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Pokemon Ultimate Evolution Season 2: Episode 2, The Isle For Misfit Sparkers

by dark, Avidia

Warning: This work has been rated 16+ for language, violence, and mature content.

The store's lights flickered off. The faint illumination came from the moonlight outside. I kept myself awake to fend off anyone who came after Cristina. Besides some rustling sounds that echoed through the store and Cristina's breathing, everything was silent.

I backed into the desk and sat near Cristina. She slept peacefully only to stirr here and there.

I'm going to have to find her something to eat to bring her strength up incase something happens.

I crept out from under the desk and slowly walked through the store. I stayed near the desk to ensure Cristina's safety. On the shelves were all of the variety plush toys. The eyes of them seems to glow bright red in the darkness.

Something tells me I'm going to need to be weary of those toys.


"Where the hell could Ryan be? I'm pretty sure it wouldn't take him this long to deliver something. It's not like he can't move at the speed of electricity if wanted to."

"Violet, let me ask you something."

"What Indigo?"

"Why are you so anxious for him to come back?"

"T-that's none of your business why!" She yelled. Indigo held is arms up.

"Fine, fine. I was just curious." He said. "You're not the type to be private. I'm not saying thatyou like to tell everyone your business, but you usually don't hide things from me."

"Yeah, I know but..."

"It's fine, Violet. Really it's fine."

Indigo left Violet alone and went upstairs. He knocked on Magenta's door.

"Come in." She yawned from behind the door.

He slowly walked in.

"Magenta, what's up?" He asked.

"I'm just so tired. I don't know why but I am."

"That's odd, I thought most people your age had a lot more energy."

"Indy, I'm not five anymore, I'm fourteen." She said softy. "I know I'm not one to sleep a lot but that doesn't mean that I have a ton of energy all the time."

"Oh, sorry."

"Don't be, Indy. I understand why you'd be worried. I pave been in here all day."

"That leads me to my next question. Why were you in here all day?"

"Oh, I don't know. I'm just feeling weird." She groaned. "I know I told Jason I was feeling okay, but really... I feel kind of sick. Would you mind staying here for a bit just incase something is actually wrong? I think I have a fever or something."

"Sure, I'll stay with you." "This isn't good. Indigo thought. "I haven't the slightest clue what's going on.'

He sat down next to Magenta on her bed.

"Thanks, Indy."


I continued to search for something for Cristina to eat. I had to stray away from her if I was going to find something. There's was a door a few isle away. I could see a most cold mist expell from under it. I ran over to it and climbed under to the other side.

On the other side of the door was a room that seemed regular for my current size. The room had lines of shelves with food on them, cold sandwiches, candy bars and drinks lay on them. I ventured deeper into the freezing room in the back was a single bed. It had large wool sheets that could keep someone warm in a room with this tempature.

We would be safer here. I just need to bring Cristina here.

I crawledback under the door and quickly ran to back to the desk Cristina was sleeping under.

"Hey Cristina!" I whispered. "I found a safer place for us to stay."

"Unh... What?" She blinked.

"I found somewhere safer."

"Good, will you take me there?"

"Of course. Come on."

Cristina stood up but quickly dropped to her knees.

"I still don't have enough energy to walk." She said.

"It's fine I can carry you there."

I carried her in my arms to the door. We crawled under it into the cold room and I carried her to the bed. She crawled under the covers and relaxed her body.

"Thank you, Ryan." She yawned.

"Don't mention it, just get some sleep." I said stroking her hair.

"Aren't you going to sleep too?"

"Don't sorry about me, I don't really need to sleep that much. Besides, I have to stay awake to make sure you're safe from whoever runs this place."

"Thanks, that's really nice of you."

I sighed.

"I have heard that many times before... Just get some sleep okay? There's food on the shelves for you to eat."

She smiled, closed her eyes and quickly went to back to sleep. I sat on the bed next to her and watched the bottom of the door. A few hours later the lights in the store began to flick on one by one, and I could hear someone walking beyond the door.

A woman was mumbling to herself.

"Dammit." She said softly. "Where could she have gone? I said to make sure she couldn't escape!"

I heard the shrill cries of the two Dratini that were harassing Cristina when I got there.

"Don't give me that! How could someone else get in here! I sealed it off!"

The woman's voice was too quiet for me to make out who's it was. I heard her walk off, the sound of her heels slowly faded into a soft click that echoed through the store.

Cristina suddenly began stirring violently. Them she screamed as loudly as she could.

She sprang up from the bed and slammed her back against the cold, steel door.

"We... We have to- to get out of here." She stammered. Her breaths were very quick. She was going completely insane from being stuck inside of the place for so long.

I ran to her side and held her close.

"Cristina, calm down! We will get out of here and I won't let anything happen to you! Please just calm down!!"

She began to relax. Her breaths slowed down as she slid to the ground and hugged her knees against her chest.

"Ryan, I- I'm sorry..." She whispered.

