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Well this mission went...well it happened

by Sunflowerdemon3712

Alright so I'm straight copy posting from Google doc so if anything looks weird that's why! Anyway um this is techincally like a 'rough draft' cause my friend hasn't edited out the grammar mistakes or anything yet so if something looks wonky that's why! Anyway I hope you enjoy this either way!


Tallen checks his mission list again, he knew he was on the right track but his hands still

moved across the screen typing in his password. The screen still flashed the planet of Hilasta and the little description at the bottom. He remembers when Sammy gave him his mission.

He walked into her office to find her pouring over blue prints while ranting on the phone at

someone in rapid fire Avion. Her bubblegum pink wings twitching as she finally settled down and hung up.

“Hey Tallen, sorry ‘bout that,” she grumbled, pushing lime green hair out of her pink eyes.

“No worries, who was it?” Sammy had been working on getting a station built in space so

she could detach herself completely from the Miracle Fleet, it had been in production for months and now it was only the finishing touches being done but some of the people doing the finishing touches were being difficult.

“Dallen he’s demanding an extra two thousand bits and quite honestly are money is

already being stretched past it’s limits,” She sighed putting her head in her hands.

“I can talk to him if you want,” Tallen was technically the vice president of the company

but most of the real business decisions were made by Sammy due to her being leagues above him in that sense. He was more hands on doing missions and such, but sometimes people didn’t listen to Sammy and he helped by talking to people because if there was one thing he could do it was smoothing things over.

“That would be great but it’s fine I’m sending him a message already so it’s not big deal,”

She sighed pinching her nose. “Now I’m assuming your here for a mission?”

“Yeah I took time like you said, rested and everything,” it wasn’t a compleat lie, not really.

“Great, we are kinda short on A list missions but there is one you might be interested in,”

a sly smile spread across Sammy's lips and he already knows she’s got something she shouldn’t have on her hands. “How would you like to go to Hilasta?” A grin spreads across Tallens lips immediately. Hilasta was a planet practically drenched in wealth due to being the Miracle Fleets top bitch, so what ever they were ordering that they couldn’t get from the Miracle Fleet was something they’d be willing to pay real money for, he was down for that.

So now he sat on his ship glancing at the arrival time which was pretty soon. He begins

preparing Kelkie for landing when all of a sudden the sensors he had rigged began blaring. He looked at her screen to see four purple dots, shit. He immediately kicks Kelkie into light speed, he probably didn’t have the fuel for that but he would take his chances over another run in with the miracle fleet.

So he sped through space but it was no use because as soon as he sped up the Miracle

ships did the exact same and soon they were right on his tail. He jams a couple buttons to get the piolet seat blasters activated, with one set of hands he held the blasters and with the other he was away at work seeing how hard it would be to make an emergency landing. Just as he was about to approve a landing his ships jolts and shakes.

“Fucking shit!” He screams as he swerves out of the way of another ship.

Tallen was a good pilot anyone with eyes could see that, but going up against four

miracle fleet trained flyers was a whole new story. As he desperately tried to get Kelkie to boot up her back up systems with two hands the other two were busy finally managing a good hit on one of the ships promptly knocking them out of the running. That’s when his ship screen lights up with a call and he wrinkles his nose when seeing the called name.

“Tea, call off your goons!” He screams as he dodges another attack.

“No can do Tallen, I can only stop them when you land,” She pout and he rolls his eyes.

“Stop calling me unless your gonna help!” He screams hanging up just as she opens her

mouth to say something.

Finally he manages to pull himself close enough to Hilasta to begin landing, it was risky

but he could manage it. He thinks he’s had it when he sees one of the ships turn but then he feels the ship jerk forwards and immediately emergency warnings begins going off. He does his best but the landing is far less than graceful, next thing he knows his head is spinning and everything goes black.

Tallen wakes up to people crowding around him, he tries to mumble something but his

head pounds and everyone’s speak gibberish. That’s when he vaguely sees a blurry figure appear in front of him.

“Move you utter buffoons I can handle this!” the voice is strict and everyone listens.

“Apologize your highness,” your highness? Why would royalty be here?

“Don’t resist please,” the voice says smoothly as he feels pressure in his head before

relife floods over him and he’s finally able to peel his eyes al the wal open to see a man around his age leaning over him with a stern look on his face.

“Gods…what?” he grumbles sitting up and rubbing his head as the man steps back.

