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Event 6: Roleplay Challenge

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Sat Aug 07, 2021 1:14 am
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SpiritedWolfe says...

Roleplay Challenge: Storybook Edition

Many roleplayers are experienced in the art of short posts and witty words-- but what will you do when you come up against the most secretive foe yet-- long-form roleplaying?

In this challenge, you will need to create a post no less than 500 words and no more than 3,000 words in which you respond to the prompt below:

Your character has a secret, one that could ruin their career, relationship, or life. For one reason or another, they have now become a suspect for the murder of someone they were once close to, and they are on the run. They are currently in a mall in a high-population city-- whether that be Beijing, New York, Mumbai, or elsewhere-- and they notice they are being tailed by an agent. How does your character react? Do they run, or do they blend in with the crowd? What stores are they passing along the way? If they're caught, what does that look like? And the most important question of all: are they guilty? Will the readers ever know?

Note you do not necessarily have to answer all these questions for your submission to be considered. Just write the introduction you feel best suits the character you create!

Your character should be an original character specifically designed for this scenario, not a pre-existing OC that you adapt to this. Stretch yourself, and create someone outside of your comfort zone. Nobody wants to read the same story twice, so go for something out of the box and unexpected-- you may just be rewarded for your boldness. In a spoiler at the beginning of your post, include your character profile, and title your piece in whatever fashion you fancy. Keep your piece friendly for everyone, and censor any language you include-- no gruesome violence should be necessary for this piece. The scene must open up in a mall in a high-population city, but it may change to a reasonable extent as the story progresses. The agent your character is being tailed by is detailed in the following character sheet:

Name: CLASSIFIED (known as Agent Moon)
Age: CLASSIFIED (looks to be in her early forties)
Gender: Female

Secret: CLASSIFIED (Her secrets have secrets)

Appearance: Agent Moon is 5'9" in flat shoes, with a muscular physique and dark short hair. She is Latinx and she can blend in easily with a crowd. She's an expert at not being noticed, so keep that in mind when your character does notice her. Did it take them long? Why or why not?

Personality: Agent Moon is constantly focused on the mission, and will not be side-tracked easily. It would take some serious brainpower to get her off your tail. She's cold and ruthless, but she is not going to go for the killing shot. She has no long-range weapons such as guns or tasers, but she is skilled with physical fighting, so your best bet is to keep distance. She has a single pair of handcuffs.


Other: Is she alone? Does she have backup waiting outside? Are there more agents stationed around the mall? That's for you to decide-- or find out.

Character Template:

Code: Select all



[b]Personality:[/b] This doesn't need to be detailed, but the more you know about your character, the easier it is for you to write them.

[b]History:[/b] This doesn't need to be detailed, but you do need to include information such as how they knew the victim of the murder, their occupation and skill-set, and how their life correlates to their secret.

[b]Other:[/b] Do you have anything that doesn't fit in with a category above? Put it here.

Judges: Your Roleplay Crew :)

Ends: *time automatically adjusts to your time zone

Ask any questions you have in the discussion thread that you can find here!
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Sat Aug 07, 2021 7:24 pm
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Riverlight says...

Team Chickens

"Caught in Italy"

Apologies for publishing an unfinished story, have to go to my brother's bday party. I wish I had time to finish this, thank y'all for coming up with such a creative prompt <3

Spoiler! :
Name: Regina Warbeck, Codenamed "Agent Fallout"
Age: 45
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual, but has bisexual tendencies

Working for an immortal codenamed "Madam Lefty," Agent Fallout is currently in possession of the Philosopher's Stone, an ancient magical object that belonged to the now-dead Nicolas Flamel. With Flamel and his wife, Perenelle, six feet under, Agent Fallout has been charged with keeping the Stone safe at all costs.

