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Fonts Have Stories Too

by sheysse

Everyone uses fonts, but you never get to know them. You just let them spice up your writing without so much as a thank you. When was the last time you even questioned a font? It's the least you could do.

But don't worry. I have you covered. Here is everything about the personal lives of fonts on Young Writer's Society that you'll need to know. That is, if you want the fonts to like you. And trust me when I say a writer wants the fonts to like them.

This is Header 1.

He likes attention. He also has a habit of drawing the attention of people to him, which is great for titles. He has a somewhat dry personality, and is only all that great in small quantities (Though he'll say otherwise). Header 1, though seems cold and unloving, has raised his four siblings without parents, and his love for them is unrivaled.

This is Header 2.

She is Header 1's oldest sibling, and the one who has helped him raise his other siblings. She too can draw attention, but she and Header 1 don't go well together. They argue often, and should never be put on the same line. Despite her habit to snap at Header 1, they love each other greatly.

This is Header 3.

Header 3 is the odd ball of the family. He works well in moderation, like his siblings. However, he is the only who prefers to be completely in caps lock, so many look down on him for that. He is brave, though, and is unafraid of what society tells him. He is also the only one who is underlined, further giving him personality.

This is Header 4.

She hates it, but she is often mistaken for emboldened print. As expected, she and Bold don't get along. Header 4 has a very, er, touchy personality. It is for this reason that she is often overlooked (and cause people think she is Bold. Don't tell her I said that). She gets less attention than her siblings, save one, but doesn't let it stop her from being proud of herself.

This is Header 5.

Header 5 is the youngest, and is at that point where she doesn't really care about much. She barely notices that she looks more like Bold than Header 4 does, but if she did, I doubt she'd care. She is almost never used, and thus she remains an innocent child with no responsibilities.

We couldn't get Quote to come. She doesn't like to appear for things like this. Sorry.

Quote is essentially italics, but meant only for the use of quoting things. She is very unoriginal, and joins in on trends right after they start. Many people criticize her for copying people, but she stays low so that no one notices her. She is easily offended, making her stay away from most people.

This is Bold.

Bold is strong, and he makes sure people know it. He puts emphasis on anything, even things that don't need it. Bold is pretty much clueless, and lets others do the thinking for him. He's okay with me saying that, because he doesn't actually know what it means.

This is Italics.

Italics puts emphasis on things, like her cousin Bold. However, she does it in a more dainty, perhaps even regal way. She gets much more respect than Bold, probably because of her intellect. She and Bold do not get along at all (see what I did there?), but Bold is too oblivious to understand why. By the way, the reason is because they do the same things, and Italics is naturally competitive.

This is Cross Out.

Cross Out has no self confidence, and is often redoing things because he doesn't believe they're satisfying to people. He thinks no one really likes him, and that he needs to do better. What he doesn't realize is that writers love to use him, because he can get a point across easily of provide humor.

This is Normal Text. Me.

Yep, that's me. Just plain, Normal Text. I'm everywhere, acknowledged nowhere. Not that I care. I just love to be the most used font. Though a quick thanks would be pretty nice. I'm universal, and very well known. I also function as the spokesperson for fonts, I guess, since I'm the only one a writer would listen to. I personally didn't think anyone would, actually, but I was wrong, cause you're reading this. Huh. I'll have to keep that in mind.

Well, there you have it. We are the fonts. Try to think of us when you use us, rather than just take advantage of us. And, hey, maybe thank us from time to time.

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Sat Jul 18, 2020 8:55 pm
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Rosewood wrote a review...

I have always considered numbers and letters to have a personality of their own, (which helps me in math for whatever reason), and this was actually quite refreshing to read, especially since you did an excellent job in humanizing them. The different personalities you gave to the fonts, either shows you put effort into deciding which belongs to "who", or you really enjoy writing and it came naturally. That probably also came from the fact you had a great vocabulary in adjectives. In my opinion, they were perfect.

