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Say something please

by ABC123

be kind to yourself

just act the way you

would towards


that you love

who had made a mistake.

forgive yourself too.

holding grudges is easy

but it isn't good for your well-being,

or your health.

remember that you're human,

hold on to that.

you're not invisible or invincible,

allow somebody

to have your back, so that

when you trip, stumble, fall,

don't let it be the end,

stand up tall instead.

you're not on your own.

you're never alone.

don't be afraid to show

who you are,

the person you are when

you're with me.

so say something.

say something please.

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Tue Nov 20, 2018 3:47 am
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ExoticFrog says...

I love the meaning behind this. If you were to use all caps it could make it a little more, what's the word, spirited. I really think you did a good job. I would compare you to Aesop. He doesn't really write poetry with rhymes, but he makes a lot of emphasizing statements.

ABC123 says...

Hi ExoticFrog.
Thank you for your kind review, it is very much appreciated. :)

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Thu Nov 08, 2018 8:25 pm
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AutoPilot wrote a review...

Hello! Autopilot here, so lets get kicking and get some words flowing!

First of all, I really like this! I know that at a personal level, I struggle quite a lot to accept myself, to lift myself up, and to have a positive intrapersonal dialogue. All I ever seem to find and point out to myself are the flaws and parts I don't like. And I feel the need to constantly try and better myself, to fix that others say are not flawed. But enough with the negativity (I always seem to get caught up in that).

You did a great job with this, short verse and a good flow. Like a little creek of words trickling down my page. It was easy to read, had a great meaning, and simple formatting. Some people may have problems with your specific punctuation usage. I know a lot of people either feel like there's too much or too little punctuation in any given work, but I like how you used it here!

I like how you left the beginning letter of each verse lowercase, it makes the work seem softer somehow. Like you're trying to comfort and uplift, like you're hugging with your words instead of trying to splice them into all the cracks. I saw no real spelling or grammar errors in your work, so good that!!

Great job and keep on writing!
love and hugs, Autopilot

ABC123 says...

Thank you very much for such a kind review.
I wrote this poem the day after World Mental Health day, as it really got me thinking about how negative people can be towards themselves, but didn't really know if I was going to publish it - but I'm so glad that I did!

Thank you again.

ABC123 :)

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Thu Nov 08, 2018 12:40 am
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Aliceinhorrorland wrote a review...

Hello, ima review this really nice poem! So first, I want to start out by saying, that this is a poem I think a lot of people need. Self acceptance is generally an issue in this generation, and I think you really captured a moral well. That messing up is ok, and you should treat yourself as you treat others. I really liked this poem and I'm surprised more people haven't reviewed it, because it's amazing in my opinion! I definitely look forward to seeing more of your awesome writing! So, like I said above, your poem was very well executed and I especially liked the middle and end of the poem for some reason. Anyways, awesome, keep writing!

ABC123 says...

Hi Thecakesatruth.

Thank you for your kind review, I'm really glad that you liked it.


The brain is wider than the sky.
— Emily Dickenson