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Pokemon Ultimate Evoultion: Episode 10!, Caught in the Element of Sparker.

by dark

Warning: This work has been rated 16+ for language, violence, and mature content.

The sky was pouring its tears into Rustboro City like a drink into a tall glass. Lightning struck all over, barley hitting any buildings, but still a forced to be feared by most. I stared out into the everlasting storm with Violet and Sato by my side. Winds drove through the city, blowing us back as we stood under the large black umbrella I recently created.
"I think floods are starting to form." Sato said with a worried look. "Maybe we should leave the city, Ryan."
"I would like to witness these floods for myself," I said with Jason on my shoulder. "but if you two want to go somewhere safer, that would be fine."
"Sato, I don't think it will be that bad as long as we stay inside." Violet answered. "I would rather stay just for the fun of it."
"I guess so..."
"You know, I have an idea, you two go inside."
Sato and Violet ran back inside and watched me from afar. I closed my eyes and opened my right hand. I closed the umbrella and clasped both of my hands together, forming a yellow electric orb in them. I hurled the orb towards the edge of the city. The orb stretched and formed a high and wide wall of electricity, protecting the city from any oncoming floods. Sato and Violet watched in awe of my abilities. Jason wrapped his arms around my neck. He was very tired and on the verge of falling asleep. He let out a soft, low cry before slowly closing his large blue eyes. I walked back inside as the sun began to fall in the sky, leaving the lightning to illuminate the entire sky when it struck.
"Wow Ryan," Violet gawked. "Where did you learn to do that?"
"Since the teacher at the school still hasn't come, I have been teaching myself how to do new things and create new abilities with my powers." I said.
"Wow, Jason finally fell asleep again." Sato said looking at the sleeping baby dragon. "He seems to be growing rapidly in size too. I guess that's what happens when you eat Sitrus Berries your whole life. I don't think I could hold him anymore. He's just to big."
"Hmm hmm hmm." I chuckled. "No worries. It's great that he grows so fast, I think. As long as he's enjoying his time with us it's fine."
"Well guys, I think we should all go to sleep then. I'm tired too, and I don't feeling taking any more showers right now. That is unless you would join me sometime soon, Ryan." Violet said biting her lip.
"Maybe someday..." I said.
"I hope that day is soon." She said under her breath.
We went upstiairs to the open room and lie down on the bed with the lights turned off. I fell asleep quicker than I usually do, but this time I saw something. It looked like many people, males and females, walking around. Going about their regular lives. They all seemed to be like me, not knowing where they came from and living on their own. They all faced me. Then, the image faded into nothing and I suddenly woke up. I opened my eyes and everything looked normal. Sato sleeping next to me, Violet on the other bed sleeping with Jason curled in ball on her chest. Nothing looked out of place.
Hours later, I still lie down, staring into the darkness of the room. Thunder rolling outside and shooting lightning whenever it pleased. I stood up and headed into the other part of the room. The marble tile floor shone brightly when I flipped the lights on I closed the door behind me and walked towards the large tub in the middle of the room. I turned a turned the water on and let the tub almost fill up with water. I took off my clothes and sank into the deep hot water, leaving my head above. I closed my eyes and relaxed my body.
I guess bathing really is a way to keep yourself busy when boredom strikes.
After a while, Violet came into the tub while I had my eyes closed and stared at me for a while before I opened my eyes.
"What are you doing?" I said in a grumpy, low tone.
"Oh, nothing Ry-Ry." She answered. "You?"
"I was taking a long bath. Until you dicided to intrude."
"C'mon, don't be like that. This gives us a chance to talk some more."
"I guess..." Violet swam closer to me.
"Why are you so distant, Ryan?" She asked. "I'm starting to think you don't like us."
"Of course I like you and Sato. I have no reason not to." I said. "Also I like the way you two keep yourselves. You aren't like most people and I like that." Violet swam next to me and gave me a tight hug.
"That's sweet of you. No one is this nice to us seeing as we are so different." She with an ecchi look. "That's cool. You can change the color of your eyes? They are red now."
"I didn't know I could do that."
"You are a weird boy, for sure. I like you that way." She said in a seductive voice. She ran a finger down my cheek and turn my head towards her. "Mmmm, those eyes of yours are back to black now. So weird..."
"Yeah whatever I have had enough of this."
Violet pouted, "I just wanted to spend some time with a friend."
