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  • The first time I participated in Last Man Standing was during Round II, which took place in 2015 and 2016. My novel was about an Electrike going to school and learning to become a Pokémon battler as part of a team. It was a lot of fun, but it required a lot of work, both in terms of research and in terms of posting. I got distracted during Week 30 and fell out, which was a shame, but my best friend @TinkerTwaggy ended up winning the round while he was visiting me in South Africa, so I have no regrets there!

    After that round, Tenyo created Blizzard to shorten the competition's length. With three rounds having passed since I last participated, I decided last year that sure, I would join Round VI and see if I could prove to myself that I have what it takes to survive the original icy hell. I again went with a Pokémon novel, called Pokémon Purgatory, but I learned from my mistakes last time and adapted to the current environment. I specifically crafted a setting that would allow me to not only follow the story yet write as much fluff or rubbish as was required to just keep progressing, but also to make it possible to write the insane amounts required by Blizzard. (I did my due diligence and checked how the previous three Blizzards had went, naturally.) I was determined and ready.

    I was the first to submit on Week 1, but even just two weeks later, I was waiting until 21:00 or 22:00 on Sunday night to write my thousand words for the week. I abandoned all pretence of formal submission and just went with spoilers in my posts in the threads. So it continued until Week 38, at which point I switched gears and prepared myself for the madness ahead. I was determined and confident, and as Blizzard commenced, I felt I stood a very good chance of actually succeeding in my goal.

    The third week of Blizzard was already a tough one. The progression from 1K to 2.5K to 6K to 13K was manageable, but I expected the fourth week would be around 20K. Unfortunately, the final week got impatient and ate that particular week, so any thoughts of warming up perished with it. I knew, as a result, that I'd likely write a decent amount earlier in the week but leave most of it for the end, yet I didn't — couldn't — expect how the week would ultimately turn out.

    I didn't sleep on the final day and wrote for nearly 20 consecutive hours. I had set myself two goals: reach a word total of 100K for my novel, and if possible, submit 40K words by the end and set a new LMS record. I succeeded in both of these, so regardless of whether I would win or lose, I was satisfied. The spoilers below show videos from a rhythm game I play, with thematically appropriate maps and songs; the first spoiler represents how I thought the final week would go, but the second spoiler represents how it actually went.

    I ended up winning! I had proven to myself that my determination was enough, for once in my life, to actually complete an important and very demanding task within the deadline. My preparation had paid off, and I possessed the skill to see it through. I've grown immensely from this experience and I will cherish it forever; I will not be doing it again. XD

    Thank you to the organisers and other participants for making Last Man Standing: Round VI possible! And thank you especially to TinkerTwaggy for your undying support. I wish the best of luck to all future participants, and as Pokémon Purgatory is still far from done (would you believe me if I told you the first chapter isn't done yet?), you'll probably see me around as a Rogue, still pumping out my weekly thousand words.

    It's over. BUT NOT FOR ME! ;D

    Spoiler! :
    phpBB [media]

    Spoiler! :
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  • Everyone! It has been a long time coming, but we have finally reached the end of LMS Round VI!

    The final week of Blizzard was hard fought, and hard won! First off, please give a huge congratulations to every Warrior who made it to the final week of Blizzard and wrote for it! @BrumalHunter @SilverNight @WeepingWisteria have all been through so much and came out of the raging snowstorm stronger than before.

    Congratulations to @WeepingWisteria for getting third place with 15033 words!

    Congratulations to @SilverNight for getting second place with 22150 words!

    And Congratulations to @BrumalHunter for getting first place with 40076 words!

    BrumalHunter is the Last Man Standing of LMS Round VI!

    SilverNight !!!!! This was so much fun!
    Jul 3, 2023

    looseleaf Congrats guys!! It was fun writing with all of you!!
    Jul 3, 2023

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  • Everyone, I am out of town today but I will tally up the totals as soon as possible!

  • I cried at least seven different times during the past 48 hours. Possibly more.