“How are you feeling?” one of the women dressed in tight white medical suits asks.

“He’ll be fine Jeenes I’ve healed him and most of his injuries were superficial no brain

damage or cracks in the skull,” The man who healed him says with the wave of his hand.

“Uh thanks,” Tallen mumbles, he was right Tallen felt fine and he was thankful nothing

more happened.

“Of course, now all of you shoo I have business to attend to,” the men and women in

white shuffle off the ship which from what Tallen could see had stood up to the clanky ending surprisingly well. “So I assume your mister Hillwick, correct?” The man asks pushing lavender hair out of his eyes revealing a dazzling set of eyes, one bright amber and the other dark emerald.

“Yes I am,” Tallen says, rising from the floor dusting himself off.

“Good, now not to rush into things but do you have the products my father ordered?” He

asks face not shifting out of it’s flat expression as he speaks.

“Yeah, I just hope they aren’t damaged,” Tallen says, the man nods.

“Show me to the products please,” Tallen shrugs, his knees throbbed as he walked but

they had been bugging him before the crash so it wasn’t anything new.

Once he got outside to the port where the ship had apparently been hauled to. He

flinched when he saw the torn metal and torn up wing. He would have to fix that before he left otherwise he would leave at all. Nonetheless he walks around to the back pulling the undamaged hatch opening revealing the twelve plain brown crates. The man gives a satisfied smile before yelling something that sounded like a broken robot, two people rush over with flat beds and begin unloading the crates which he can tell they found out were much heavier than they looked.

“My apologies for the state of your ship,” The man says looking down at Tallen, why was

this guy so tall like the other people at the port were too being at least seven feet tall but this guy stood nearly two feet over them.

“It’s whatever I just need the stuff to fix it,” Tallen shrugs, heat beating down on his neck.

“Well I could include that in you pay seeing your services quite necessary for many

people, including us,” Tallen raises his eyebrows, he doesn’t expect an answer and he doesn’t get one.

“That would be cool, you’re still gonna pay me though right?” Tallen asks and he nods.

“Of course, now I must retreat to the palace the sun is setting quickly,” He says putting a

hand over his eyes. “You do have a place to stay I presume?” He says making Tallens wings twitch immediately, he hadn’t planned on staying here for anymore time than he had to.

“I’m just gonna sleep on my ship,” That makes the man's face shift slightly into surprise.

“Mister Hillwick unless you have anti-teleportation shields your ship will not do, the

Averon are a serious and not to be taken lightly,” This guy really assumed he would know that by skimming the information on his planet. “I could possibly arrange for you to stay in the palace if that’s necessary which might be seeing you won’t have the time to make it to town,” Stayign in a palace? Tallen might hate the Miracle Fleet and their lap dogs but if he got to stay in some castle instead of a cheepy hotel he was gonna take the offer.

“Sure I don’t got the money for a hotel anyway,” Tallen shrugs and once more the man

who he assumes is the prince has a quick look of surprise.

“Alright, follow me,”

Tallen grabs his knapsack with his change of clothes and is led past the sparkling crystal

gates into a giant palace. The palace is pure white star steel that probably cost so much money a chunk of the wall could have Tallen set for most of his life, the halls have so many lustrous jewels, fabrics, flowers and other decor he could probably fill his pockets and they would barely notice. The prince lead him down twisting corridors with house staff and a girl he stops to kiss the hand of making her go bright pink.

But as they were walking all of a sudden a girl only a couple years younger than him

runs out a door being chased and quickly stopped by the prince who grabs them both by the collar of their shirts.

“Hand it over,” The prince whispers as the two go a pale blue.

“Please don't’ tell anyone Cyra,” The girl says eyes wide as the other boy smirks.

“You two owe me one now, go,” He waves the two off and they both give him quite rude

gestures that make Tallen stop in his tracks before following the prince who was apparently Cyra.

“Who were they?” Tallen asks as they begin walking up another staircase.

“My siblings, they were being hooligans stealing from company!” He sneers his eyes

narrowing as his pointed tail whips back and forth.

As they walked Tallen felt himself straighten up his posture, the prince walked like every

step he took was calculated five months in advance. The prince was handsome with dainty features despite his height, his skin was a sapphire blue with a speckle of white freckles across his face and curling horns that faded from the blue of his skin to a deeper midnight blue. Everything about him screams royalty from the deep purple clothes to the gold and jewels hanging from his ears and one his fingers.