Appearance: Warbeck is dressed in a clean, plain red blouse and blue jeans with sneakers. Warbeck wears contacts and is practically blind without them. She keeps the Philosopher's Stone hidden in a puch hanging around her neck. Beneath her blouse, she wears a small, easily concealed travel bag with a pocket flare, several credit cards, several hundred Swiss francs (which is, oddly enough, a major Italian currency), $50 US dollars, and three non-traceable flip phones (one for Lefty to call Warbeck, one for Warbeck to contact an agent codenamed Wine God, and one for contacting an agent codenamed Finch). She is also wearing a face mask in order to comply with Italian law. With dark brown hair, hazel eyes, and standing at 5'4", Warbeck blends in as a natural "tourist."

Personality: Warbeck is confident-- really, she's overconfident at times. But she simulataneously underrates some of her abilities and will want to take time with her decisions. If something goes wrong, it hits here like a brick wall and she is forced to pick up the pieces of her broken insides. Warbeck is balancing her new job with survival, with a large part of her wanting to throw the Stone away altogether despite knowing that if the other side gets it, it would probably be really bad.

History: In March 2021, Regina Warbeck was approached by a woman with a cane wearing a mask in a dark alleyway in Chicago. The woman introduced herself as "Madam Lefty" and said that she had been watching Warbeck for some time. Warbeck started running missions; she was made immune to the COVID-19 epidemic thanks to Lefty giving Warbeck a special vaccine that Left promised was legitimate. In July, Lefty returned and claimed that two of her dearest friends, former immortals surnamed Flamel, had been KIA, leaving behind the Philosopher's Stone. Lefty insisted that Warbeck had the best chances of keeping it hidden. Warbeck reluctantly agreed

In the process of protecting the Philosopher's Stone, Warbeck was attacked by a trio of tall men wearing black hoods over their faces, two of which appeared to be reanimated corpses while the third seemed to be possessed. While she escaped with the Stone (and, by extent, her life), her neighbor Helen Smith was killed by one of the men's rogue spells. Warbeck has no ability to use magic, but as a former PI, she has learned how to stay low and keep herself hidden. By August 1, Warback had contacted Lefty and gotten transported to Europe via smuggling. On August 6, starving and desiring new reading material, Warbeck made the unwise decision of going to the mall, though she is doing her best to blend in.

Other: Warbeck retired early after one case involving a drug bust ended with several deaths. Warbeck also has an odd condition where if she's under stress, working too hard, or panicking, sometimes she will quickly run out of breath and slow down, even if she hasn't been doing anything. She typically makes use of an inhaler but was forced to leave it at home after the attack; sometimes she will feel some pain in her side as a result, making breathing difficult.

Spoiler! :
TWs: Mentions of Pain, Breathing Struggles

The Porta di Roma was ghost-like and packed at the same time. The coronavirus had ruined almost everything. The rest of what was ruined, in Regina Warbeck's mind, could be blamed solely on Madam Lefty-- though Madam Crazy Person felt like a much more accurate name. Warbeck stood near to a group of real tourists, half-listening to a man with a thick Italian accent as he babbled on about a few of the hundreds of shops and restaurants. Most of the members of this group were from Canada, likely Quebec based on their accents. There were a few Americans, two of which were speaking with one particularly happy Canadian about politics-- something else that she wasn't keen on listening to.

The mask was growing increasingly uncomfortable with every breath that Warbeck took. She might've been immune to the virus, but she was not immune to Italy's mask mandates. That was a blessing in disguise, literally: it would make whoever was trailing her harder to point her out. Nonetheless, it felt heavy in a way, forcing heat towards her eyes; thank God she was wearing contacts. She closed her hazel eyes for just a moment, taking in a deep breath. When she opened them again, she turned around and looked over the railing, wondering what restaurant would be good to--

Someone was staring at her.

And that someone had noticed that Warbeck was staring at her, too.

