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Siren’s Desire-Part Four

by vampricone6783

*Part four of my series “Siren’s Desire”. You can read the rest of the stories under my folder “Siren’s Desire”. Gacha Club character designs are on my wall. Enjoy!*

It had been a good stretch of minutes since Lorelei left Eunice at the island. She was holding Israfel’s hand, her complete trust in him.

The sun was starting to set on the horizon. The sea was a constant rolling of waves, cool and whooshing. Her nightgown stuck on her feeble skin. How easily Israfel could tear her apart if her wanted to, with those sharp, deadly claws.

Images fell into Lorelei’s mind like a perfect story:

A ship full of many people, royalty and known, each with glasses that clinked and eyes that shone.

But no eyes were brighter than that of the girl with sparkling green eyes.

She swished and swayed in her light blue gown, blond hair curled. She was carefree, dimples on her face.

A boy in the water sang to her. He had long, silver hair that seemed to be made of the moon. He was gaunt and pale, beautiful in a dead way. His eyes were a darkened green, framed by black lashes.

The soundfrequencies flew out of his mouth in waves greater than the ocean’s, right to the ship.

It rocked side to side on the water. Everyone on the boat screamed and held on desperately to anything they could.

But the girl only rushed to the outside of the ship, pleading in a shaking voice:

“Israfel, stop! Let us go! Please?!”

The boy did not cease his song. He held out his arms as if to embrace. The girl lost her balance and fell into them. He opened his mouth, revealing sharp, jagged teeth.

He started to eat her face, blood decorating the murky water. The ship sank hopelessly to the bottom, taking the humans trapped inside with it.

As quickly as it came, Lorelei was shot back into reality. Israfel still held on her hand, the sky was alight with night stars.

“A Princess fair lies here, Princess Magdalena Winston with curled blond hair.” Israfel sing-sang in his lilting voice.

Lorelei swallowed hard. She knew who he was talking about. The girl from the boat, that was her ancestor. Magdalena Winston lay at the bottom of the ocean.

If they wanted to stop the world from flooding, they had to keep going.


“Stay and wait, I will save.” Israfel said. He let go of Lorelei’s hand and swam away, far away.

Why was he leaving her? He didn’t leave her when he was getting Eunice. How many miles was Lorelei from home? Did anyone miss her? Her friends? Her family?

Lorelei took a deep breath. She had to stop thinking so much, she’d go insane. She was doing it for humanity, so the entire world wouldn’t be an ocean. She was also doing it for the thrill of an adventure with a siren, with the thought that she’d die any moment to a boy with unearthly beauty.

Do you want to fall in love? Are you here for selfish reasons?

No, no she wasn’t. Lorelei just wanted to help people, was it a crime to have a small fluttering feeling with Israfel? It wasn’t like he noticed and it wasn’t like she’d tell him.

A few minutes later, Israfel broke out of the water, holding a young girl in his arms, only half rotting.

“Even in death, Magdalena is still a Princess. I shall let her rest in an island until we find them. Stay, dearest Lorelei, it will only be a few minutes.” He said.

And then, he did a thing Lorelei never forgot.

He placed one hand on her cheek lovingly, his eyes were wide and searching her soul, fanned by black lashes. Cold sparks flew through her veins, colder than the ocean. He held it for a good fifteen minutes before abruptly letting go, Magdalena in his arms.

When Israfel was gone, Lorelei felt the emptiness of the sea and the sky descend upon her, swallow her whole. How long would he be gone? He’d said that he would come back. She didn’t know the ocean like he did, so easily she could get lost. How many bodies had died in the water? How many spirits were trapped, grasping at the thin, gauzy edges of the ocean?

Was it just Lorelei’s overthinking mind or was the water getting higher?

No, it wasn’t her mind. It was reaching her neck, about to submerge her.

“Israfel!” Lorelei called out in a gargled voice before the wave swallowed her whole.

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Sat Oct 28, 2023 8:13 pm
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AmayaStatham wrote a review...

Trick or Write, curious mind!

Rinisha here, ready to dive into the pages of this eerie story. 🤡!

Buckle up, 'cause we're diving into my haunting magic! 🎃


First of all, let's talk about the fang-tastic parts that are really witch-approved!

I reviewed one of the first parts of this story, but God, this is so cool. I love the backstory. You did a great job putting it in italics, it makes things much clearer.

To get some things straight, both Lorelei and her ancestor Magdalena fell in love with Israfel. Israfel met Magdalena and ate her and then left her at the bottom of the ocean.

No offence, but how could Lorelei still fall in love with him? He's a cold murderer, but I get it.

He feels lonely and wants to be normal again. Having feelings and emotions, I am glad that he decided to help Lorelei and that they are going to bury Magdalena.

This is a great story, definitely worth continuing. Great cliffhanger at the end, I really hope Lorelei doesn't drown or die yet, I need to read some more before she can die. No offence, this is meant in a good way. I am so ready for a big twist where Lorelei gets killed later in the story near the end or Lorelei breaks Israfel's heart. I wonder what will happen next…

Have a boo-tiful day or night further! Keep writing! You are spook-takular!


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Tue Oct 24, 2023 4:28 pm
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yourlocalsatanist wrote a review...

This is a good book part 4 is amazing I hope to stick around for more parts. The book seems really interesting and it has a really good topic. I love the characters and their names are amazing you seem very creative with the book and the character's names. The names are very unique. I love the ending where its kinda a cliff hanger, it makes the reader want to read more. This book is once again really good and all the effort you put into definitely was worth it and I hope you think so too. keep up the good work I hope to see more of this book later on! -Max...

vampricone6783 says...

You can read the other parts under my folder %u201CSiren%u2019s Desire%u201D if you want.

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— Aristotle