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What is...?

by ccwritingrainbow

What is courage?

Is it standing up and holding,

Or throwing punches and pushing?

Should it be right,

Or should it be wrong?


What is strength?

Is it breathing air,

Or holding a fist?

Should you be good,

Or should you be evil?


What is friendship?

Is it a treasure,

Or is it a nuisance?

Is he a companion,

Or is he a trophy?


What is love?

Is it from the heart,

Or is it part of a plan?

Do you want to gift her,

Or do you want to control her?


What is hope?

Do you wish to open your heart,

Or do you wish to keep it shut?

Is it fake,

Or is it you?


You decide.

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Tue Jul 15, 2014 9:09 pm
Stripeslife wrote a review...

I read this and was just like "woah". It was very good. I like things that make you think. It pretty much sent shivers down my spine when I read it. I really liked the third stanza. It was the most well put together, I think. There is one thing I think could have been done better and that was the fourth stanza. The last two lines in it weren't quite as good as the rest of the poem.

"Do you want to gift her,

Or do you want to control her?"

In these two lines, I feel like you could have used a different word besides "her" at the end. It sounds somewhat repetitive. It would have been easier to hide, or even make the stanza more enjoyable if it was like in the last two lines of the third stanza where you used "he" repetitively. The end of the line just makes the repeated words stand out too much.
Other than that, I thought this poem was really good. The topic was great. It really made me think.

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Sun Jul 13, 2014 5:47 am
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LanguidLiger wrote a review...

This poem seems to take an interesting perspective on psychology, or perhaps more appropriately, philosophy and its increasing replacement by science. All the ulterior motives for what we see as inniciocent and pure emotion are brought into question. It seems to call upon the reader to ask themselves how innocent their pursuits really are. The poem asks questions because the author sees that people are often wolves in sheeps clothing or, vice versa, sheeps in wolves clothing, and dont comprehend the full extent of their impact on others, or how others percieve them. The grammer is impecable. The structure is captivating, as question after unanswerable question is thrown at the reader. Good work. Interesting.

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Sat Jul 12, 2014 2:29 am
AdjiFlex wrote a review...

So this poem here touches on quite a number of precepts that are fundamental to reality: courage, strength, friendship, love and hope. Quite a though-provoking poem, although I sort of prefer it when poems answer difficult questions instead of ask them - which is of course more difficult to do - but hey, no pain no game they say. I have no complaints where grammar and syntax and such technicalities are concerned. I really think that you could write an anthology from this poem. You bring up very man ideas that one poem simply can't handle efficiently. Nice thought provoking poem you have here at the end of the day. Keep writing. I think I will read more of your work.

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Sat Jul 12, 2014 1:29 am
Authorian wrote a review...

Nice poem. One itsy bitsy grammar mistake. In the 'What is love' third line, put 'the' or 'a' between 'of' and 'plan'.

Besides that, I like it. I've actually thought about doing a poem along these lines for some time now. Have you been reading my mind -_-

Don't worry, my idea was different on several points. I liked the way you portray the two sides. Though the question marks on a few is a little inconsistent and weird (For me at least).

Well written, well portrayed, little hard to read in a few areas for me.


Thank you for catching that grammar mistake again. I don't know how I miss those things.

Authorian says...

I don't know how I notice them ^^;

Just luck?

Authorian says...


It's funny how I notice everything in everyone else's work but my own.

Authorian says...


Authorian says...

Just a heads up I'm nominating this for the 10,000 points contest!! (Link: 10,000 points contest ) Good luck!!

Oh, thank you so very much. I don't know what to say about that.

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