“You’ll be in one of the smaller rooms,” The prince says, coming to a quick halt at a door.

“I don’t really care I’m glad to have a room at all,” Tallen pushes open the door and his

jaw nearly hits the floor, a large bed stuffed with pillows and soft looking blankets is pushed against the wall with a dresser taking up over half a wall opposite to it, tow chairs are facing each other with a small table in between and a door he at first thought would lead to a closet till he was the large delicately carved wooden wardrobe. If this was one of the smaller rooms he couldn’t even imagine the bigger ones.

“T-thank you,” he babbles gazing around at the luxurious room.

“Of course, and we thank you for your help goodnight mister Hilwick,” with that the prince

turns away, closing the door between them as he does so.

Tallen peeks around the rooms to find that everything was way too short to possibly be

used by the people at the palace because while the vanity and bed were low enough for him everything else he saw in the palace was not. Were these people seriously rich enough to afford that many different kind of rooms? He would really doubt it seeing all they’d have to so was scrape some dust of their floor and sell it seeing it was probably somehow worth thousands of bit just like the walls.

He slips into the bathroom to find shelves of everything you could need, he even

recognized one of the shampoos as the one he used as a kid. There was a shower and a bath and after little consideration he decided he deserved a bath. At first he realized that he could n't but then saw the ph adjuster and he rolled his eyes at himself, of course they had that why wouldn’t they. He adjusted the water setting before tunning the water up to as hot as he could make it.

After he stepped out of the bathroom thoroughly clean he realized the clothes he had left

out were gone and so was his bomber. He looked around for it before finding a slip of a paper with words he couldn’t read, he pulled out his handheld and it ended up translating into a note telling him the house staff had took his clothes for washing, great. He prayed that they didn’t wash out any of the marker on his jacket because if they did he knew he would probably cry.

So he slips into his change of clothes praying he could get his bomber back before he

had to go out to fix his ship because there was no way he was going to show off his arms to these rando’s. He looks down at his arms the burn scars deeply embedded in his flesh a permanent reminder that the Miracle Fleet hated him and everything he cared about. Sometimes the sight of them didn’t bother him, tonight wasn’t one of those times just looking at them made his stomach churn and his chest tighten.

As he lay in bed he remembers the night’s of staying up late whispering stories to Ani as

Roka curled up at his feet an their opa would come in and tell them to go to sleep. Then they would laugh and continue till one of them fell asleep. But instead this room was empty there was no bunk above his and there were no stories to giggle about. Now he lay begging for sleep, it doesn't hurt as much as being awake.


Cyra sits up as the maid walks into his room pulling open the curtains. He didn’t sleep

again which was pretty bad seeing that healing stunt took a lot out of him and he desperately needed it. He should pass out from sleep deprivation soon enough. Despite his hole body feeling heavy he gets up stretching and feeling his back popping.

He had things to do today, all of them tedious and irritating. He would be spending most

of the afternoon out on the town with princess Gwen, he preferred anything over dealing with her. It was a bad mindset to have about your fiance. He knew that but how could he like someone who spoke of everyone around her like they were nothing but dirt on the bottom of her shoes. If there was one thing he couldn’t stand, it was seeing everyone as less than you.

Nonetheless he slips into some of his best clothes draping in reds and yellows wearing

only one pair of earrings and his mothers necklace which he tucks into his shirt. He hated the thought of having to wear the more plain clothing Gwen demanded to see him in and he knew she hated even then small jewels that hung from his ears when they were out on the town. He loved the way he looked in jewelry and colors but he remembers what his father said ‘if you want to be considered my child change’. So he did he dressed how everyone else liked unless like yesterday the only people he was concerned about were the palace staff a few of his siblings and the delivery person who he wasn’t expecting to crash land on the planet.

The pilot mister Hillwick was an interesting person, he had been expecting far different

than what they had gotten. He remembers standing at the port tapping his foot while engaging in polite conversation with one of the workers when the crash happened. He wasn’t the one to get the medical workers and it took him far too much time to push past people to get to the ship. After that he had to shove past the medical workers who he couldn’t help but snap at when they had the audacity to say he couldn't manage such a thing.

He thinks about when he saw Hillwicks face and he couldn’t help it when fear shot

through his chest like it was someone he had known for years instead of some random moth who was delivering whatever strange item his father had ordered.