Whipping back around, she glanced at the tour guide and said, “Io vado in bagno!” I am going to the toilet. The man nodded and pointed towards an elevator, holding up two fingers. Second floor. Warbeck half-nodded and spun off towards the nearest escalator instead. As she speed-walked, Warbeck tried to catch sight again of the odd person, tried to remember what they looked like-- but the mask made it difficult. That was a tool, yes, but a temporary tool. Thankfully, with her dark brown hair and hazel eyes, Warbeck at least looked like an Italian; that might throw off whoever that was.

Rather than going down, Warbeck moved onto the up escalator and then stopped moving when she felt a jab of pain in her side like someone had just stabbed her with a knife without warning. She attempted to gasp for air but found she couldn’t breathe for a few moments until sweet, refreshing air finally flowed into her lungs. The pain dulled, but it was an issue that she did not need to have right now. As she reached the top, she breathed quickly and shallowly, moving slowly towards a bench. Every part of Warbeck was yelling at her to run, but in this condition-- no, she couldn’t.

But the Stone.

D--- it, she thought. Reaching under her red blouse, Warbeck zipped open her travel bag and pulled out the first phone she got ahold of, speed-dialing the only number on it.

“This is Lefty.”

“I’m being… tracked,” Warbeck panted, unable to catch her breath. “Spotted. Not sure I can keep it with me. Out of breath. Inhaler… inhaler at home.”

There was silence for a moment as the woman on the other end weighed their options. “Wine God is in Venice, but Finch is at the Vatican on official business. Can you meet him there?”

“It’ll… take some time… and luck…”

“You’ve been doing well, Fallout. I’ll meet you there tomorrow.”

“They’ll just… let me in?” Lefty didn’t answer, hanging up instead. Sighing, Warbeck pulled herself to her feet, slowing her breath. A strange tingling sensation ran up her spine, making her hair rise. In… and out. In… out… that’s it, in and out… She wiped the back of her hand against her forehead and then ran her hand over her ear. Warbeck started to move again, slowly walking towards the movie theater. I can buy a ticket, pretend to go in here…

After speaking to the ticket seller, Warbeck sauntered to one of the movie rooms, ignoring the pain as best she could. Slipping into a showing of Fast & Furious 9, she took a seat about a third of the way up, several seats away from the aisle. As the moviegoers around her settled and the previews began, Warbeck pretended to stretch, checking to make sure that no one was behind her. Then, saying mi scusi (excuse me), she stood and moved out of the aisle, making her way down to the front before turning towards the entrance doors.

Warbeck felt another jab of pain in her side, and her lungs constricted, moving part of that pain to her chest. Her head began to spin; she leaned against the wall for support as she began to cough and wheeze, grasping at her chest. Air was leaving her lungs, but it wasn't going back in. She pulled the bottom of her mask up just ever so slightly, feeling the sweet relief of nice, cool air against her tongue. Her lungs jolted to life once more, oxygen flooding through her body like a tidal wave.
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Sat Aug 07, 2021 8:42 pm
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alliyah says...

Team Chickens

"Siblings on the run"

Spoiler! :

Name: Herschella Bernita Georgine VI
Age: 19
Gender: female

Secret: Herschella's parents recently died in a car crash, right before she was set to start college, leaving her the family chicken farm and the responsibility of taking care of her mischievious younger brothers, Hershey and Bernito. She had thought that she was going to get her degree and go into law enforcement before life took a chaotic turn. Now she is doing everything to keep the family farm going, keep her brothers in line, and figure out how to get back to school to pursue her dreams!

The only problem is her brother Hershey has a bit of a kleptomania problem - ever since his parent's death he's always stealing one thing or another. Herschella has tried to keep him in line, but this time the police have called the house for a questioning and something's different - it's not salt shakers or old gym shorts that have been stolen, but someone's been left dead! Herschella loads up a dozen chickens into the family truck along with her brothers and is on the run, there's no way the police are taking the last family she has left! Her secret is that Herschella expects deep down, Hershey may be guilty of the crime, despite how much she denies it.