I got out of the tub, leaving Violet alone while dried myself off and put my clothes back on. Outside, my electric wall was holding up very well against the tiny floods. I looked closer at the slightly transparent wall and saw two very faint figures standing behind it. They seemed to be speaking to each other. Jason hopped up onto my hand when I held it out to him. I put him back inside the room and I walked outside to get a better view of them. They were gone.
"Well! Hey Sparker!" Elec yelled from across the street. "How you doing?"
"I'm very annoyed right now." I groaned. "I knew I would be seeing you again."
"Looking for something Sparker?"
"No... Just waiting for you to do something worthwhile." The boy behind him seemed familiar. He looked like someone in the dream I had earlier.
Elec disapeared while I wasn't paying attention to him. The boy looked at me.
"You are Ryan Sparker?" He asked.
"Yes, I am." I answered. "Who are you?"
"Alexander. I have no last name." He did have an accent though.
"I saw you in a dream, Alexander. Can you explain to me the reason why?"
Before he could open his mouth, Elec shot a Charge beam at my back and sent me flying into the Devon building. Violet and Violet ran down to me as I got up.
"Ryan, Elec took Sato!" She cried.
That's what he's going to do? Try and distract me?
"Ugh, this isn't going to be a picnic. Look for her, I'll take care of Elec here."
"Dammit!" Elec yelled. "Why won't you die!?!"
"Why did you take Sato you bastard!?" Violet yelled at him.
"I don't know. Hahahaha! Come figure it out."
"Ryan, kill him. And make sure he's dead this time."
"With plesure."
Elec charged his fist and ran towards me. I kicked him to the ground and punched him once he got to his feet. He launched at me and threw speedy punches at me. I dodged all of them and kicked him back again.
"Your way of battle is disgusting, Elec. No wonder you can't defeat anyone." I said taunting him.
"Shut. UP!!"
He comepletly lost it. He wasn't even trying to land any hits on me. He just let out a crazy rage and cpshit charge beams and rocks at the nearby buildings. I stood still and laughed and taunted him as he thrashed.
"You have no reason ti be here, fool. I don't even know why I focus on you." I said, watching as he punched holes into the sides of buildings. "You re worthless."
Alex walked to my side.
"He does this every time. Just kill him already." He said flicking his hair away from his eyes.
"Hold on." I said with a chuckle. "This is too entertaining."
"If you insist." He replied while materializing an umbrella to keep himself dry.
He ran inside the Devon building and started a rage in there. I followed him to contiue laughing at his rage. I saw him struggling to grab Jason who wasn't aware of him.
"You touch him, and you will wish you hadn't, Elec." I said giving him a glare of my color changing, red eyes. He ingnored me and finally grabed Jason and slammed him to the ground. He stomed on Jason's small body.
"What the hell is this thing!!?? And why won't it die!?" He yelled.
Suddenly I felt nothing at the sight of this. Nothing, but rage. Jason cried and stared at me, from under Elec's shoe. His stared at me, waiting for me to help him. I tackled Elec though the buildings wall to to the back where my tent used to be. I formed six knives and reatedly drove each one through his skins. He yellow, electric blood flowed over his wounds. The sound of his screams made me stab him harder, as I enjoyed the feeling of his body shivering though the knives. Through his neck, through his chest. I couldn't stop even after his wounds bled forcefully. Alex watched with a smile as I finally killed him. His body disapeared leaving his blood on my knives which returned to electricity.
"Finally. Sparker you did very well for such a simple task. I liked the way you handled it." He said clapping his hands. I paid him no mind and ran over to Jason who was heavily injured and bleeding. I picked him up and he snuggled close to me never wanting to leave my side. I held is wounds trying to stop him from bleeding.
I held him close, whispering to him as I searched for Violet and Sato. The storm settled down turning into a light rain, then nothing but a gray sky. My electric wall fizzled out when I saw the storm had stopped. I found Violet by a small building. She heard Sato calling for help and was checking them.
"Ryan!" She yelled. "I hear Sato in there."
I kicked through the door and saw Sato standing unharmed,
"Thank you." She said. "Elec threw me in here out of nowhere." She looked at Jason who was still bleeding in my hands. His red blood all over them. She gasped and Violet looked at Jason too.
"Oh, no... Jason. Will he be alright?" Violet asked.
"I don't know..." I said. "I just don't know."
"Ryan! Violet! Come on!" Sato yelled.
We ran to her into the Devon building where Alex and Sato were.
"Give him to, Ryan." He said. I opened my hand and Alex took him in his. He closed his eyes and Jason was wrapped in a grey ball. "This is all I can do, it will keep him from bleeding and let his wounds heal. We'll have to wait until everyone comes back."
"Thank you Alex." Violet said calmly.
Sato and Violet went back inside and started picking up the glass on the floor.
"Ryan, you say you saw me in a dream?" He asked while handing me the grey ball.
"Somehow I did too. But mine was more accurate in terms of where I came from. I don't know how but, we are related..."
"Hey sis!" Tracey yelled. "The storm has stopped finally."
