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A saying of old

by Zackymas

“Anything is at it seems,” a few years back, we didn’t know what this meant. But now, now life has showed us how mean and harsh this expression actually is. How it’s meant to threaten your hopes. To destroy your expectations. I remember Father repeating it us every single morning. It’s funny I’m telling you this, I’ve never shared it with anyone besides the Sisters. Now that we are at it; guess I should tell you the whole story.

Centuries ago, there was a young boy by the name of Frey. Our little friend had the strongest legs in the small village we used to call Gargon, he’d always work along the hunters to chase the quickest preys, he’d be bait, or he could be the chaser sometimes. But he always had to do something related to his tremendous speed. Thanks to his oddly tan color, the boy was easy on the camouflage, just a few stripes of paint here and there and boom, we got a small bush.

The thing is that, Frey lived as he hunted. He’d sometimes go along the road, expecting to see something jump out of the grass, sometimes he’d enter a shop camouflaged in hopes no one’d notice his presence so he could steal some sweets. He was the trickiest bastard one could imagine; and he was proud of it. Those orange eyes of his and messy hair of the same tone gave him the power to puppy-look anyone into letting him go. Aye, a small cheater of the highest caliber. Imagine what his innocent mother did when she was told her young boy had taken part in raiding one of the wealthiest betting houses of the West. The kid convinced the guards there was a box full of rats in the basement they should take care of; surprised they were when they realized the box was full of booby traps and paralyzing gas. Thirty minutes later all the bettors had been left off with barely any clothing. The only one who didn’t escape was young Frey; y’know what he said? “I gotta go to bed before midnight,” little prick the bastard was he.

After getting the crap beaten out him, Frey left his hometown. He traveled south, to Riverbanner’s lands. The boy had to rely on he learned to survive, thus every town he met, ended up stripped down of its wealth. The bounty of Frey’s head grew each day larger. Mercenaries from the west, the north, the savage lands, and the east went down to Riverbanner territory in hopes they could catch the head that’d solve at least two years of their lives. The Fake Prey the called him, they thought it was fitting since his name’s Frey and no one could seem to even find his tracks, “they seem easier than what they are.” That was until a pair of head-hunters from the Black Mountain, people called them the Black Sisters. They were the most dangerous kind of fighters no one wanted to dance with. Melissa and Hanna, were they called if my memory doesn’t fail me.

A week, a week is the time the Black Sisters needed to find Frey. What most had tried for years, they accomplished in seven day. How? That you’ll have to ask them. But back to the story; although they found him, it was funny the fact they didn’t kill him, they didn’t even report his location. Oh by the way, everything I’m gonna say from here on it’s known only by me and the Family, so consider yourself a prodigy.

We do not know what Frey said or did in order to convince the pair of killers to join him, perhaps they didn’t want to kill in the first place, maybe their wish was always to meet the most known criminal in the Fourth Age. “Anything is at it seems,” was the mark the criminal trio left wherever they went. They tangled with guards from all kingdoms, bribed merchants in all ports, stole jewels from whatever wealthy nobleman they found, changed records from prisons, and took jobs from any willing to pay the price. Philosophers, mages, alchemists and scholars tried to decipher what the now-popular-saying left by the trio meant, some came to the conclusion that things are simple, others thought it was meant to rise the popular cast of society, but they were all wrong; when Frey, Hanna and Melissa founded the Guild, only those who joined were able to see the true meaning of the expression.

Now, two-hundred years later, a few thieves, the Sisters, and I, is only the Guild has left. All direct descendants from Hanna, Melissa, and Frey. For the grand finale, I think it should be good to tell you what that popular expression means, it doesn’t carry much weight today so we have nothing to lose.

“Anything is at it seems”, means that nothing is further than what you can see. When the situation seems unbeatable, then it is, if it seems you are going to die, then you are, don’t be blindly hopeful, if the situation looks dire then it is, don’t make stuff up to feel better, embrace that feeling of powerlessness, of despair, of lonesomeness, so when the situation repeats, you will know what is it like to fail, giving you the experience needed to not fail. Until you learn to accept that as an universal truth, you won’t be able to change it, and make things seem other than they do now.

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Mon May 16, 2016 6:13 pm
RippleGylf wrote a review...

I like the idea behind this piece, but the saying you repeat throughout seems unintelligible until, of course, the final paragraph. It also is only one letter off of "Anything is AS it seems," which makes more sense grammatically. Your description of Frey is also very detached, which I suppose makes sense given the narrator, but it feels like telling rather than showing. Overall, it doesn't feel like one complete story. The premise is very good, though. Keep writing!

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Sun May 15, 2016 7:16 pm
johnAsade wrote a review...

i couldnt quite make out “Anything is at it seems' until the final paragraph. Thats not a good thing-i mean, i was wondering what it was all about. Actually, i thought it was wrong grammar. There is also something rushed about this piece that makes your punctuation seem a little misplaced. It is a nice story though.

Zackymas says...

Honestly, I also think it's wrong grammar. This was more like an exercise, I needed a random sentence and "Anything is at it seems" is what I got so I was like 'okay whatever.' And yeah I need some advice with the punctuation, it'd be lovely if you could point out some.

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