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Chickens! Bwack, Bwack!

by Liberty500

Author's Note: This is not a story I made up, in fact it's a short story I found online, and I thought I'd share it with YWS! Enjoy. <3

One day an old farmer's son was returning home from the market with the crate of chicken's his father had entrusted to him. Then, all of a sudden the box fell and broke open! Chickens scurried off in different directions, but the determined boy walked all over the neighbourhood scooping up the  feathery escapees.He then returned them to the crate. Hoping he had found them all, the boy reluctantly returned home, expecting the worst. 

"Pa, the chickens got loose," the boy confessed sadly, then painted on a smile "but I managed to find all twelve of them." 

"Well, you did real good, son," the farmer beamed. "You left with seven." 

The boy looked up at his father, shocked.

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Sat Feb 23, 2019 3:11 pm
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OofOof1 wrote a review...

Well, you did real good, son," the farmer beamed. "You left with seven."

The boy looked up at his father, shocked.

That was funny, but also really confused me. "Your left with seven" does that mean that he is left with seven, or that he had seven but got twelve instead.
One day an old farmer's son was returning home

I like how you said farmer's son instead of farmers boy, because that would be confusing to me.

Liberty500 says...

I didn't really write the story, it's just from a story I read online. And yes, it basically means that the son left with seven and came back with twelve meaning he basically stole many more chickens. XD

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Wed Feb 06, 2019 8:38 pm
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MaybeInk says...

When you give 200% and steal someone else's chickens lol

Liberty500 says...

Lol. XD

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Sat Feb 02, 2019 4:35 pm
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LordWolf wrote a review...

Hey there Liberty500.

I'm just here to review this with some advisement to get this piece out of the Green Room, rather than looking over the actual content. It's totally cool that you found a short story that you wanted to share with yws and I'm glad that you put in an author's note, but there would have been easier ways to share this content. If you would like, I will donate the two hundred points back to you for publishing another author's creation.

If you want to post this elsewhere on the society, perhaps in one of the appropriate writing forums, always remember to cite where you got it from. This just means to include a quick little link back to the original place and if you know even the screen name of the author, please include it.

An alternative to posting this piece as your own is to continue the story, quoting the first bit as a story starter or inspiration. Based on what I am reading here, it would be easy to make it into a fuller story and I'd like to see what you come up with. If you choose to extend this story with your own thoughts, just give me a quick ping and I'll take a look at the progress you made.

It does look pretty interesting and I can see why you needed to share it.
Good luck and happy writing.
- Lizz <3

Liberty500 says...

Thanks for the review! I'll definetley follow your wonderful advice! <3
Thanks again!

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