"It's alright, I understand why you're acting like this, but you have to stay calm if we are ever going to get out of here. I know we will, I just know it."

"Why are you so optimistic, Ryan? I'm never that way." She said, hanging her head" I thought people in the same family have the same personalities."

"Well, it's not that I'm an optimistic person. I usually seek out the negative outcome first, but with my help we'll definetly get out of here... Wait... What did you just say?!"

"Hmm? I thought you knew. I'm sorry."

"Wait, how exactly are we related, Cristina?" I said with an extremely puzzled look.

"Don't you have those dreams too?" She said, getting to her feet. "I was told by a voice in a dream that someone named Ryan Sparker was supposedly my brother. At first I thought someone was messing with my mind or that I was hallucinating because I have been stuck in here for so long. But I guess it's true because you do actually exist."

"Well, maybe this isn't such a great time to say this, but welcome to the Sparker family..." I said, giving her another hug.

"You mean there's more than just you?"

"Probably, and I hope so too.

She let out a sigh.

"Oh, well, that's alright I guess. I hated being alone. My only conpany was two Dratini and plush toys that wanted to kill me." She said. She took a bite out of a candy bar she had grabbed off of a shelf. "Feels great to be able to eat again..."

"I'm glad you're okay, Cristina." I said, patting her on her head. "Will you be alright with me leaving for a bit?"

"You're going to look for someway for us to get out, huh?" She asked. "As long as they don't know I'm in here I'll be fine without you."

"Great!" I exclaimed. "I don't plan on being gone for long, but if I don't come back in one day, I want you to know. I love ya."

"Love you to big brother." She smiled. "Now, weren't you going somewhere?"

"Oh, you are funny."

I crawled back under the and ran towards the front of the store. The daylight finally poured in though the windows in the front. The screen door entrance spread the glare of the direct sunlight onto me as I walked toward it.

I tried pushing the door. Nothing happened.

Ugh, I can't move something this large when I'm the size of a baby Joltik... I'm going to need another way to get this door down.

I tried breaking the glass too but it was smash proof. What's it going to take the break this door?

I took a few steps back an lunged at the door with a charged fist. The door made a loud sound and vibrated violently. The glass cracked a little bit, but not enough for the door to bust.

Heh, no smash resistance can stop me. I should go get Cristina.

I quickly ran back to the steel door. Two small Caterpie dolls were infront of the door. They shook and wiggled before transforming into real Caterpie. I hid in an isle that were close to the door before they spotted me. Even thought they were Caterpie, they were still larger than me. The two tried to Willie under the door into the room where Cristina was.

While their head were under the door, I ran over to them and yanked them from under the door and tossed the into a shelf.

"Please don't hurt us anymore!" One of them screamed.


"We just want to get out of here!" The other exclaimed. "Please let us go!"

"So you were trapped here too?" I asked. "So why didn't you get shrunken down when you came in here?"

"We were turned into toys by some crazy lady! She said was going to cherish us forever and give us a nicer home. We now see that was a lie. She just uses us to chase some little girl."

"I see, what did this woman look like?"

"We'll, she's always wearing this black suit with red buttons." One said. "Oh, and one time she said that we didn't have to look at her as an old woman because she looked old but really wasn't."

"What? Oh, man. I know that woman... Donna Black." I said with a palm to my face. "I can't believe she's behind this. She must have planned for me to be sent here. I'm sorry but right now, I don't know if breaking the glass to get out of here is possible I have only cracked it."

"We can get out then, all of us!"

"Maybe. But that kind of glass will become stronger the more it's cracked. We'll have to be carful about it too, she might hear us." I told them. "Hold on you two. I'll be back."

I crawled back under the door into our little shelter. Cristina was tossing a ball made out of 20 candy bar wrappers and 15 plastic wrappers from sandwiches.

"Hey, did you find a way out?" She asked with a bored, stare.

"Meh, kind of." I answered. "Do you think you could help me with the glass on the front door? All I have been able to do so far is crack it and it's the type of glass that can become stronger the more it's damaged."

"You mean the razor glass? We won't be able to get out that way, the seal on this place gives it the illusion of being damaged."

"No, we still have a chance. My presence is disrupting the seal. That's how I was able to get in here, I think. To tell the truth, I don't know who put me in here after I blacked out, but I just know that the deal won't work with me around here."

"Hmm, that explains why the Pokemon who were turned into toys are back to normal." She exclaimed, snapping her fingers. "You really are a great person to have around."

"Uh huh... Well, come on, I'm starting to get real tired of being this size."

We crawled back under the door. There was no trace of the two Caterpie that were waiting outside.

Huh, I thought they were goning to wait here. Maybe they went to the front already...

I walked Cristina too the front on the store. While we headed there, I realized that all of the plush toys were gone from their shelves. When we got to the door, they were all released from their toy form and were waiting by the door. They each took a stab at trying to smash the glass with no luck.