"I don't care." Lisa pouted. "I don't have a job now so I really don't care."
Tracey boiled with anger and slapped her sister.
"Tracey... Stop yelling at me!"
"I'm sorry, but you can't keep pouting like an immature little girl. You run around with a fake name to try and live a better life? Well that's not working for you. Just grow up already would you?"
The rest of the city were all at a different location and were getting ready to head back to Rustboro. The floods calmed down and returned to small puddles all over. Lisa and Tracey were the first to return.
"Ryan! Hey kid!"
"Tracey, hello."
"What's the mater?" She asked looking as sweet as always. I showed her the grey ball which she could faintly see through.
"Oh my, is that Jason.?" She asked looking concerned.
"Yes it is. He's hurt bad."
"That's horrible, follow me, Ryan."
I followed her to the school and she lead me to her room. She opened the grey ball and looked at him. "Whoa, whatever that ball was has healed him really fast. He's just sleeping!"
"What?" I exclaimed. I took him from Tracey. He opened his eyes, hopped up and wrapped his arms around my neck.
"I'm glad to see you're okay, Jason." Tracey said with a smile.
"I'm glad too." Jason held on harder.
I left Tracey and went back to the Devon building where Burrow was back looking at the damage Sato and Violet has already fixed.
"Ryan?" He said. "You and these lovely girls here really kept my place alive while I was away. Great work!"
"We had nowhere else to stay, sorry." Sato said shamefully.
"It's no trouble!" Burrow smiled. "I'm glad you had a place to stay safe while the storm went on."
"We tried to keep it the same but it's hard in that kind of weather." Violet spoke up.
"Really it's no trouble at all!"
Burrow went to the top floor while we stayed back here. The rest of the people flooded back into the city and immediatly started repairing the slight damages.
"So Alex and you are cousins?" Sato asked.
"Yeah, I don't know were he went, but that's what his dream told him." I answered.
"So you have a relative other than Jason. That's nice." She said with a cute smile.
"Yeah. Somehow he healed Jason but acted like he couldn't do anything else to heal him."
That was very odd of Alex, but I didn't dwell on it. If was related to me, he must have had a great reason for it...
"Sato! Where are you?!" Someone screamed. Later, a Gardevoir ran up to her and shot her a glare. "What the hell was that?? Why are you still here!?"
"Mother, you left me behind, again." Sato said while her mother slapped her hand on Sato's head.
"That's no excuse! You could have easily walked to where we were."
"Did you expect her to walk in that kind of weather?" I said angrily. "What kind of mother are you?"
"Oh, you must be Ryan. Sorry but, you obviously don't know what a mother does for her children."
"Oh ho ho, Zoey you are pushing the wrong buttons here." Violet laughed. "Why don't we all get along before someone gets hurt."
"Whatever, Violet, you're just a stuck-up little brat. You don't know anything. It's about time you realized that." Zoey said mocking Violet's intelligence.
Zoey turned around and walked away. "Come ON Sato!" She yelled.
"Bye.." Sato whispered. I gave her a kiss on the cheek before she followed her mother away.
"I feel so bad for her." Violet said. "Zoey is such a hard ass."
"Yeah." I answered. "Hey, isn't your family coming back?"
"They should already be here but yeah, they are. Wanna meet them?"
Violet walked me to her large three story home outside the city. She tried at the door and it opened.
"Hey!" She yelled inside the house. "Anybody here?"
A light turned on in a room at the side of the hallway. A tiny little girl wearing a pink shirt and pink shorts came running towards Violet and I.
"Sis! Where were you? Are you leaving please don't leave?" She cried. Violet scooped her up off the floor and held her in her arms.
"Oh, calm down. I'm not leaving." She smiled. I was just with Ryan here. "Ryan, this is my little sister, Magenta."
Magenta's large eyes turned to me.
"Wow, you're cute!" She exclaimed.
"Heh heh, thank you." I said politely. "So are you." Magnata closed her eyes and squealed with joy.
"Alright kid that's enough." Violet said putting her down. "He's my boyfriend."
"Aww.. Well, if you stop liking Violet will you be my boyfriend? Please?" She asked looking up at me with wide magenta colored eyes.
"Of course!" I exclaimed. I bent down and gave her a kiss on her forehead. She looked as if she was going to melt and she ran upstairs. We heard her squealing as loudly as she could.
"Gee, thanks for getting her hopes up." Violet said sarcastically with her arms folder over her chest. Come on, maybe the rest of my family is in the back.
Violet and I walked to the back door which led into another room that was twice as large as the other rooms we'd past. As soon as I opened the door, a knife was hurled at me, I caught it with one hand before it got close to my face. A boy my age sat across from a table with various slashes from knives on it. He has was sharpening his knives one by one with another. His clothes were like Violet's but larger and with a red orange color. His red hair spiked up at the sight of me.
"What the hell was that, Kray?" Violet screamed.

