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The Harbinger Syndrome

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Wed Jul 26, 2023 1:21 pm
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Omni says...


The camps were empty tonight. The storm was closing in on Atlanta, but here, this far out, it was barely a drizzle.

Everyone crowded around the drill camp, waiting for news on the city inside the Perimeter. The air had a cooling pinch to it that gave way to small clouds of breath in the crowd. Their chests rose and fell like a wave, all barely making a noise, waiting for word on those left inside the Perimeter.

The microphone on the stage whined with feedback, and then all was calm.

“People of Fort Sundersale, thank you for your patience. It’s not much, but it’s all we have for now. I know you all want inside Atlanta and you're all anxious for news inside the Perimeter. I’m going to be the bearer of bad news here and say that we do not have the information you want. What goes on inside the Perimeter is not under my jurisdiction anymore, as the chief of police.

“The Military has taken over the jurisdiction of the city. Atlanta is under Martial Law. Anything inside the Perimeter is on immediate lockdown.” The officer looked down, “I’m so sorry.”

“What about my mom?” A teenager asked from the crowd.

“And my brother?”

“My fiance is in there! They can’t possibly lock it down like that!”

“Look, people!” The officer shouted, and the microphone whined once more. “I know this isn't the answer any of us were looking for. It's out of my hands, and it's even out of the governor's hands at this point. All we can do is wait. The police force of Atlanta and the National Guard will still be here, providing shelter, food, and water to all who have been displaced due to this. We're working with the governor to provide better accomodations, but I know some of you wish to stay as close to the city as possible. I do as well. The city stands by its citizens.”

“Isn’t there anything we can do to help?”

“As of right now, if any of us were to enter the Perimeter of Atlanta, we could be shot on sight.” The officer sighed as thunder cracked in the background. “It’s a warzone in there.”


Three months ago, a vaccine underwent a public clinical trial under the supervision of the CDC and FDA, and it sprouted a fantastic response from the patients under trial and the general public. Not only was it a new vaccine, but it was a new delivery system that would, according to the CDC, overhaul and make vaccines more effective and safer than ever before. Instead of an intravenous injection, it was a nanobot delivery system that would enter the nervous system and be transported to the certain area that the vaccine was for.

After a lot of back and forth with public consensus, the CDC and FDA approved human trials for several different vaccines. However, one nanobiozene, VAD-11, was accidentally released into the waters of Atlanta, Georgia. This was an untested and unsuitable vaccine that was projected to be a semi-permanent boost to immune systems and many of the body's various systems and muscles.

VAD-11 had an unintended and unforeseen side effect: A small amount of the people in Atlanta got the ability to manipulate certain objects and elements. As CDC began studying the first cases, this side effect was nicknamed the Harbinger Syndrome due to its capability of infiltrating even smallest parts of the body's systems and bringing along with it changes that drastically change the body. The CDC and FDA thought this to be easily handled, but they were wrong.

While the side effects to VAD-11 were not lethal, contagious, or harmful to the body, it had disastrous effects and caused mass panic in the town of Atlanta, which spread faster than any virus could. As Atlanta garnered national and international attention, the federal government stepped in.

FEDRA, or the Federal Environmental Disaster Relief Agency, stepped into Atlanta as the Governor placed the city under Martial Law. Under the direction of the CIA and FBI, the FEDRA locked down the inner city and forced all those affected with Harbinger Syndrome inside. FEDRA set up The Perimeter, a walled and highly secured perimeter around Atlanta's aptly, and ironically at this point, nicknamed Perimeter, otherwise known as Interstate 285. The area inside the Perimeter was evacuated and all those affected with Harbinger Syndrome were shoved inside the Perimeter to be quarantined by FEDRA while the CDC worked on some kind of cure to reverse the effects of VAD-11.

What was promoted as a quarantine was anything but. FEDRA issued a strict curfew after sundown that was enforced with lethal methods. FEDRA roamed the streets every night, searching for the newly deemed Harbingers who disobeyed the martial orders. Internet was cut off, electricity was limited, water supplies were rerouted to outside of the Perimeter, and no one could leave. The only ones who could enter were under FEDRA jurisdiction.