Appearance: Herschella has red-blonde hair that she keeps in braids, her brothers have similar light colored hair. Once they're on the run though, Herschella decides it's time for a make-over. Buzz cuts for the braids, and dark hair for herself.

Personality: Herschella has felt like recently everything has been ripped away from her; her parents, her dream of going to college and entering the law enforcement, and now her family farm, she will stop at nothing to protect her brothers from being taken too - even if it means taking the blame for this murder or going on the run. She is defensive, territorial, and protective. She is also calculating, cautious, and high-strung. Her youngest brother Bernito often has to remind her to take time to smell the roses and lighten up a little, he reminds her of better times and sometimes succeeds in getting a laugh or a small smile out of her.

History: Ever since Herschella was a little girl she's been fascinated with crime dramas, she loves the investigative process, finding clues, solving mysteries - that's what made her interested in going into law enforcement. But now she's on the othe other side of crime, being the one running instead of chasing! Herschell and her brother have also picked up many problem solving skills from working on the family farm. One of their best kept secrets is that they've trained several of their chickens to do tricks - they may use this to get away when needed.

She's known the person who was murdered, Leonard Dornonden, since she was a child. Leonard is an older man who runs the fried chicken bar in town and used to be a regular chicken buyer from their family a few years ago before they transitioned to being an egg-selling-only farm.

Other: Herschella was named after her mother Herschella Bernita Georgine V, and used to go by "Ella" herself, but ever since her mother died she's been going by Herschella again in honor of her late-mother.

Spoiler! :

Herschella was watching Hershey, her brother, closely. She hated to be in malls with him or anywhere with lots of small goods out. She didn't really understand what caused him to start stealing, but ever since their parents died he had this habit that he just couldn't break. The wierdest stuff would go missing from their home, or the local gas-stations; coffee-creamer packets, batteries, screws from cabinet doors, restroom signs, anything not tied down would end up in his backpack and the police would call again.

Hershey pushed his even younger brother Bernito a bit so he tripped a little near a bench in the middle of the mall. Boys. She rolled her eyes, but smiled too - even if it was rough-housing it was nice to see them act like regular tweens. Sometimes there was so much grief in them just below the surface she thought they were more like ancient men than children, holding in a century's worth of heartache. She hoped she could help provide them all something better than heartache someday soon. Soon. She just had to get the chicken farm under control and get back in school. That and get Hershey back on track. She could do it, she sighed. She had to.

Herschella's phone buzzed, she took her phone out and her heart skipped a bit seeing it was the Columbus police department number. She sat down on the bench and Hershey whispered, "what's up?". Herschella breathed deeply. No. No. No. it couldn't be her brother this time, she'd been watching him... unless... "It's the police Hershey, do I have any reason to be concerned?"

The phone kept buzzing and she looked sadly at Hershey, but there was something odd about the look in his own eyes, it wasn't the guilty scared look that he usually had when these things came up, it was ... anger? indignation? "I did not do anything I shouldn't have. I swear on mom and dad's graves."

Bernito froze from where he'd been hopping back and forth and winced back a little. Herschella nodded, "I believe you Hersh"

She answered the phone, "Hi, Herschella Georgine.. the fifth" she added as a force of habit, though she sometimes wondered if she had to now that the fourth was gone. "how can I help you?"

There was a long uncomfortable pause and a deep ambiguous voice answered the phone, "Herschella, this is Agent Moon with the Columbus police department. We need to speak to your brother now. Is he there? Something... has happened and it is important that you cooperate with us for everyone's safety."

Herschella didn't answer right away, something was different this time than the other times the police had called - usually they were understanding of their situation, strict but not unkind. The lady or man on the otherline seemed... aggressive and like there was a threat behind her words. What did she mean by "everyone's safety" Hershey wouldn't... "Herschella, are you there? it's very important we speak to Hershey now."

"He's not with me, we're out of town this week on a trip to Dayton and he's at the pool now, sorry that I can't help you." she hung up.