If you're up for a little criticism, I would have to say you used a few misplaced commas, (mainly in the second half). I only know because I'm guilty of it too! (You most likely can tell)

sheysse says...

Thank you!

sheysse says...

Thank you!

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Fri Aug 04, 2017 12:15 am
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IvoryRose wrote a review...

IvoryRose is back again on another review spree. Probably, due to my utter lack of motivation to write. *yay* It was a very humorous short story, although I would put it under humor or satire. I don’t know if it’s just me,you do you. I like how normal text acknowledges the reader directly. Not many stories do that and it’s a small detail I appreciate. I did not find any major grammar mistakes because they are a normal part of writing, so usually I point out the ones most noticeable. Overall, great story. :)

sheysse says...

Thanks for the review! Glad you enjoyed!

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Tue Feb 14, 2017 8:00 pm
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Moraca101 wrote a review...

First of all, I love the idea. I'm sorry that you couldn't post the original work. This was VERY entertaining. I never thought to giving formatting options a personality. My favorite would have to be Quote. I connect with her on a spiritual level.

There is a slight typo at the end of Cross Out. "Because he can get a point across easily of provide humor." I'm assuming you meant to put "or provide humor." If you want to go back and fix it, you might do it by crossing out the wrong word and adding the correct word to keep with the theme of the piece.

The voice of the piece is superb. I love it when I can hear the author in my head.

~Sin-cereal-ly Moraca101

sheysse says...

Thanks for the review! Glad you caught that typo.

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Mon Feb 13, 2017 1:20 am
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Sonder says...

Cute piece! I've seen your response to other people about your original fonts piece and one thing you could do is take a screenshot of your piece and post it here. That's what I do when I don't have a piece compatible with YWS. :) Just a helpful tip! Thanks for sharing this!

sheysse says...

Thanks for the idea, but sadly I directly modified the original into this without saving the previous version. Woops.

Sonder says...

Aw, that stinks! :/ It's a good idea for any future formatting-based pieces though!

sheysse says...

Yeah, thanks!

Sonder says...

No prob! :)

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Sun Feb 12, 2017 11:53 pm
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Werthan wrote a review...

That's nice, but those are formatting options, not fonts. This is a font family: http://www.1001fonts.com/wieynk-fraktur-font.html and each of the different lines is a font. Arial and Times New Roman are default fonts that are found almost everywhere. This can be nothing other than an anti-font disinformation piece to try to make sure everyone only uses Calibri for the rest of time.

sheysse says...

I had originally written this for fonts, actual fonts, but I was unable to upload the piece to YWS because of the writing software I use not being compatible. So, I could only copy paste, which changed the entire piece to Calibri. My solution was to change it to formatting options. I felt changing the name would lose the original feel for the piece, so I didn't.

Once I get software compatible with YWS, I'll write this over for actual fonts.

Werthan says...


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Sun Feb 12, 2017 10:52 am
currye0 wrote a review...

i doubt there is much i can say that you haven't already heard but i thought i would add my two cents worth because i really enjoyed reading this. I found that the writer was having a lot of fun while writing every one of these descriptions and it shows weather or not that was intentional i don't think i'll ever find out. But it was fun none the less and i do wan't to give credit to the writer of this story for making something that most people look over in an every day setting and enfranchise how fun it could be if we saw it in a different light i've seen this done and this writer really knows what he is doing. This isn't much of a review as it is telling people that i enjoyed the story presented, but sometimes that's all that reviews are. So that was my two cents take it with a grain of salt.

sheysse says...

Thank you for the review, and welcome to the site!

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Sun Feb 12, 2017 6:38 am
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Lightsong says...

This is humorous! I like how the font (thought I'm not sure it's really font you're talking here...) become people. :D

A bit disappointed though, because when I read the title, I expected to meet Times New Roman, Georgiana, Calibri, etc. >.>

sheysse says...