After the first week, due to the unrest of the Harbingers and their newly acquired abilities, unrest become outright rebellion. Due to the increased aggression of those quarantined, FEDRA decided to level the playing field, so to speak, and injected their soldiers with VAD-12, a subsection of VAD-11 that all but ensured they received the Harbinger Syndrome.

Fearing for their lives, the remaining Harbingers banded together to try and sieze the Perimeter to escape. However, facing the empowered forces of the FEDRA, the Harbingers were fractured and their numbers dwindled.

Here, at the present, the Harbingers are survivors and split largely into two idealogies. Some want to break into the CDC and demand a cure. The others, they want to break into the FEDRA's headquarters and spread the VAD-12 into the main water supply via a water treatment and packaging facility outside the Perimeter. Mainly, though, the Harbingers are fighting for their survival.

You are among these Harbingers. Shape your future, and the future of the world alongside you, with your choices and decisions inside the Perimeter.


As a Harbinger, you gain access to the ability to manipulate certain things. These are called Powers. You are limited to one Power, and each have their advantages and disadvantages.


Blood is perhaps the most frightening and unstable harbinger of them all, and one that not many live to use for long. This power gives a harbinger the ability to manipulate blood. Bloodshed is your ally, and most blood harbingers are known for their blood-thirst. For blood harbingers, any blood is up for grabs, even one's own blood. This means that many blood harbingers bled out from accidental over-usage of their powers.

Manipulation blood is more than just using blood after it has been shed. As a blood harbinger becomes more experienced, they can take advantage of blood inside a body. This can be used to harm or help. A blood harbinger can clot a wound, keep a heart beating, destroy clots and slow a heart down, or stop a heart from beating entirely. A blood harbinger is an extreme danger in the battlefield for everyone around.

Spoiler! :
  • Beginner: At this level, a blood harbinger can manipulate blood they see, using it as a weapon in small amounts. They can also stop blood from flowing from a wound, acting as an effective medic.
  • Intermediate: At this level, a blood harbinger is intimately aware of the blood in their own body, and can manipulate it to their advantage, increasing blood flow in certain areas at certain times or slowing their heart down when needed. They gain further control of blood that they see, being able to manipulate it from further distances.
  • Advanced: At this level, a blood harbinger is intimately aware of the blood in every body around them. With concentration, they can manipulate the blood in another person's body for either harm or help. Their manipulation of blood they can see becomes extreme.
  • Breakthrough: At this level, a blood harbinger is death incarnate, and can control life at their pleasure. They can sense blood in any area around them, even through walls. They can regenerate their own blood from others' blood, to essentially become immortal, and they can Reanimate vessels with enough blood.

  • Strong Vs: All
  • Weak Vs: Vines, Pheromones


Concrete is the power of stability and sturdiness. Those who can create an manipulate concrete focus on what is know and what is right in front of them -- which is usually concrete.

To a degree concrete wielders can manipulate any kind of stone and lighter metals, but their specialty, what comes naturally to them, is concrete. To make concrete, one needs a source. A combination of dirt and stone, aluminum, or plastic, although dirt and stone is easiest. Harbinged concrete is noticeable by honeycomb-like lattices throughout the structure.

Spoiler! :
  • Beginner: small concrete structures, broad concrete manipulation. Can create using dirt, water, and stone.
  • Intermediate: medium concrete structures with complexity. Can manipulate concrete at further distances. Can find weaknesses in other harbinged concrete structures. Can form concrete from dirt, water, stone, and light metals.
  • Advanced: Large structures, extreme complexity. With effort, can destroy harbinged concrete. Can form concrete out of water, dirt, metals, plastics, and can redirect opposing harbinged concrete attacks. Can manipulate liquid concrete as a sub-specialty.
  • Breakthrough: Can mask harbinged markers in concrete. Can create concrete through water and minute molecules in the air, and from almost anything. Can strengthen concrete to near indestructible hardness. Can manipulate concrete from extreme distances.

