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  • Poetry » Fantasy, Lyrical
    Re: Wonderland

    Ironically I have only begun reading Alice in Wonderland this very day, And you have sold me on reading some more tomorrow. This poem strikes me as a kind of ...

    Nov 23, 2021

  • Poetry » Realistic, General
    Re: What Does it Mean to Dream

    I recall Shakespeare in a sense. A simple yet profound message. Some dreams won't come true however that dose not mean we dream in vain. Interesante abstract. "What dose it ...

    Oct 31, 2021

  • Poetry » Romantic, General
    Re: touch

    To have and Hold. This Poem is clearly about feelings of intimacy (or at least feelings of desiring intimacy). Overall I think you did a nice job capturing this emotion. ...

    Sep 17, 2021

  • Short Story » Politics, Realistic
    Re: A Letter To The Premier

    This is an important message however to be honest I feel like the medium of letters kinda makes it awkward in some areas. Like the kids letters feel a bit ...

    Sep 11, 2021

  • Poetry » Humor, Dramatic
    Re: Athena: God of Poetic Justice

    So greek mythology. Yet you are spelling god with a capital G for some reason. But honestly this is a pretty good poem. It very much feels like a new ...

    Sep 7, 2021

  • Poetry » Lyrical, General
    Re: A fighter

    Okay I will preface this by saying that I am not personally a fan of rhyme poetry, It always feels constricting to me. But this is a good poem. "Big ...

    Sep 5, 2021

  • Poetry » Lyrical, Dramatic
    Re: Poetry is Everything Never Said

    So True. Now I am noticing this trend on the YWS that people will publish photos of their poems rather than retype them at the publishing center. And I am ...

    Sep 5, 2021

  • Poetry » Romantic, Science Fiction
    Re: When the world has burned

    A Fascinating picture of the end. I find references to the threat of Climate change coupled with an almost Biblical tone regarding the end. This poem feels like someone saying ...

    Aug 21, 2021

  • Poetry » Satire, Realistic
    Re: Time Management is Extinct

    I like how the text is all in one big blurb because that visually drives the point of Time management being extinct. Almost like this was rushed itself. But I ...

    Aug 21, 2021

  • Poetry » General, General
    Re: The Glass of Soda

    A contemporary reminder of old writer. I will admit that I am not familiar with Proust's work myself but I can pick up on what a love letter this poem ...

    Aug 21, 2021

  • Poetry » Dramatic, General
    Re: Empty

    It's good. The Rhyming kinda distracted me at first but I eventually got used to it. It feels like you are using familiar things to describe an abstract emotion. There ...

    Aug 12, 2021

  • Poetry » General, General
    Re: Olympic Somonka: The Mirror

    I am reminded of Hans Christian Andersens "The Snow Queen" which featured a magic mirror that would only reflect the worst aspects of a person. I personally have not read ...

    Aug 4, 2021

  • Poetry » Realistic, Dramatic
    Re: You’re gone

    Implied suicide. You gave us a fair warning at the beginning. This poem possess al lot of Pathos and vulnerability but also a sense of uniformity. You repeat the phrase ...

    Jul 28, 2021

  • Poetry » Dramatic, Science Fiction
    Re: Broken World

    wow this is something Thought-Provoking. The description makes me recall Norse Mythology. "As the Universe shakes the dew from IT IS fur." yeah this feels like a Ragnorok. This is ...

    Jul 24, 2021

  • Short Story » Health, Narrative
    Re: Waking up.

    Mental illness is not portrayed in the media too often. You preface this story by informing people that you yourself suffer from OCD and Schizophrenia. It is good that you ...

    Jul 22, 2021

We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.
— T.S. Eliot