Herschella had never in her life lied to a police officer, or a teacher, or ... any adult that she could remember. But something didn't seem right.

She looked up and saw the people who had been walking by in the mall were all crowding around a TV screen. What was going on? She saw a headline flashing, "brutal crime, arson, body identified - Leonard Dornonden". Hershey and her looked at each other, they knew Leonard, he was a family friend. Putting things together she felt it in her gut that Agent Moon had been calling about this.

"We need to leave, now." Hershey said, grabbing Bernito's hand.

"We haven't even gotten lunch yet!" Bernito complained not putting the pieces together.

Herschella had learned since her parents had died to hide a lot of what she was thinking from the boys, keep them from worrying. And she was going to continue to take care of them no matter what it took.

"We're going." Herschella answered back.

As they exited the mall, Bernito tripped. Herschella turned to see her brother wiping a bit of blood from his nose a woman was helping him up. Had she tripped him? It wasn't clear. She was too close though, touching his shoulder, whispering something. "Sorry about that honey, you must have fallen over my shoes, headed anywhere quick?" Herschella's heart skipped, and her hands felt cold, she recognized the woman's voice form the phone. It was Agent Moon.

"Let's go George." she said, using his old code name from when they used to play cops and robbers as young kids rather than his first name. She squeezed his hand a little, and turned back towards the parking lot to see Hershey must have went ahead. He must already be in the car or...

Agent Moon stepped closer to them again, "You seem a little shaken up, anything I can do to help? I think I have some tissue and wet-wipes in my car you'd be welcome to."

"Thank you for the offer, but George and I are late for our father's birthday party, we need to be going." Bernito let out a little whimper of confusion at the sound of the word "father" - but Herschella's mind was racing as to how to throw Agent Moon off their trail.

"Let's go George." this time he nodded and they speed walked to the car where Hershey was sitting inside already covered in sweat.

"I don't know what's going on, but we're going to go on a little trip I think. When we get to the house I need you both to pack a week's worth of clothes and load up as much of the food from the pantry as you can into the sports duffle bag. I'll take care of the chickens."

Herschella was surprised with herself by how calm her voice was sounding. In her mind though she could feel her anxiety racing. "Slow it down kiddo, reverse the tape, and don't trip over your feet" she heard the old mantra her father would repeat when they were watching crime films and trying to figure out how the bad guy had done it. Only this time they were the bad guy, or Agent Moon was, or ... she wasn't sure. But she knew she wasn't going to let anyone hurt her brothers, or take them away. She had lost too much.

"Slow it down kiddo, slow it down."

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Sun Aug 08, 2021 12:00 am
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Valkyria says...

Team Dragons

"Disguises Only Work for So Long"

Spoiler! :
Name: Dawn Seacrest
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight

Secret: When she was sixteen years old, Dawn competed at the National Gymnastics competitions in 2016. Her lifelong dream was to compete in the Olympics, and nothing was going to stop her. When her biggest rival, Natalia, kept besting her during their routines, Dawn became jealous. In the morning of Nationals, Dawn slipped steroids into Natalia’s drink when she wasn’t looking. The officials disqualified Natalia, and banned her from competing in future major competitions. In glee, Dawn moved up to the Olympic Trials, but she didn’t make the team.

Appearance: Dawn is 5’5, and she has brown, highlighted hair tied up in a ponytail. She has olive skin. Dawn used to be a gymnast, so she’s packing muscles underneath her lean body. Currently, she's bleached her hair blonde and cut it into a pixie style and changed her eye colors from hazel to blue.

Personality: Dawn is cunning. She will take the most out of any situation and turn it into her favor. She's also a serious perfectionist. She didn’t have many friends at her old gym because she was viewed the other gymnasts as competition, and she was constantly zeroing in on their weak spots to pull herself up. Over the years, she’s grown out of that super competitive state, even though she still wants to become the best gymnast. She also feels super guilty now for ruining Natalia’s career, but she’s scared to admit it otherwise her own career would be ruined.