  • Strong Vs: Smoke, Neon, Lightning
  • Weak Vs: Sand, Lava


Ice is the power over one of life's main components. Ice harbingers can alter and manipulate the temperature of water to bring it to a boil or crash it to a freezing temperature. However, their true specialization is with frozen water. In that solid state, ice harbingers can freely manipulate water as if it is an extension of themselves.

For most ice harbingers, one must need a water source to use their power. The larger the water source, the easier it is that an ice harbinger can manipulate it. For most of ice harbingers, it is far easier to manipulate smaller pieces of ice than larger chunks of it. Unlike, say, concrete, ice rewards precision and accurate manipulations rather than large scale manipulation. During the entire manipulation process, ice harbingers struggle with the natural process of water going to its natural temperature in the area, which, in most cases, is liquid.

Spoiler! :
  • Beginner: For beginners, ice is most easily manipulated in small amounts of snow or short periods of ice. Manipulating temperature, at least decreasing temperature to freezing, is something that can be done.
  • Intermediate: At this level, ice harbingers can increase water temperature to unfreeze at will, creating combos with ice and water. One has better control over ice, and can create intricately detailed ice sculptures. Snow becomes easier to create and in larger volumes.
  • Advanced: At this level, ice harbingers can now increase the temperature of water to a boiling point, with some concentration. Even the smallest amounts of water can be an ice harbinger's tool. They can pull water from condensation in the air itself.
  • Breakthrough: Ice harbingers become terrors of weather, using temperature manipulation to create storms, blizzards, and can manipulate the the temperature of water with such precision that they can freeze or boil the blood in a person's body. Snowstorms are ice harbinger's playthings, and they can control ice enough to be a fearsome fighter in any duel.
  • Strong Vs: Sand, Vines
  • Weak Vs: Lava, Lightning, Neon


Slow, endless, and devastating, lava manipulation allows for pure destruction. Lava is the opposite side of destruction from lightning. Lava is imprecise, stable, and all but unstoppable. Lava does not discriminate. Either stay out of its way, or get stuck in the path of destruction.

Lava is not an ability that requires precision, but it does require extreme concentration. Lava requires deconstruction and immense amounts of energy poured into tough solids, like stones and metals. Be careless enough, and a lava harbinger might just melt themself before they can create any substantial enough magma to manipulate.

Once created, though, lava is hard to stop except by the harbinger themself.

Spoiler! :
  • Beginner: At this level, lava harbingers can destroy earth and stone to create small pockets of lava. Lava manipulation itself is minimal and not precise, relying on large and indiscriminate destruction rather than delicate and precise attacks.
  • Intermediate: At this level, lava harbingers can destroy man-made structures including cement, concrete, and metals. Manipulating lava itself is now easier and can be done on a larger scale, and with more precision.
  • Advanced: At this level, lava harbingers can re-harden their lava at will and their manipulation can be done on a scale large enough to destroy buildings.
  • Breakthrough: Frequent hardening and magmafying of lava at a large scale can create quakes in the earth. At this level, lava harbingers are a catastrophic power.

  • Strong Vs: Ice, Concrete, Vines
  • Weak Vs: Neon, Lightning


Lightning is the power of manipulating energy, in far stronger aspects than other powers. Fast, strong, and unpredictable, a lightning harbinger uses energy to to course lightning from one area to another, usually from themself to something else.

Care for yourself, though, for lightning is the most energy intensive power. Lightning harbingers draw energy from sources to create a spark, which is how they begin their power. Sparks keep only so much energy to be used, and once a spark has been used, then lightning will draw energy from the nearest and largest power source. Usually, that's the harbinger themself. If a lightning harbinger is not careful enough, then they will burn themself out.

