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Just a Random Poem.

by SuperOriginalName

Just a Random Poem.

This is just a random poem,

And I know it's not going to be so great,

But hang tight,

And just wait.

I don't put a lot of care into these poems.

I just write.

And somehow, in some way,

They are put onto the literary spotlight.

Even the poem I'm writing now,

I'm just typing in bed carelessly.

However, this is how I get the most out of myself,

And I do it cheerfully.

In thought, this is just one of my random poems,

But I hope you enjoyed it anyway.

Until next time,

And have a great day.

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Wed Oct 16, 2019 2:24 am
Lionhero333 wrote a review...

I enjoyed this. Its not too much or too drawn out. In a sense it is what it is. Nothing is every without meaning so i do feel its fair of me to say its a poem about nothing... But kinda. Its fun and alittle whimsical, carefree and laid-back. Its simple and I like it. Good job.

I dont want to say I wasn't impressed because I feel as though that wasn't the point of the poem. It was just something to read and sometimes those can be artistic. It's black and white and sometimes that can be colorful, I guess

SuperOriginalName says...

I'm sorry you did not enjoy this poem that much. What can I do to get better? Any suggestions?

SuperOriginalName says...

I'm sorry you did not enjoy this poem that much. What can I do to get better? Any suggestions?

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Tue Oct 15, 2019 7:58 pm
WinnyWriter wrote a review...

Cool how you just put random ramblings down as a poem. However, I wouldn't get too comfortable with that if I were you. Just because it was successful once doesn't mean further attempts aren't going to sound cheesy. I personally wasn't as impressed with this one as the one was just in the literary spotlight. Maybe that's just my opinion, but think of how you can add a little more flavor or humor if you decide to let your random thoughts tumble out in poetry again. That way you can keep that amusing, captivating factor in there. The first poem was a great hit. Keep developing your skill. :)

SuperOriginalName says...

Thank you for this nice review. This was definitely not one of my best works, but I just put it out there. It%u2019s fine if you do not like this poem, and I know I need to keep writing some more humorous poems. Those are the ones that most people like, and (I think, at least) it%u2019s most likely because poetry has a stereotype for being very moody, and reserved for people who are %u201Cemo%u201D and such. I will keep writing funny poems in the future, but sometimes I like to spice things up a bit.. in a weird way.
Anyway, I will definitely take this review into consideration and..
Keep writing! :D

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