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Always a Gods Wife

by Sunflowerdemon3712

For a long while there were whispers of a god, a goddess if you please. Saying that she was beautiful yet with no purpose. They said she would have torn apart the world, tore it like it was nothing more than cloth because that's what it was to her, time was not but an illusion and we all quivered at her very existence! She was a young god so young we had not even a clue what she did why she was here and when she would stop testing her powers.

So they needed someone, anyone to try and bargain with her. I was not but a young lass at the time but I was chosen nonetheless. I was expendable, to weak to work to ugly to be a house wife so I was offered up as a sort of sacrifice. They never said the word sacrifice they said I was a negotiation, but then why didn’t they send an ambassador or someone far more important that a lowly girl like me.

So I was shipped off. The crew gave me nothing but sympathy but I refused to allow myself to break into tears or give into the fear they wanted me to. My face didn’t fall once and I kept my posture perfect. I heard every whisper and every jab but I did nothing but keep my mouth shut and glare. They told me what to say and what to do, I knew I wouldn’t listen. They were treating this goddess as if she was like Alora which she was not, she had no moral compass and if she did it was pointing south.

They day we arrived I was dressed in beautiful silks an my hair was adorned with flowers and jewels. I felt like a princess and for once in my life I felt truly beautiful with all the eyes on me being ones of admiration. The town I arrived at was empty for all the people had been evacuated the only thing there was the god. She sat just outside the town, her head almost seemed to reach the clouds. She was stunning with hair like liquid gold, skin dark a ebony and eyes more green than any forest. Flora seemed to grow out of her skin, and rings of gold spin around her head hypnotically.

She looked ever so peaceful you never would have thought she had caused so much destruction. She didn’t notice me at first she was to busy with the birds that landed along her arms and the dear she scooped into her palms. But once she did she tilts her head before bursting into a smile. I suck in a breath this was it no people to help me the boat was already leaving. I knew I was a sacrifice.

“Goodness you’re one of those adorable small things!” she giggles voice lovely and smooth.

“Yes and I’m here to talk to you!” I yell but the god just tilts her head.

“I can’t hear you from down there, give me a moment!” she places the deer on the ground and shoos the birds and the next things I know there's a flash of light and she stands in front of me. She no longer is the size of mountains but she still is a good ten feet taller that I. “Now what is it you need dear?” she ask, her face is that of wonder and I stumble back.

“I-I..I’m here to speak with you,” I stutter as she makes her way closer.

“Ooh yay! All the other creatures like you just ran from me, the only one who tried was ever so mean!” she must have been talking about the priest who she had picked up and throw into the sea like he was nothing. “What do you want to talk about?” she asks sitting criss cross mid air.

“Well um…what’s your name?” I ask not wanting to rush into things and get killed.

“Hmm I suppose I’m not sure!” she laughs rolling on to her back.

“Well my name is Estra, it mean stars,” I say proudly trying to fix a smile onto my face.

“That’s so pretty! I want a name like that, since you’re named after stars I should do something like that!” I try not to let the confusion show on my face so I just nod and smile. “What about Bryer that means planets if i’m not mistaken,” she says finally landing on the ground.

“Yes it does, it suits you,” I say as she inches her way closer to me, why was she nervous?

“Why thank you Estra, you know what for helping me here,” from her palm grows a blooming lily and she places it behind my ear with a smile. “So tell me why did you want to speak with me?” she asks as she slowly takes her hand from my cheek.

“Because… well you seem interesting!”

With that she spoke to me, she told me everything she knew and we were there for days. For some reason I didn’t feel tired or hungry or thirsty I just felt happy. Bryer was sweet and when I finally did begin to nod off she created a bed fit for a queen and settled me into it just sitting near me as I drifted off. The next morning I woke up to a feast large enough to sustain my whole family, but she said it was for me and I could have whatever I want. I was there for days just talking to her and teaching her mortal games while she taught me ones from the gods.

“Hey Estra, will you be my best friend forever?” she asks as I lay against her chest.

“Of course,” I laughed at the time thinking I wouldn’t live forever, I would live till I died and she moved on. How foolish and young I was, to think that a goddess wouldn’t hold up a promise of such  magnitude.

Over the years I travelled with her soothing her anger and acting as her guide through the mortal world, but eventually I got sick…very sick. Breathing was a struggle and walking became impossible. Bryer knew I was sick but she refused to believe that I was dying, I promised her.

Finally one day I laid unable to move, my lungs barely working. Byer sat next to me as I desperately tried to grab onto breath.

“You can’t leave me!” Bryers eyes flood with tears, she looks almost human like this.

“I’m sorry Bryer, I…. this is what happens sometimes,” I wheeze as she puts a hand to my face.

“No!” she snaps bolting up out of her chair and glaring at the wall, my vision blurs and I see a red haired man standing there with a pained look. “Leave! I-I will kill you!” she screams Death steps back fear hanging on his timeless face.

“You can’t do this…” he trails, all of a sudden air finds its way to my lungs.

“Yes I can.” with that the man was gone and the ache in my bones began to ebb away. Bryer turned back to me, eyes glowing red but with a smile on her face.

“See darling now you can stay forever!”

After that I regained my health, in fact I became more than human. I wasn’t near the level of being a god but I could bend plants and water to my will and every imperfection I ever saw in myself ebbed away over time. For the first hundred years it was wonderful, aside from Bryers ocsinal unwanted attempts to advance are relationship I enjoyed my life.

But then I watched as the world went from good to bad to good to worse and I started to become tired, I gave into Bryer, we married and I sat by her side ruling the universe. No one cares about me anymore. I am always the wife of the god of existence, never my own person. I walk around planets hoping something can make me feel like I did in the first few hundred years but after a while even new people lose their glamour.

So now I sit on a cold throne, my tears are gone my face rarely shifts I’m not quite sure I feel much of anything any more. I miss my name, I miss my family but more than anything I miss being a person. Maybe I shouldn’t have made a promise I knew I couldn’t keep. Maybe in another life I’ll live a simple life where I’m nothing more than a farmer, at least I’d be a person.  


Sorry that this was kinda messy but it was just a quick something that I wanted to get out onto paper, I hope y'all enjoyed it!

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Thu Apr 07, 2022 4:16 pm
Stellarjay wrote a review...

Hello sunflowerdemon,
I hope this review reaches you well!


This story was cute and very interesting. It reads like one of those children's stories where they have the moral at the end. For this one, I think it would be “Don’t make promises you can’t keep.” I found it interesting and a lovely read.


There were some key issues that I would like to highlight within this review. They mainly revolve around grammar.
Many of the sentences were quite long, and could be easily broken up into two sentences. This not only helps the overall flow of the story, but it also helps the reader follow along.
I noticed a lot of missing commas. One thing I find very useful about commas is that they put a break in a sentence, letting the reader breathe, and allowing you to put emphasis on particular parts of the sentence. It also helps the overall flow of the story.
The way you word certain sentences is somewhat awkward. Some of the words are mixed up or missing. It makes the reading harder to get through. Like here:
I kept my posture perfect.


Overall, this was a really cute story. There are a slew of grammar issues that needed fixing, but the plot and characters are all there. I hope this review was helpful, if you have any questions feel free to ask. Keep on writing and have a great rest of your day!
- Stellarjay

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Sat Apr 02, 2022 7:24 pm
vampricone6783 wrote a review...

I take it that this story is about wanting to be human again,that the life of the gods is boring and too perfect.It’s something people want at first,but when they get it,it’s nothing,it isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.A spotless life is a tiresome one.I liked this story.I hope you have a cool and fun day and night.

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