Spoiler! :
  • Beginner: Can carry spark from traditional power sources with enough power to create a small lightning arc, branching from oneself.
  • Intermediate: Can carry a larger spark from heat and living energy, enough to power a small lightning storm, and can arc lightning to multiple sources.
  • Advanced: Can carry multiple sparks and use friction energy and energy from other harbinged powers to create multiple different lightning arcs from spontaneous sources.
  • Breakthrough: Can become a spark of lightning energy for a brief period of time, allowing near instantaneous travel and destructive power. Anyone near this reaction is instantly seared.

  • Strong Vs: Ice, Lava
  • Weak Vs: Sand, Concrete, Neon


Neon is the power to make the intangible tangible. To bend light and color to your will, to create powerful manipulations out of nothing but light. Powerful neon users can use their tools for a high variety of different things.

For neon harbingers, light and color are all that they need. To start with, a neon harbinger needs a base of light. A reflection, a light source, a shine, and for those who are the most adept, some can activate neon powers through energy itself, not just light.

With a light source, a neon harbinger absorbs color. Their abilities change depending on the color absorbed. Absorbing the color drains it and the light. Neon users can only use their powers as long as there is still light to absorb. In complete darkness, most neon harbingers are useless. Once a neon harbinger harnesses their color, their power changes:

Orange: Heat
Blue: Cold
Green: Healing
Red: Harm
Yellow: Time Dilation -- Speed Up
Purple: Time Dilation -- Slow Down

Neon harbingers can also use neon generally, as power or a light source. They can also drain the light and hold the power in themselves.

Spoiler! :
  • Beginner: Can use a light source and absorb the orange, blue, green, and red from what light shines on to the associated effects. Can control minute amounts of light at once.
  • Intermediate: Can absorb yellows and purples now. Can strengthen light and dim light or remove light sources entirely. Color effects are stronger and more stable.
  • Advanced: A neon harbinger can create light from energy within and energy itself. Friction is most preferred. Yellow and purple powers are strengthened and light effects are stronger with more light in general. A neon harbinger can combine all forms of color powers to create a powerful blast of just light energy.
  • Breakthrough: A neon harbinger can harden all forms of light to create constructs of their own making.

  • Strong Vs: Lightning, Ice, Lava
  • Weak Vs: Smoke, Concrete


Pheromones are silent weapons, and pheromone harbingers are silent assassins. There's nothing flashy about this power, but that doesn't make it any less deadly than the other harbinger powers. Pheromones are an unseen force, and a pheromone harbinger manipulates those unseen forces. These harbingers can use pheromones to make people more likely to like them, more likely to seem approachable, or more likely to be less seen by those not paying enough attention.

That, though, is just the beginning. Pheromones work on more than just humans...

Spoiler! :
  • Beginner: At this level, pheromone harbingers can manipulate their own pheromones to influence those around them. They can also manipulate pheromones enough to attract insects to a location.
  • Intermediate: At this level, pheromone harbingers can manipulate the pheromones of anyone they can see for a small period of times. They have further control over insects and can attract/dissuade small animals with pheromones.
  • Advanced: Pheromone harbingers can affect large areas with their powers at this level. They have intimate control over insects at this level.
  • Breakthrough: With enough power and concentration, pheromone harbingers can become a master of beasts. This is not control over the mind, this is control over the senses.

    • Strong Vs: Blood, Vines
    • Weak Vs: Smoke, Sand


Sand flows through fights with ease, having both strength and fragility. With practice, one can create glass with their sand for quick duels. Effective at fights, it doesn't have much strength, and cannot be formed back to sand. What sand lacks in their offensive capabilities, it more than makes up for utility and all around power.

Sand harbingers can break down the earth to make sand out of most any naturally forming formation, whether it be stone, gravel, clay, or even packed earth. With effort, sand can be created from harbinged concrete and man-made structures with cement and metals.

Sand itself is deceptively difficult to concrete, especially at large amounts. For most sand harbingers, it's far easier to manipulate small amounts of sand as a weapon rather than larger amounts of sand.