"Nothing, the boy has great reflexes. He caught that knife without even thinking" Kray laughed.

"Oh no, Kray, I had time to think. That knife wasn't fast at all. You see my eyes are practically faster than light when I move them as fast I can." I said throwing the knife back at him. He caught it just like I did.

"Well, this is your so-called boyfriend, Vi? I can kinda see why you like him but, eh, I don't know." He said in a slow, sinister voice. "Glad to meet your acquaintance, Ryan. I thought I was gonna hate you for a second there."

"Same here."

"Whatever, where's Lavender, Kray?" Violet asked.

"Out back. She probably prancing around naked or whatever she does when she's alone." Kray laughed.

"Oh, shut up!"

Violet opened the door behind Kray and led me out to the back yard. The grass their was spray painted purple. A girl who looked a little like Violet was lying on the grass with her arms spread out.

"Hey, Lavender! What are you doing?" Violet asked.

"Relaxing a bit." She answered. "That Ryan?"

"Yes, my name is Ryan, it's a pleasure to meet you, Lavender." I said.

She bounded up and skipped towards me, stand face to face with me.

"I'll uh, leave you two alone. Heh heh." Violet said with a wiked smile. "Have fun. She'll devour you."

"So, what's this all about?" I asked. Lavender walked around she looking at me up and down. She twirled informant of me a gave me a wink.

"Oh, nothing." She said with a more seductive voice than Violet's. "Just trying to get a lay of the land here. If you know what I mean."

"No I don't know. I'll be leaving now, if you don't mind." I said trying to get some distance between us.

"Please not yet!" She cried. "I need to look at you some more.

She walked behind me and wrapper her arms round me. She let out a low sigh and smiled.

"Your body is so warm..." She sighed. "You remind me of Indigo."

She go of me and walked to the door. "Sorry for acting so strange. I just wished he would come back"

"You and Violet seem to really like this Indigo."I said standing next to her. "I would understand if I had someone like that."

Violet followed me back to the room in the Devond building. The door had the word "Sparker" on the door. Burrow had put that there to show that the room was mine for as long as I lived in the city.

