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Miscellaneous short poems

by mordax

Hey there! I found these short poems lounging around and I thought they were too short for their own posts, so here you go:

Poet's rehab:

I have a small confession
I've fallen into obsession
This poetry
I'm woefully
With a literary infection

Limericks for Dummies:

There is something lacking
In my head, brain slacking
I fear my mind
It's one of a kind
The kind that's had too much whacking

Hypocrisy of Man:

"Be yourself," they say
Yet judge, themselves formed of clay
Paradox, I say

"Don't be fake," they say
For masks should exist unseen
Man's hypocrisy 

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Wed Aug 04, 2021 2:23 am
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GoodieGoat wrote a review...

Hello! My names GoodieGoat and I was in the mood for some succinct poetry. This was a nice reminder about the forms of limericks and hikaus as poetry isn't my natural habitat so thank you!

Sorry about being lazy and not refreshing on meter terminology. Poet's Rehab has my favorite meter. I'm writing this in public and reading it in my head the words are absolute velvet. While I cant relate to always having poetic ideas in the back of my mind; I can in a more generalized sense. It's a pain to be trying to sleep and your brain wont be quiet. Poetry and woefully was a smooth rhyme.

Limericks For Dummies made me pause and think of its meaning. My interpretation is someone being annoyed with their mind as they want to focus on an artistic pursuit and alls the mind wants to do is diddle pointlessly.

Hypocrisy of Men I believe is two hikaus stacked on top of each other which I've never seen before. I love how each line has a parallelism with its corresponding line in the second stanza, its masterful.

Sorry that I dont really have any constructive criticism to give. I hope I've been of some encouragement.

mordax says...

Thank you very much!!

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Sat Jul 31, 2021 11:30 pm
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Emivanz1 wrote a review...

Wow these were really great!
and I too have also been recently been obsessed with poetry too, and I must say these are beautifully writen. I especially like the 3rd one, and 100% agree with what you are saying in it. lets get into the review!

1. I love your style, the poetry flows nicely and can be spoken aloud.
2. The 2nd one I thought was incredibly funny. you know its odd that writers often have the weirdest minds

(There weren't may of these)
1. the only part I had trouble with reading was the part where it says, "yet judge, themselves formed of clay"

Overall these poems were very impressive and I loved them. Keep writing!
your friend

mordax says...

Thank you!!

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Fri Jul 30, 2021 10:19 pm
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TheWordsOfWolf wrote a review...

hi hello good morning good evening good afternoon and good night and whatever else you expect in a greeting anyway Wolf here, ready to review your poems.
This is such a cute and amusing little collection and they pair well together. I can tell you put a lot of thought into these.
the titles you use are gripping and entertaining in and of themselves.
My favorite of these is the third one Hypocrisy of Man. Not only is it relatable nut its so eloquently written and its pleasing to look at

mordax says...

Thank you very much!

Let the wild rumpus start!
— Maurice Sendak