    We await the outcome. Well done to my rivals.

  • Hey everybody! I’m sure y’all noticed that I did not post this week, week 42. In all honesty, I’ve been extremely busy for a long time, and I have a really difficult time prioritizing my mental health. I talked about this a lot with Omni already, but my competitive streak can really be destructive towards my self-esteem if I feel like I didn’t push myself enough to complete something, and so honestly, I think that deciding to not compete was more growth for myself than continuing to compete would’ve been. I think that knowing I’d nearly made it to the end has allowed me to feel more confident and happy with everything I was able to accomplish over the year of writing.

    Good luck to the four writers still going—you’ll all do great, no matter how much you turn in. It’s impressive enough that you’ve made it this far! And make sure you prioritize yourself in this last final stretch.

    And of course, an enormous thanks to Omni. You helped me establish a stable writing routine unlike any I’ve ever had for a solo project before, and it’s helped my confidence and writing grow more than I could ever possibly express. You’re amazing!

    Happy Final Week, and may the odds be ever in your favor.


  • The Final Week of LMS Round VI is upon us! With three Warriors and one Rogue remaining, please cheer on and support them!

    To @SilverNight @BrumalHunter and @WeepingWisteria -- good luck! The Final Week begins soon. To the Warrior who writes the most this week, you will be crowned the Last Man Standing.

    And finally, please congratulate Rogue @KateHardy who has been writing faithfully with the Warriors all the way through Blizzard!

    BrumalHunter I had to double-check to be sure, which I now am, but you said there'd be a month of Blizzard before the final week. Why are we having the end a week early with no prior notice?
    Jun 26, 2023

    Omni @BrumalHunter since there are only three contestants left, I decided to cut one week of Blizzard. Apologies for not giving prior notice!
    Jun 26, 2023

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  • A huge congratulations to @Ventomology, @TheSilverFox, and @looseleaf for making it all the way to Blizzard! May your writing go swell for your future projects ^^

  • We haven't been getting a last day ping for a while now, but since all ten of us who still remain have proven we certainly don't need one, I'd like to post something else instead! Specifically, I'd like to congratulate everyone who's made it this far:

    Blizzard is only a couple days away, and although most (if not all) of us have already written upwards of forty thousand words, we could possibly see that number double before this competition ends. Regardless of how far any of us makes it, and regardless of who wins, everyone did an outstanding job of committing to their writing. Our craft is not an easy one, yet it is easy to lose faith in ourselves. Let our progress here stand as a testament to our endurance and dedication.

    @Brigadier, @BrumalHunter, @KateHardy, @looseleaf, @SilverNight, @soundofmind, @TheSilverFox, @Ventomology, @WeepingWisteria, and @winterwolf0100, good luck to you all! Have a final meme and know it doesn't apply to you. ;)


    WeepingWisteria Going to second Brumal here and just say that we are all soooo cool. No matter what happens, it was an absolute blast to compete with all of you and I’m so proud of everyone!!! Good luck in the snow!
    Jun 3, 2023

  • Ventomology Wow I'm so ready to do this and tech week. Haha.
    May 9, 2023

    IcyFlame *shivers*
    May 10, 2023

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  • winterwolf0100 [me pretending you’re Omni] thanks Omni!
    Mar 25, 2023

    Omni thank you Omni stealing my identity again smh
    Mar 28, 2023

  • Looks like this week is the last week for me as a Warrior. I have had an immense amount of fun writing and participating in this competition!! As the contest runner, I will continue to root for all of you, just on the sidelines ^^

    good luck and happy writing for Week Twenty Eight!!

    Spearmint noo Omni :'( but amazing job writing (way) over 27k words!! best of luck with the rest of writing for Silver & Silk <3
    Mar 19, 2023

    BrumalHunter Oh! I hadn't even realised. Did you drop out for personal or time reasons? I was wondering how it would work with the two hosts of the contest also participating in it, but I see looseleaf is still continuing.
    Apr 2, 2023

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