sad? Or are you saying that the light and green emotions we feel isn’t happiness,but something else? Something we can’t define? Or is it something different? What feelings do we really have? What are we really feeling? I hope you have a blessed and amazing day and night.

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Apehdavid2 says...

I have none of the answers to all these your questions.But you know the answer doesn't really matter because it's subjective the question is the only important thing.
Thank you

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Fri Apr 08, 2022 6:11 pm
Kelisot wrote a review...

I like this poetry-- it sounds like something said in slam poetry! I can agree that I could see the clear topic/subject of "happiness" throughout your poetry, and I like it. Although if I had a critique, I think the second line of "Is it an emotion of being happy?" may contradict the entire purpose of the poem, and some of the long lines that made it chunky, otherwise it's good!
Overlooking, I liked the repeated/similar phrases of lines, which isn't an easy technique (which I still struggle with lol, and I think I liked it) executed well by several writers, but matched with the purpose and the subject/topic of your poetry too!

Generally, I enjoyed reading your poem about happiness! The idea of using this rhetorical question in poetry was executed quite well for me!

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Apehdavid2 says...

Thanks alot and keep in touch more is to come.

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Fri Apr 08, 2022 1:06 pm
AriesBookworm wrote a review...

You have a very queer view of happiness and I am very intrigued by it. If we cannot identify something, is it real? Sure, some things can make us happy like candy, family, friends, or jewelry. But happiness does not stay. Eventually, we all find something to be upset about. We seem to hold onto anger, sadness, despair, and disappointment but happiness always seems to go. Happiness always seems short-lived. How do we hold onto happiness? We cannot. We cannot hold onto happiness because it takes a lot to make us happy. Everything has to go our way for us to be happy. But perhaps, if we just took a minute to breathe, we could look at things from a different angle. When things go exactly our way it means that things are not going someone else's way. Since we are all different, everyone has a different way of how things should go. Sometimes we have to do things a different way at the expense of our happiness to make other people happy instead of the other way around. And maybe, just maybe, the end result will make you happier than you would have been if things had gone exactly your way. And then, maybe we will be a little closer to holding onto happiness for a little longer.

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Apehdavid2 says...

Thanks for the comment, so happiness then is relative?

Hail Hydra
— Stan Lee