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  • I think I might try to post something before review... the question is: what? No promises, though

  • Uhh I meant to give this heads up a month ago but um its finals season so I uh,, I've gotta return to my crypt now I'll be back in June

    tatteredbones See you
    May 25, 2023

  • Does anyone else just have some tropes/character types that just peeve them off for no reason?
    Mine is werewolves. They just give me the ick. For as much as I love vampires and demons and witches... I just can't stand the idea of werewolves. Like, furries are great, dogs are great, people are great, but someone just like... turning into a humanoid wolf temporarily and howling at the moon and being full on dog? No thank you. And yet I have friends who are very into the furry fandom and I love them! Maybe because it's more cartoony and artistic then the traditional and/or Twilight werewolves?

  • People say that Monopoly brings out the worst in people.

    May I propose:

    Now, to wait on my final grade... the best (most stressful) part

    KocoCoko AND! I did every single assignment! Not one was missing (unlike last year french 1 where I had like 20+ and scraped by with an 79 in the biggest comeback I've ever pulled off but shh we dont talk about that)
    May 13, 2023

    Quillfeather The things you described in your reply were so me last year I went to fs to a few As and Bs because I was so behind in work and that was probably the worst school time ever and I bearly slept

    But CONGRATS that's an amazing accomplishment!!

    May 13, 2023

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  • Calamity and Her Whims, Chapter 1

    Ah! An new work posted from Koco? What an odd occurrence!

  • Current favorite tropes:

    Kids who hate each othet yet coexist

    Little girl and her big scary monster friend. And I mean Elderitch beast monster not some yo gabba gabba stuff

  • Hey there, anybody who's around me frequently. Can I have some stuff on YWS you read recently that you think I'd really like? I'm kind of at a motivation slump when it comes to reviewing, so maybe a recommendation with a little summary would help :)

  • So uh
    Been a little busy lately because guys who's working tech and lights for their school musical :D
    (We're putting on the addams family its coming along really good)

  • I'm considering joining the next LMS... but I also have no idea what I'd even start a project on. Too many ideas float by sometimes, you know? Oh well, at least I have some time

  • hm... since I've been talking about sci-fi a lot, lately...
    a story about kids navigating a post-civil war planet together? trying to go back to school pretending everything is normal when actually a part of their home world is destroyed?
    Just a thought

    Horisun If you write it, I’ll read it!
    Apr 24, 2023

    KocoCoko Good to know! I already have 3 pages done lol
    Apr 24, 2023

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  • I hate being shy. People think it goes away on the internet but NO now I see MORE COOL PEOPLE who I'm ALSO too nervous to talk to

    Quillfeather I have spent my life being shy. And I am finally trying to get control of my social anxiety. So let's work on this together. So what if you talk to them?
    You either become great friends, you become good acquaintances. These are both the most likely outcomes. And this is very unlikely but maybe they will dislike you. So what? Life is too short to worry about the people who don't let us be who we really are. If someone decides not to like you, too bad for them. You're an amazing person and there's other people out there for you. So go make some friends while you can! :)

    Apr 24, 2023

    KocoCoko Honestly did not expect such an encouraging and positive response, so thank you!
    I think my main problem is anxiety piled with other neurological issues. Aspergers can be a pain haha.
    So, might as well try it, right?
    Hi! How are you?

    Apr 24, 2023

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  • For as much as I love sci-fi, I don't exactly write much of it. I dunno why... Maybe I just don't find the fun in writing the cool fancy tech weapons like I do in reading about them. Hm... Maybe I'll do some writing practice sometime soon

I would be a terrible novel protagonist.
— mellifera