"Feel free to say no, but I want to live with you for a while." Violet sheepishly asked. "If that's okay."

Her passiveness struck me as odd.

"Why are you acting so passive?" I asked. "What happened to the spunky, sassy, cute Violet that I know? Of course you can live with me if you want, but I don't you to be sad again."

"It's nothing, just memories of Indigo." She said giving me a hug. "Thanks for caring."


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1318 Reviews

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Sun Jun 30, 2013 5:55 am
Hannah wrote a review...

Oh my goodness gracious there was so much going on in this chapter.

But the first thing I want to point out is this:

She with an ecchi look.

This is the name for a term of anime or manga and sounds REALLY ODD describing a look in a piece of prose. Maybe you're imagining it term of an anime or manga, but for the sake of the story as it exists here, don't use terms like this, especially that your audience will have to look up and get shaken out of the story for.

Now, I have to say again that I don't believe Alexander would randomly talk with Ryan about his dreams and believe them that much. We don't do so in our human society. Unless you build a precedent where it's normal for pokemon to talk about and believe in dreams, I won't believe this.

I'm also confused during this section:

Violet and Violet ran down to me as I got up.
"Ryan, Elec took Sato!" She cried.

Are there two Violets? Are there two Elecs? The two Elecs thing makes sense, because then one took Sato and one's here to fight. Otherwise, wouldn't Jason have done something about Elec taking Sato? Wouldn't they have heard anything of the struggle while up in the bath?? The series of events is pretty strange here. But it does make it clearer why Elec would ask, "Looking for something", and it's satisfying that Ryan has no idea what he's talking about.

The violence is shocking. Make sure there's a reason your characters act the way they do.

And lastly, these scenes with the families are what I wanted last time when Sato and Ryan sat around talking to each other. Seeing Violet's family really put her attitude in perspective and made her feel more real to me, except it's really strange that her entire family seems fixated only on sexuality. :I

Welp, if you post part eleven, you know where I am!

Good luck and keep writing!

dark says...

I understand about what you mean about Alex randomly talking about his dreams to people he barley knows, but of course, neither of them are normal people, so they won't do trappings that a normal human would do, and they are not even human to being with. And maybe something would have happened while violets and Sato were taking baths, maybe I should have added in that they got out before Ryan stared out the window and saw the two boys behinds his wall. That's the only reason Sato's fully clothed when they find her. Also I should have forgotten a key event. Alas has the ability to enhance the power of others. That's how he was able to kidnap Sato so fast without being seen walking into the building, and takin Sago. Alex had enhanced his speed to that of lighting. And of course Violet's family. I don't know about Kray, but Violet and Lavender have the sexuality trait that you speak of. Since Lavender is Volet's younger sister, it's clear that she gets the trait from her. Kray on the other hand has more of suprise attack complex. You'll be seeing that knife throwing greeting a lot more. Glad you liked the story, Hannah, I hope you'll enjoy the rest! :)

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Sun Jun 30, 2013 12:00 am
Jonathan wrote a review...

Hello dark. Jordin here to review your Epic series I hope this review helps and not hurts.

Well there were a few spelling mistakes I would read it through and pin point them you may even see a better way to write it.

Well I want to say something about you killing idea, you never kill for no reason.

Some of this made sense some of it did not your punctuation was great and spelling and stuff like that but I still can't see a plot. (Not yet atleast.)

Keep writing and good luck.

Until later good bye.

~Jon~ :pirate3:

dark says...

Plot's not clear yet? I should have tried to see it from your perspective. I wrote the story so I already know the plot sorry! :/
A lot of rewriting has to done, I'll think about the craziness. And about the killing thing, I know in this world killing for no reason would be a crime, but it's she opposite in a world without them. I should have made it clear. The plot is really that Ryan will do anything to protect the few friends he's made. (Sorry for spoiling it but I didn't want to confuse you anymore.) Including killing someone who could pose as a threat to them, even if they are no threat to Ryan. In this case, with Elec constantly harassing Sato and beating down his baby brother, I would understand why he would lose his cool.

Wise men talk because they have something to say; fools, because they have to say something.
— Plato