"Wow, you all seem excited to get out of here. Well, I understand why."

"It's gonna be so great to be able to get outside again."

"Alright everyone come one!" I yelled. "We have to get this glass one quickly!"

We all attacked the glass at once, it began to crack more and more, until the story's lights began flickering off and the blinds shut out the light for outside.

"Everyone, hide!" Someone screamed. All of the Pokemon scrambled under the shelves. Cristina and I ran to join them.

I peered out from under the store, and saw Donna pacing by the half shaded glass with her two Dratini pets on her shoulders. They were shrunken down as well as her.

"Good, they didn't get out." She sighed. "Of all her... Dammit, why did Tracey have to send Ryan here? Alex isn't going to be too happy about this."

Alex? Hmm, I didn't think Donna would be operating from the commands of a higher power.

"Grr.. THAT'S IT!!" She snapped. "This is the last time you two are going to fail. I want you to find Those two and kill them. If you fail, you'll see what I'm going to do to you."

The two bounded off of her shoulders and grew to regular size once they hit the ground. They speedility slithered away in search of us.

"It makes me so angry the way she treats those two." Cristina whipered.

"I know but, once we get out of here, they'll be able to escape too, so don't worry about them."

Donna walked away from the glass and switched the lights back on.

"Gah, I should have went after him myself when I got the chance. Now him and that little girl are gonna get out." She grumbled. "And all of my precious toys too..."

"Come on, before she comes back." I whispered.

We continued to break down the glass. Suddenly, it began to slowly crack on his own. Instead of falling apart, the razor glass began to faded away own it's own. In its place was a floating ball of glass. The ball started vibration violent before exploding, throwing it's shards outside.

"Finally!" Cristina cheered. "Come on!" She was completely overjoyed. I was just as glad to see her this happy.

Everyone followed us outside. We ran into the brush to the next clearing.

"Well, when are we gonna grow back to normal size?"

"I don't know, but now that we're out, it should be soon."

"Man, I'm starting to feel strange." Cristina said, falling to her knees.

"You'll be fine. It's probably because you haven't been outside for such a long time and your mind has to get use to it again."

"No... I feel it too." Someone groaned.

I started to feel the same way I did before I blacked out before.

"I don't know what... What's happening." I stammered and feel no the ground alone with everyone. "Unn. Hold on, everyone. We'll be okay..."

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Sun Jul 28, 2013 8:33 am
Hannah wrote a review...

Ahhh! So exciting. I am really, REALLY loving this new season more than the last. Every episode moves forward in a plot, and you've done a lot with thinking this out. My favorite part of this episode was this quote:

"We'll, she's always wearing this black suit with red buttons."

Because that was the exact description that stuck with me from the last chapter, and come to find out it's really essential to understanding what's going on. It's a shock to realize someone in charge of a school can also be in charge of a place like this. At first, I was like "oh, she's so evil!" but then the stuffed toys said she had changed them that way because she was going to take care of them. AND somehow ALEX is in charge of this!? But Alex is Ryan's cousin!! I don't understand why he'd do something bad like this~

Wow, this chapter is so thrilling. haha.

The only thing that threw me off was Cristina suddenly recovering from being scared and kept prisoner for what seemed like a long time. Just moments after she was screaming to hear Donna Black come back to the building, she was laughing with and hugging her brother, then being BORED and making balls out of food wrappers. That was a little confusing for me, because she seemed to change personalities entirely. Maybe giving a little more time to Ryan calming her down would help with that transition.

And I'm on to the next.
Remember to PM me with questions. (:

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Wed Jul 17, 2013 11:16 pm
TwinkleStar wrote a review...

I really liked this. the action scenes hooked me to the story from the start. As I've told you before, in each chapter, I start liking Ryan's character a lot more. This was one heck of a long read but it's good that in the end everybody was able to get out other wise I'd have to wait for the next chapter. but the fun isn't over yet.

I thought they were related but I never thought those two would turn out to be brother and sister. Now the question is, how come Ryan was with only one of his siblings when all of this started? Why is it that he's never known his own family. He keeps thinking that he doesn't have parents but what if he does, what if he finds them later on?

I was seriously surprised when Cristina told him about her dream. It's one unique bond that you show between the whole family, that they see each other through dreams before actually meeting them. I like that about them. It adds more excitement. I really enjoyed how they all worked together, and what is special thing about Ryan that he was able to enter the place, also turn all the toys back to normal, I'm excited to find out more about his abilities.

As always, great chapter. Keep at it! =]

dark says...

Actually when Ryan first woke up floating in space, the eggs of his siblings were around him but he didn't pay any attention to them. Then again, after he created the world, the eggs crash landed next to him while he was sleeping but the not one he picked up was Jason's.

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Wed Jul 17, 2013 6:52 pm
Jonathan says...

I love this one. :)

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Tue Jul 16, 2013 10:09 pm
dark says...

It seems that Donna has more problems than I thought.

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