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YWS Support Email & New Account Activation

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Sat Jun 11, 2022 7:34 pm
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Big Brother says...

Updates on YWS Support Email & New Account Activation (June 2022)

Hi YWSers!
Due to some technical issues behind the scenes, YWS's old support email is not currently up and running. This means some users are finding themselves locked out of their accounts when they change their settings because they are not able to receive an email from our old support account.

So to avoid that issue in the meantime please follow the instructions below:

If you have a moderating question, concern, or want to report something please click the "Contact Mods" button at the top of the screen or contact a moderator with a dark green or light green username. Please do not use the tag (@) symbol when writing your report / question.

If you would like to change your password, email, or username associated with your account you will need to let a global moderator know via PM or send an email to youngwriterssociety.com@gmail.com...

If you get locked out of your account please email youngwriterssociety.com@gmail.com... or ask a friend to message a global moderator.

Also if you or a friend are over 12 years old and want to create an account on YWS you may do so by registering your account and sending a confirmation of registration email to youngwriterssociety.com@gmail.com. along with your account username, after which a global moderator will review your registration information and activate your account. Your patience is appreciated in this!

If you have any questions please post below.

- BB

View a list of current YWS Moderating Team Members Here

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