History: This doesn't need to be detailed, but you do need to include information such as how they knew the victim of the murder, their occupation and skill-set, and how their life correlates to their secret. When the 2020 Olympic Games had been postponed due to Covid, Dawn worked harder to make the team and win the gold medal.
A week before the 2021 Winter Cup competition, one of Dawn’s teammates was found dead in her hotel room. Dawn had known Allison for years. They had become gymnasts around the same time at 5 years old. Allison was one of her only friends, and she grieved her loss. Dawn didn’t have a good alibi the night Allison was murdered, and she
became the prime suspect. The news went crazy. She was banned from competing in gymnastics again. On the day, she had to go to court, Dawn escaped with the help of the few friends who believed her, and she left the country.

Other: Dawn lives in Pennsylvania. If she’s caught, she’ll be put on Death Row. Also, she used to take Improv classes. Her mother is a fashion designer, so Dawn

Spoiler! :

Too risky.

Dawn took another sip of her coffee and buried herself in the book she was reading. It was a dirty romance novel, but it was inconspicuous enough that people wouldn’t take a second glance at her. People from all walks of life took trips to the mall, and this day was no different. The Heart of London was the perfect place to blend in.

The shop she was sitting at was close to one of the exits in the mall. Close enough to make a quick escape if needed. Three other people sat in the shop as well, each engrossed in their own work. A young couple -one Caucasian, the other dark-skinned- giggled and chatted quietly to each other. At another table, drinking her own coffee, a middle aged Latinx woman typed on her silver laptop. None of them looked at her.

Still keeping her eyes on the words, Dawn saw the different bodies walk by. Some held bulging shopping bags, and mothers held their children’s hands tightly. No one stopped at her table unless it was to order from the barista at the coffee shop.

Yet, it was still too risky.

Gymnastics was one of the most popular summer Olympic sports, and any of these Londoners could be big fans. And Dawn was a gymnast turned convict.

Oh, joy.

She took a big gulp now and nearly gasped when the liquid seared her throat, but Dawn swallowed the gasp. Tears dotted her eyes.

“Are you okay?” someone asked. Dawn’s body froze, but she nonchalantly looked up and smiled at the concerned looking man through. She blinked away her blurry vision.

“Yes, thank you,” she said, throwing out her best British accent. “I thought the coffee had cooled down.” The accent was a little wobbly. Hopefully, the man wouldn’t catch on.

“Yikes, that happened to me once. Worse moment of my life,” he joked, and he shook his steaming cup for emphasis. Dawn laughed, and the man tipped his hat to her and left.

She sighed in relief and mentally congratulated herself. Those acting lessons had paid off.
Dawn drained the rest of her cup and threw it away. She could leave after that and return to the safety of the motel, but she was starting to go crazy staring at the same dingy room. Against her better judgement, Dawn headed down towards the center of the mall, into the thick of the shopping spree.

If there was one good thing about being a convict, you get really good at hide and seek. Being 5’5 was even better. It could be so easy to lose track of her.

Dawn stepped into a large clothing store and browsed around. Some of those outfits looked really cute, but she took the plain shirts with either basic designs or the logos.

Worse comes to worse, she could always make a new outfit of them.

After also buying some hoodies and sweatpants, Dawn walked out of the store, she noticed the Latinx woman from earlier browsing through jewelry at the store across.

Dawn froze, just staring at her. Snapping out of it, she tightened her hold on her bags and quickly walked out of view of the jewelry store.

The woman had followed her. But, that was crazy.

You’re getting paranoid, Dawn, she told herself firmly. She probably finished the same time as you, that’s all. She’s not following you.

The bad feeling didn’t go away though. Dawn zigzagged through West Stratford City until she found a different clothing store. She changed her outfits.

Just to be sure.


“Murder Suspect Dawn Seacrest May Be Hiding Somewhere in Europe,” says FBI

Dawn grimaced at the article on her phone. They didn’t know exactly where she was, but it was far from good.