As he walks down the hall he’s tempted to stop by his art room, his father most likely

wouldn’t allow him breakfast this morning after desert yesterday so he had the time. So he looked around at the paintings and quickly found one with a small slit, he glanced around the halls, no siblings. He slipped behind the painting into the staff halls dimly lit by small step lights that rarely worked. He had to duck as to no his his horns on the ceiling but he walked looking at the carvings along the walls, they weren’t runes mostly letters in hearts done by dumb teenagers or little messages left by house staff as reassurance. But he was looking for one in particular and after many turns and dips in hallways he finally found the tinny music note he had scraped into the stone wall himself after days of work when he was a child.

He pushed the painting forward and the sweet smell of lavender and honey meets his

nose. It would be cheaper to buy the lavender honey candles here on Hilasta but they never smelled the same as the wonderful ones he got from Joylin, his brothers and sisters laugh but he knows they would do the same if their mother no longer was with them. The room has old and new paintings leaning against walls shoved on stuffed bookshelves, sketch books are stuffed on shelves alongside him and his mothers favorites and on the wall or at the window seat sat instruments of all kind, his piano that was small compared to the grand one in other halls, his viola and him and his mothers guitar. He was tempted to go sit at his piano tapping away as the keys but instead the second he caught a glimpse of the guitar he knew it wa sone of those days.

He remembers back when he sat at the window with his mother. Their art room was

where both of them could shift to their natural form, and every time he felt like he looked strange she insisted he looked perfect. He remembers looking into soft blue eyes and he pulling her dark curls away from her face when she painted, her syrup brown skin flecked with paint. His mother looked almost like a human in her natural form just far taller and with more claw-like hands. He remembers laughing as she told him terrible jokes and her reassuring him when he played the tune he wrote. He missed the kind laugh that once filled the room and the empty space that wouldn’t ever be gone.

He exists the room the way he entered after aimlessly plucking at strings before settling

by the window to draw for a while before realizing the time. No one was technically allowed in that art room, no one except him. Cyra was his mothers one and only child and before he was born the only person allowed in the art room was her or his father, housestaff or other royals were completely banned and once his siblings came along with a different mother they weren't allowed either. Because that was her and Cyra’s space, the place they could both let go of illusions and it didn’t matter because his siblings had no interest in spending time with her anyway.

He emerges from a painting in a back hallway of the palace that was rarely used. He still

had an hour to burn before he was meant to go out and all of his other duties had been taken care of the day before so he could have time to relax, but now that he had it he had no clue what to do. That’s when he remembers the moth pilot, he wondered how he was doing?

Soon Cyra walks out to the port to find the ship the pilot landed with was suspended in

the air as the moth was in mid air working on the ship bopping his head as he flipped down a welding helmet. He was tempted to walk away. He was clearly busy, weak little prince can’t even walk up to people his father hisses in his ear. So he inches forward and he must have noticed because mister hilwick quickly lands.

His pale white hair that they day before had been spilling down to his elbows was now

tied up into a ponytail showing off his brilliantly yellow eyes that narrow slightly at Cyra.

“Can I help you…your highness?” the was glad that he addressed him properly.

“I was just coming to see your situation was being taken care of, I assume they lent you

the parts necessary to mend your ship?” Every word he’s terrified of stumbling hearing that one letter repeated but once he’s done he’s satisfied with his properly crafted sentence.

“Yeah people have been cool about it,” He says with a small smile.

“Good, and if I may ask what model is you ship?” He watches the look of surprise

spread on his face before he smiles.

“Oh it’s actually a JX-4!” Cyra had always been interested in ships and the inner

workings of different things, but he remembered the governess scolding him on how that wasn’t something future kings should be indulging in. But it was times like these he couldn’t resist the urge to ask questions and the man who he learns is named Tallen was happy to answer, seeming quite excited to talk about his ship which he apparently named Kelkie. Cyra found out Tallen was quite the entertaining individual waving his hands as he spoke of his ship.

“My apologies mister Hillwick I must be on my way,” Cyra sighs as his handheld beeps.

“No worries your highness, if you ever want to talk ships I’m gonna be here for a few

more days,” he chuckles making Cyra give a small smile.

“Have a nice afternoon mister Hillwick,” Cyra says with another smile before walking off.

Soon he’s walking around the town with Gwen's hand gripping his arm. She talks about a

princess who had called her ugly, Cyra was barily involved in the conversation he was to distracted to care about Gwen’s story. His mind kept drifting off thinking about his conversation with Tallen. He couldn’t help but smile when thinking about the playful comments he had exchanged with Cyra who was at first confused but eventually caught onto Tallens types of jokes.

