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John Klues Collection of Poignant Parables.

by JohnKlue

Warning: This work has been rated 18+ for language.








The NETWORK is an incredible thing

It is a source of seemingly endless entertainment created by none other than your fellow man.

A place where anyone can share their vision with the world and everyone is welcome.

Granted, there are some guidelines to insure that this wonderful space stays wonderful.

But you need not worry our skilled and specially trained Managementalists are on the case and will keep our valued viewers happy by keeping our valued entertainers in check.

However, if you are still worried, don’t worry. If you have a problem, feel free to send us a digital message explaining your concerns and we will respond to them.

Because here at the NETWORK we want to do our darnedest to make everyone happy be they

an Audience-member, Entertainer or, Managementalist.

Because it is just like our founder and CEO always says

“the NETWORK is a place of People”

Written by John Klue.



Maxx is an audience member. They work at a factory from 6:30—16:00.

On their off time Maxx spends time on the NETWORK.

Maxx likes the NETWORK because all of her Friends are on the NETWORK because Maxx met all his Friends on the NETWORK.

The NETWORK is a good place to make Friends. All of MaXx’s Friends were found on the NETWORK. Now they all know each others Biographical-Information.

Maxx and Maxx’s Friends have not met I.P. but they do not have to because they meet one another on the NETWORK and spend more time on the NETWORK than off the NETWORK.

There is far more to do on the NETWORK than off the NETWORK.

MaxX is fine only knowing there Friends on the NETWORK.

MaxX has all their Friends Biographical-Information so if any Friends hurt them Maxx can use the Biographical-Information to hurt them back.

What are Friends for?

Friends are people you Digitally message about the Entertainers.                                             Friends are people you agree with.

Unfriends are people you disagree with.

Maxx Hates their Unfriends, Maxx likes to tell the Unfriends they Hate them. The Unfriends sometimes tell Maxx they Hate them too.

Occasionally the Unfriends pretend to be sad when Maxx tells them They Hate them. Maxx is smart though and knows They do not hurt any people, and besides the Unfriends are ungood people who deserve hurt, and Hate is all over the NETWORK so if they are hurt it is on them, they could always not be on the NETWORK and do something meaningful because Maxx’s Unfriends have never done anything meaningful on the NETWORK and they do not need the NETWORK. The NETWORK dose not need them. Nobody needs them. So if they are sad Maxx is unResponsible.

Maxx dose not know them .I.P.

Maxx knows they are ungood people.

The NETWORK is lucky to have Maxx.

The NETWORK is nothing without Maxx.

And Maxx Knows This.



Kama is a Woman who works at the NETWORK HQ. Kama is a Woman who works as a Managementalist. She is tasked with keeping order on the NETWORK. She seeks out people on the NETWORK who are not doing good and then erases them from the NETWORK.

Kama is a Woman who acts as Judge jury and Executioner of Ungood entertainers. Kama is a Woman who works very hard, she has reasons to erase more entertainers than any of her coworkers. KaMa is a Woman who works as a Managementalist she rarely sees her coworkers but she has met 2 Men who also claim to be Managementalists.

KAma has spent very little time with her coworkers But she knows they do not work as hard as She dose. KaMa’s coworkers rarely find fault with the entertainers. The coworkers grant far too much grace and allow entertainers to imply inappropriate imagery. KAMAs coworkers grant too much grace to the entertainers, just as the higher up grant too much grace to the coworkers. KamA carries the company where others slack off.

KAMA erases the unbecoming entertainers.

KAMA erases the juvenile entertainers.

KAMA erases entertainers who lie.

Lie about the NETWORK.

Lie about the Work Kama dose. The entertainers and audience think Kamas job could be done by a Program. The audience is ignorant. The entertainers are ungrateful. Ungrateful and spoiled. The NETWORK is not run by a program, the NETWORK could not be conducted by an Algorithm. It is all KaMA and KAMAs work Kama works harder than anyone else at the NETWORK, and yet she has never heard from the Higher ups. The Higher ups have not recognized Kama any more than her coworkers. The

Higher ups must favor the coworkers of Kama instead of Kama herself. Kama deserves favor for her Dedication. For you see, the network is lucky to have KAMA.

and she know it.



The man was awake whether he wants to be or not. Steven forced himself to fall out of bed because he had to Work.

Work did not demand Steve shower shave or smile, but it did require his absolute attention.