Spoiler! :
  • Beginner: Can break down earth, clay, and gravel to minute enough particles for sand manipulation. Can manipulate sand preciesly enough for small scale attacks, and can manipulate a small amount of matter in a small amount of area around them.
  • Intermediate: Can break down stones to sand and refine the sand particles to sharpen or flatten, allowing more variety of attacks. Can reform sand with energy into glass, although cannot manipulate it once it becomes glass.
  • Advanced: Can manipulate enough sand to create sandstorms with enough energy to destroy buildings. Can break down harbinged creations, like concrete, to minute enough matter that it can only be manipulated by a sand harbinger.
  • Breakthrough: Can break down any man-made or natural material into fine enough matter for sand. Can create sandstorms that alter weather patterns.

  • Strong Vs: Concrete, Lightning, Pheromones
  • Weak Vs: Ice, Vines


Fire is destruction, but smoke is deception. A single flame can draw out enough smoke to smother, and a campfire can black out the sky. A smoke harbinger can manipulate that harsher elements in the atmosphere to their advantage.

For smoke harbingers, their easiest way of power is through the smoke from a fire. But smoke harbingers can manipulate smog, thick vapors, and, to a point, fogs. Smoke manipulation can be widespread movement or thin, fluid like behaviors. With enough power, smoke harbingers can manipulate air itself, and create smoke with no fire needed.

Spoiler! :
  • Beginner: Can draw out smoke from fire and manipulate it like a fluid in a small area around the harbinger. At this point, smoke is mostly harmless besides being a good utility and limiting breathing.
  • Intermediate: At this level, smoke becomes easier to draw out from more natural causes, like smog or thicker vapors. Can manipulate larger volumes of smoke in a larger area around the person. Smoke becomes easier to use and, with high force, can pack quite a punch.
  • Advanced: At this level, can remove the harsher chemicals from the air around to densify smoke. Innately aware of any smoke around them, even through walls, and can create smoke in any area within viewing distance.
  • Breakthrough: Intimate knowledge and manipulation of all air particles, with the capability to manipulate it to dangerous levels for humanity and the climate.

  • Strong Vs: Pheromones, Neon
  • Weak Vs: Concrete, Ice, Vines


One of the more unique powers, the harbinger ability of controlling vines is a special one. Unbeknownst to scientists whether or not vines and plants had a "mind" before the harbinger power unlocked access to it or it was created as a sort of peculiar side effect of the harbinger virus in the general water population. Regardless, vine harbingers can tap into this mindspace and use it to control them.

Be careful, though, for dealing with vines is no simple trick. No matter the speculations on the mindspace of vines, it is real enough to alter one's own mindspace if they are not careful enough.

Vines are a powerful but delicate ability, and not one to underestimate.

Spoiler! :
  • Beginner: At this level, vine harbingers can tap into vines and guide them and control them for simple tasks.
  • Intermediate: At this level, vine harbingers can tap into vines and other plants. They can see through vines as a sort of secondary vision, and can control vines if vines agree to it.
  • Advanced: At this level, vine harbingers are able to create bonds with vines and give them instructions to do without directly controlling them.
  • Breakthrough: Can tap into all of nature, including trees, grass, and mushrooms. There is not much that is not under the control of a vine harbinger, and little they do not see.

  • Strong Vs: Sand, Smoke, Blood
  • Weak Vs: Pheromones, Lava, Ice


Character List
  1. Darien Garcia - Vines
  2. Reserved by SilverNight - Blood
  3. Ilya Bowe - Smoke
  4. Eve Arellano - AceassinoftheMoon - Neon
  5. Reserved by KocoCoko - Fallout
  6. Reserved by winterwolf0100 - Concrete
  7. Onyx Cumulonimbus - Lightning
  8. Orange - Sand
  9. Roshan Singh - Lava
  10. Eliot Sawyers - Ice
  11. Ainsley Dean - Sand
  12. Reserved by WeepingWisteria - Pheromones
  13. Reserved by KateHardy - Ice

More spots available upon request

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