“Well aren’t you mister smiles,” Gwen giggles snapping him out of his head.

“Just a relaxing morning is all,” Cyra says with a nod as she pulls them over to her

favorite cafe. “How was your morning Gwen?” He asks knowing by the look on her face she wanted him to ask.

“Oh it was terrific! You know your brother Relik actually took me to the palace gardens,”

Cyra knew all to well Relik was in love with Gwen, she knew that as well and she loved hanging that over his head as if it would scare him into marrying her faster, quite frankly Relik could have her for all her cared.

“Was it nice? I heard they got marigolds,” Ezmond worked in the garden so he always

knew what new things were going into the garden.

“Oh it was dazzling, we should go there sometime! It’s not as public as the town,” That

was exactly why he liked being out in the town, Gwen was touchy enough when they were in public he had no desire to be with her in private.

“Two everberry tea’s and a chocolate scone, right?” Gwen beams as he lists her favorite

pastry, he’s sure if he didn’t have a photographic memory he wouldn’t have remembered it but since he did he knew what his father would say ‘she’s to be your bride be a proper prince and impress her’ so he did.

“Cyra you’re so sweet!” She gushes pulling him closer to her.

“You as well Gwen,” he says as she pulls him into a kiss.

He feels bad about lying to Gwen, agreeing with her excitement over their engagement

but he doesn’t even want to imagine what his father would say if he told him he didn’t want to go through with the marriage. Useless son can’t even do as he’s told, I wish your mother hadn’t had you. He shudders at the thought of his father’s face and the hand that would no doubt be raised. So he didn’t say a word he let Gwen kiss him and he told people in the court who asked that he was excited and that of course she was his averon.

After their time out on the town he returns to the palace to find his sibling and their

mother are back form their vacation to Tolok. Most of them bore sun burns from their hours on the beaches and along the city streets of Tolok. He watched his sister Jeveena peeling skin from her arms as he snickers at her. He knows it’s wrong but if he didn’t say something they'd take that as him letting his guard down, and your guard is not to be let down.

“How was the trip dear?” His father asks Keelia Cyra’s step mother.

“It was wonderful, though some people decided that sunblock wasn’t necessary,” She

says glaring around at her children most of whom glared back at her.

“And how was your night with Gwen Cyra,” hie father spit out his name like acid on his

tongue, but it had always been like that everyone always seemed to be in a hurry to get his name out as quick as possible.

He knew his father hated the fact Cyra was the first born, the fact he was even more

than capable of becoming a good king, because no matter how many illusions he wore no matter how much he acted and how much he listened he wouldn’t be enough. He was always going to be to much of his mother no matter how much he tried to be the child his father wanted, no matter how much of himself he crushed and shoved away it would never be enough. 

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100 Reviews

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Reviews: 100

Mon Jun 27, 2022 1:23 pm
Em16 wrote a review...

This was quite an interesting story! I really liked all the world building and the uniqueness of the setting. The diversity of characters throughout the story added a level of texture that made the world in the story feel more complex and intriguing. I also thought you did a really good job with characterization; every character has their own unique story, their own unique goals, and their own unique behavior and you really draw out the ways all these characters come into conflict with each other.
I also thought you had a lot of really good details. With a world like this, that is science fiction and fantastical, you’re going to need a lot of details, to help the reader understand what is going on, and details about all the otherworldly aspects can draw the reader in and keep them hooked. For example, I loved the detail about how the prince had skin that was “sapphire blue with a speckle of white freckles”. That’s such an interesting combination to imagine, and it makes the prince seem more intriguing. You did a really good job of integrating the world building into the story without the background information becoming intrusive or boring.
However, I think the story was a little fast-paced. It’s only a few pages long, and yet so much has happened. It was overwhelming to me, as a reader, that it went from Tallen getting a mission from Sammy, flying and being chased by other ships, being rescued by the prince, and staying at the palace, to Cara’s part of the story. That was a lot happening, and it happened so fast that I feel like each event didn’t get as much attention as it deserved. I would encourage you to make the pace a little more slow, and include more details and explanations for each event, so the reader doesn’t feel as overwhelmed.
I was also confused by the two halves of the story. The first part of the story is Tallen and his quest to complete the mission to Hilasta, and the second part is Cyra spending time with his fiancé and talking with Tallen and his parents. There was quite an abrupt shift between the tone of the two- the first part was urgent, fast paced, and had a lot of uncertainty. The second part seems more leisurely, and focused on more mundane affairs. I didn’t really see how Cyra’s part of the story was necessary, or how it contributed to Tallen’s mission. I would suggest clarifying the connection between the two.
Overall, this was a really good story! I thought it had a unique structure and a very complex set of characters, and I was really hooked by all of their lives.