Steven was an Entertainer who analyzes the Entertainment produced by others.

He views a single piece of Entertainment multiple times then he gathers his thoughts then he dose further research.

Then he must write a script.

Then he must record audio.

Then he must animate his avatar reacting to the entertainment in question.

Then he must edit his own entertainment.

Then he must add jokes to his analysis so it may be more entertaining, because Steve is not enough to entertain.

Steve often fears his content lacks quality. Other Entertainers have accused Steve of having low quality. The Audience sometimes accuses Steve of no longer being entertaining. If Steve were entertaining why would the NETWORK threaten to Erase him. Many entertainers who Steve knew as friends were Erased,Why?But Steve is still here.Why? Steve is not special. The NETWORK dose not need Steve. The Audience may be Entertained by someone more deserving. Steve is not needed. Steve is lucky to have the NETWORK. Without the NETWORK Steve would be nothing and not even know it. Steve is lucky to have the Audience. Without the Audience Steve would not matter and not even know it. Steve dose not deserve his lot and he knows it, Thank you for the reminder.

Then Steve must upload the entertainment to the NETWORK, is it good? It might be Ungood. Steve may be Ungood.

Steve must still work.

Steve must pursue your Happiness, so you do not need to.

Steve could be Erased. The NETWORK could deny him his rations.

But Steve has no time to worry.

Steve must return to work.

Steve must still pursue our happiness.

Because that is what Steve should Do.




The people they scrabble

The leaders they ramble

The soldiers they gamble their lives away,

For you see

The man that you blame was born the same

As the man next-door the son of a whore,

But those are the details you choose to ignore.

The kings of lies the kings of deceit for they lie to live


And that is truly is quite Zee Treat

To see the man you hate be Beat

While you’re atop the highest peak

Cause that’s what you reap

you reap what you sow

You get what you give

You are what you show

Its all one giant game of chess

but no one knows how to play chess

so you just go on acting like the rest

hoping you won’t come off like a pest

Cause that’s what it takes to be the best,

Correct, Self-Neglect!?!?!


Dose the ant know sadness?

Ants work toward an immortal colony.

Ants will die for the Colony.

Do ants feel sorrow when their brothers die?

Do ants feel sorrowful about the fact that they may die?

Do insects know sadness?

Do insects know sadness as Man knows sadness?

A human tear could drown an ant.

Could the pursuit of understanding leave you ignorant?

Ants do not live long enough to know sadness as Man has known her.

Perhaps ants understand sadness more than man ever will.

Man demands understanding, and dose this not create misunderstanding?



When everything you love about yourself is shared with the world.

What you love about you doesn’t belong to you anymore.

What you love makes people happy.

People need to be made happy.

People cannot make themselves happy.

So it is up to you.

Let the audience in, and allow us to Rape you forever.

Let us be happy forever.


The internet the lights pixels.
Noise is it simple a solipsistic space.
When you read a comment off of Youtube you are not hearing a human voice, you are not seeing a humans handwriting, you are just seeing a man made machine try and imitate the human mind, it tries and tries but not because it wants to it has no want no will it is just a replica.
machine is made in mans image but machine shall never be man. Machine can only Try to be Like Man.

Machine can only Try.




I believe no man made society can exist without some form of disparity, when a disparity is identified some individuals will try to help and fix the problem.

Their are many ways to help but one of the most popular ways is to bring attention to the disparities,

We call these people Reporters.

The Reporters are in many ways the most important members of any Cause because they act as the representatives and voices of said cause.

However with importance comes power, and with power comes responsibility.

Because if the Reporters act rashly or selfishly they will merely make the cause look bad and make it easier for people to turn a blind eye to Disparities.

When a Reporter acts irresponsibly it is known as Crying Wolf, and sadly the act of Crying Wolf has become more common with the invention of Mass communication because now anyone can assume the role of reporter,

But not everyone has a sense of Responsibility.


The world will never hate you

More than you hate yourself


Why do we put romantic subplots in children’s media?
Children are often threatened by the concept of a

Sex partner, simply because children do not experience sexual attraction so seeing it and being told that they should one day experience it intimidates them. Naturally like with any uncomfortable idea the mind takes an aversion to it. this will also make children take an aversion to the act of socializing with other children who could be considered potential plausible Sex partners, this will severely limit their social circle and general ability to socialize or network.