I had wanted to do that too, but it wasn't letting me upload a document to the publishing center. In other words, I could only copy paste, and copy paste doesn't save fonts. In the future, when I figure out how to upload docs directly, I'll probably write another. But I'm,glad you still enjoyed!

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Sun Feb 12, 2017 3:36 am
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Carlito wrote a review...

Hey there! Haha I'm not sure why you made this either, but I love it! :P Where did this idea come from? Were you perusing Lumi's Big Book of YWS Codes and thinking way too much about them or what? ;) I never would have thought to personify different font types and now you've messed with my brain. Congratulations :p

I'm not going to get super in-depth about nit-picky things because I don't feel like that's what you're looking for here. Instead, I'm going to talk a little bit about how you've executed your idea.

I thought all of the personalities you came up with for the different fonts made sense and fit in with what the font looks like. I was a little confused about the overall family structure and how each of these fonts fits into the family you've created here. I lost track of who is a sibling and who likes who and where the parents are. Do they all have to be related? Is there a way to simplify how you explain the family structure?

You also say "Here is everything about the personal lives of fonts on Young Writer's Society that you'll need to know." but there wasn't a ton (hey Italics :p) of information about each font - it was just their basic personality and how they fit into the family. I would be curious to know more about them. What about their likes/interests, talents, favorites, wishes and desires? I would also be curious to see how the different fonts communicate with one another? What happens when you have an overzealous writer using many of them in a piece? What if Bold is used, but Italics thinks she should be used instead. Just a few thoughts in case you ever decide to expand ;) And what about Underline, Tiny, Small, Bebas, Marquee, Spoiler, and some of the other font styles mentioned in the Book of Code? I hope they don't feel left out!!

Overall a fun piece!! I don't think you were looking for a crazy in-depth review so I'll leave things there, but let me know if you want me to comment on something I didn't already mention or if you have any questions! :D

sheysse says...

Thanks for the review! I'll probably be writing more to expand upon this idea. :)

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Sat Feb 11, 2017 9:20 pm
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DrLavender wrote a review...

Hi Sheyren! I thought this was an extremely unique piece. I love personification, so to see it applied with fonts is fascinating! I have a few notes here, and I'm adding more as I read this in here.

Its the least you could do.

You'll want to use "it's" instead of "its" in this case. "It's" means it is, and "Its" shows possession.

He has a somewhat dry personality, and is only all that great in small quantities (Though he'll say otherwise).

Okay so, only two remarks on this one. I would omit the words "all that"; I feel it would allow the sentence to flow easier. One thing which my English teacher taught me was often when we use the word "that", if we were to remove it, the sentence would keep the intended meaning. It's one of the words which can lead to redundancy. Also, when you "Though", I don't think you'll need to capitalize it since it does not begin a sentence nor is it a proper noun.

He is brave, though, and is unafraid of what society tells him.

For this sentence, I'd personally rephrase it as "However, he is brave and is unafraid of what society tells him". The word "though" makes it sound a bit awkward, at least in my opinion. If you were to keep it, which would be completely fine, at least consider removing the comma between brave and though.

Header 4 has a very, er, touchy personality.

I say this more as a remark rather than a suggestion, but using the phrase "er" just seems a bit inconsistent with the rest of the text. You make the rest of it flow really well and with complete thoughts, where as with this, you pause for a moment and seem to think. If that was your intention, I completely understand. I just wanted to make a quick note of it though.

but Bold is too oblivious to understand why,.

I'd change the ",." to just a period.

We're are the fonts.

"We're" and "we are" mean the same thing, so when you say "we're are", you're saying "we are are". I'd recommend on omitting the "are".

Overall, I loved this! This was fun, creative, unique, and most importantly original! I've never seen anything like this before and had a lot of good laughs reading over it. I must say, I'm probably gonna keep these personalities in mind as I type out my stories and essays! Thank you for sharing!

sheysse says...

Thank you for the review!

DrLavender says...

My pleasure!

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