Sunflowerdemon3712 says...

So to hopefully clear up a bit of your confusion, this is technically the first chapter in a story so while Cyra's part doesn't seem nessesary at the moment it adds much more to the story later on is all. That's also wha tI was kinda going for having these two opposite lives interconnecting and the first chapter was to really show that! I hope this cleared some things up thank you for your review!

Sunflowerdemon3712 says...

So to hopefully clear up a bit of your confusion, this is technically the first chapter in a story so while Cyra's part doesn't seem nessesary at the moment it adds much more to the story later on is all. That's also wha tI was kinda going for having these two opposite lives interconnecting and the first chapter was to really show that! I hope this cleared some things up thank you for your review!

Sunflowerdemon3712 says...

So to hopefully clear up a bit of your confusion, this is technically the first chapter in a story so while Cyra's part doesn't seem nessesary at the moment it adds much more to the story later on is all. That's also wha tI was kinda going for having these two opposite lives interconnecting and the first chapter was to really show that! I hope this cleared some things up thank you for your review!

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461 Reviews

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Reviews: 461

Tue Jun 21, 2022 8:39 pm
Horisun wrote a review...

Hello! I hope you are having a wonderful day or night!
I think by far my favorite part of this story is your world-building. It's so subtle, but reading it, I could easily pick up on the intricacies of the setting you were trying to create. (A great example would be when Tallen is flying about his ship)
Speaking of; it was extremely easy to fall in love with your characters. Tallen was especially endearing. I liked Cyra as well, though his characterization could be just a tad on the nose.
I did have a few nitpicks here and there, however. I'm aware that this has yet to be edited, which excuses many of the small grammatical errors here and there, but a brief skim easily reveals some of the more apparent mistakes. (Missing commas seem to be the most common of these. Again, as it has not yet been edited, I wouldn't worry about it too much)
I did feel you could improve on your descriptions a little more. I often felt disconnected from your characters and their setting. I wasn't quite sure why, at first, but upon a second reading, I noticed you used an abundance of filter words. (Filter words are words like feel, see, remember, etc. etc.) Though they aren't always bad, and certainly have their place in writing, using too much can create a sort of distance between your reader and the narrative.
Last thing, the flash back at the beginning was a tad bit jarring, and I would almost consider either cutting it, or rearranging it so that it's how the story opens. There's little reason for you to have it flash back like that two paragraphs in. Having it serve as the introduction, or, alternatively, having Tallen reflect on what he's doing and where he's going serves the same effect.
Other than that, as I said, this was a very endearing start to (what I assume?) whatever kind of narrative you're planning. (I believe you're aiming for some kind of romance between Tallen and Cyra, but that's just a guess)
Anyway, keep on writing, have a great day, and let me know when you write the next chapter! I'd love to read it! :D

Sunflowerdemon3712 says...

Thank you so much for your kind review I really appriciate it! But I was wondering if you could elaborate on Cyra being on the nose, if you mean him being very literal that was kinda the point I wanted him to be a very straight forward person, or did you mean something else? Thank you again for your review!


Horisun says...

No problem!
I noticed you told us a lot more about Cyra and his fathers relationship, rather than showing us it (apologies for the cliched advice) rather than outright spelling it out that Cyra will never be enough with his father, show how simply being in a room with him makes Cyra feel insecure.
Sorry for being vague! I hope this helps some.

Sunflowerdemon3712 says...

Yes that's actually great help! I really appriciate it!

Sunflowerdemon3712 says...

Also if you're intrested in the story there is a prologue that you can go an read if you want though I'm not sure if I'm actually going to keep it or not, but still if you want to read a bit more on Cyra you can read that!

People say I love you all the time - when they say, ‘take an umbrella, it’s raining,’ or ‘hurry back,’ or even ‘watch out, you’ll break your neck.’ There are hundreds of ways of wording it - you just have to listen for it, my dear.
— John Patrick, The Curious Savage