So many people have

an inability to identify Harmlessness

It is more practical to prove someones innocences as appose to guilt. If only one person may be guilty then it should be practical to use the process of elimination.

It is better to seek out good people rather than hunt for bad people.



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Mon Jun 14, 2021 12:56 pm
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BlueGlow wrote a review...

This is as good as writing gets! First off, love the message you convey. Calling this a parable was an absolute power move of words. Seriously that was the perfect title. You discuss topics from journalism to brainwashing to social media addiction all in one work and not only did you capture those ideas but you did it perfectly! All I can do is sing praise for your work! Excellent, excellent work! I look forward to your future works! This won't be a piece a forget any time soon!

JohnKlue says...

Thank you.
I originally created this Collection just to update my first published work
THE NETWORK(correct some spelling errors and such).
I added on the other stuff just to make it stand on its own more.

But I learned I can just edit the work and fix the spelling errors on
THE NETWORK directly, but I am still glad to have this collection out there.

But could you please check out my latest draft of the NETWORK on here?
Just so I can hear a perspective on the latest draft.

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5 Reviews

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Sun Jun 13, 2021 8:48 pm
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FakeStories13 wrote a review...

"But you need not worry our skilled and specially trained Managementalists are on the case," Some form of punctuation is needed ("you need not worry, our skilled and..." or, "you need not worry. Our skilled and...").

"MaxX is fine only knowing there Friends on the NETWORK." Change, "there," to, "their." Also I think you keep changing the pronouns of Maxx. Is this on purpose? If so, why do you keep changing the pronouns?
"Maxx dose not know them .I.P." Maybe, "dose," was a spelling mistake and you meant, "does."
Maxx was very interesting to read and I think this was a cool way to talk about the negative and positive aspects of the internet.
I like how you repeat the characters' names. It makes their point of view's seem more disturbing and neurotic.

"Perhaps ants understand sadness more than man ever will./Man demands understanding, and dose this not create misunderstanding?" I feel like you add in a new idea in the second to last line but then end the poem with a line that contradicts what you said in the second to last line. So I am a bit confused about the main idea of the poem/song. I think expanding more on the idea that ants could be sadder than man or expanding more on the idea that a long and idle life is what makes man sad could help create a more unified idea. If I am completely misunderstanding your poem/song I would love to know what the message is.
I really liked reading this poem/song, though. I especially liked the line, "Ants do not live long enough to know sadness as Man has known her," where you addressed sadness as if it were a person.

I thought your poem that repeats, "Machine can only Try," (I'm not sure what the name is) eery and a bit unsettling. The point you make that machine can only attempt to imitate man is very interesting. I think this poem could continue with the impact that attempting to imitate a genuine human connection through unhuman technology can have on people mentally, emotionally, and socially.

I really like your commentary about romantic subplots in children's media. I never thought about it but I agree that it puts a lot of pressure on young children to imitate what they see and can impact the way they socialize in a negative way. I doubt that the romantic subplots were put in for the benefit or by request of the young children so I wonder why they exist?

"It is more practical to prove someones innocences as appose to guilt." Just some grammatical corrections: "It is more practical to prove someone's innocence as apposed to guilt." This excerpt seems to have an optimistic tone.

Overall, I really like your writing and I think the messages you share through your writing are very interesting to think about.

JohnKlue says...

I will level with you, most of these poems and observations were written down before i knew of this website.
I just felt I should throw them out there and see if they provoke any thoughts.
My best work so far i think is THE NETWORK.
The NETWORK was published on its own, and I got feedback on some grammatical errors, at the time I did not know you could edit the work post publish.
anyway If you want you check out the latest rewrite of THE NETWORK on here.
Glad you liked this Frankensteins monster of a story i put together.
bye pal.

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36 Reviews

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Sun Jun 06, 2021 9:42 pm
JohnKlue says...

this is a collection of odd poem and scribbles I typed out over the years.
It has some references to mature themes.

some of the poetry may not be my best but I cant wait to hear your thoughts on it.

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36 Reviews

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Reviews: 36

Sun Jun 06, 2021 9:37 pm
JohnKlue says...

As a former (and rather excellent) liar herself, Aru knew that, sometimes, speaking the truth felt like wrenching a thorn out of your side. But doing the opposite meant pretending it wasn't there. And that made every single step ache. It was no way to live.
— Roshani Chokshi, Aru Shah and the Nectar of Immortality