If they caught her, she’d have to go back to Pennsylvania. They’d put her on Death Row. People spent years on Death Row. Dawn’s mouth dried.

Allison had been her friend. Hell, she was practically her best friend. Allison pushed her to be the best gymnast ever. This wasn’t…

Dawn had grown from Nationals. She learned from her mistake.
She didn’t kill her out of jealousy.

She smoothed down her cropped hair. Even if the FBI tracked her to London, Dawn had meticulously changed her appearance. She bleached her dark hair and cut it to the nape of her neck. She wore blue contacts over her hazel eyes. She even pierced her nose, which hurt like hell.
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Sun Aug 08, 2021 12:14 am
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ForeverYoung299 says...

Team chickens

"Unexpected catch"

Spoiler! :
Name: Adrick Dey
Age: 35 years
Gender: Male

Secret: He did murder a person. But was it really murder? He doesn't really know. It all appears to be vague. He was not in a stable mental state when all these happened.

Appearance: Quite elegant and sophisticated. He has sparkling blue eyes, enough to attract anyone. His hair is brown and a little messy which goes well with his overall appearance. His general outfit is a shirt, a coat and trousers for his business purposes.

Personality: A good man. Though a bit strict about his business, he is a well-mannered man and is loved by all. His personality has earned him a girlfriend who too is a good lady. He often spends time with her and loves her whole-heartedly like if they get seperated, life will be meaningless to him.

History: Definitely he has a history. He lost many people in the past in an accident and one of them was his past girl-friend. Their relationship was quite good and after her death, he was desperate for quite some years. He is a businessman( has a business of medicines). Also, the business is one of the most successful businesses in the whole state and will be the same in the country if the graph continues in its current fashion.
He started the business when he lost his girlfriend. That was quite due to a lack of medicine. So… he decided that not a single life should end like that. Talking about the victim, he knew her a bit too well and that is the very reason why her family members got the chance to accuse him of the crime.

Spoiler! :
Adrick was in a mall in Kolkata with his friends or rather kind of admirers. The mall was crowded, the ideal situation for them.
"I wonder what was the need to come here. We could have done it for you." One of his friends said.
"How dare you? She asked me to buy a dress for her myself and I promised her. I should keep my word."
The friend sighed. "Do it a bit fast. She is honestly a bit greedy. Like who wants their boyfriend to be caught when he has been hiding for so many days. Hah?"
"You don't dare say that. She knows very well that I can't murder her best friend. Will you keep the watch for me or not?"
"Okay, we will."

He was cloaked, though not in a very good manner. He was quite recognizable. He went to the counter and told the person-in-charge to show him a dress. The person took out a long, red gown. It was perfect for her girlfriend. She would look so good in the dress. He wondered how their conditional love turned into unconditional love. Her girlfriend had decided to take care of him when her best friend, i.e. Adrick's past girlfriend died. It had been only a month since they confessed their love to each other. They had not met for so many days due to the run. It did not feel good at all.

"Adrick! Adrick!" One of his friends struggled through the crowd to reach him.
"What's wrong?" He asked.
"Agent! She has come after you. We have seen her. We know her, in fact. She, I guess, didn't know that we friends will be here. She thought only of you. Escape right now!" But it was too late. There she was holding the handcuffs in front of him. She was none other than his own… girlfriend.
"You!" He exclaimed, "what are you–"
"For your kind information, I have joined a private investigation team investigating her death and we clearly have evidence that you are the murderer."
"No, no, listen to me."
"No more."

He wondered of the day when it all had happened. It was an accident, he clearly remembered it. He had been driving the car along with his past girlfriend. They had been on a long drive. Suddenly, everything turned black. He couldn't even press the brake but the car stopped. It crashed with a tree and there she was, lying dead on the ground. No one believed him since then except for his girlfriend and his friends. But now, the former was out of the list.

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