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  • Update on my knee that probably no one cares about lol: I'm getting surgery. On one hand I'm glad it's going to fix the problems I've been having for a while but on the other hand I'm not going to be doing sports for pretty much a whole year which is really upsetting. My condition affects 1 in every like 10,000 people or something there's really not anyone I can talk to about, instead I'm screaming into the void that is the internet lol.
    Anyway I hope y'all are healthy and well and I wish you all the best, peace!

    LuxLuthor <333 hope all goes well
    Mar 24, 2023

  • So some not so fun or funky news yall: I dislocated my knee again, which probably means surgery. But since it happened there is oen things someone said to me that stuck for all the wrong reasons. "God give his hard battles to his hard warriors." Bitch number one when did I ask for your input and two I DIDN'T SIGN UP FOR SOME STUPID FUCKING WAR SEND ME HOME!

    Hkumar Hope you recover soon <3
    Mar 14, 2023

  • I really don't understand how the person who wrote 'The Adventurers Five' and 'Melody and The Rings of Elements' is me. Like when ever I look back on old writing I physically can't process how my writing went for that to what it is today, like is my writing perfect NO but is it better than that which was only created 3-4 years ago... yeah yeah it was and honestly I couldn't be happier and I can't wait for my style to grow more as I continue to write.

    Sorry to get all mushy... just kinda had to share you know?

  • Y'all I'm really not processing the fact 2020 was already three years ago like dude wtf my brain lagging or something? Like seriously it feels like I missed out on like two whole years of my life, it's really weird.

    ChesTacos i'm sorry but 2020-2022 did not happen yet, we are still in 2020 and you can not convince me otherwise
    Feb 12, 2023

    IcyFlame ^this.
    Feb 12, 2023

  • starshipgirl
    Jan 21, 2023


  • Mika Honeydew
    Jan 7, 2023

    Hi,will you review my short story for me?

    Sunflowerdemon3712 I can do that if you let me know which one it is! Sorry for the late response I'd been rather busy!
    Jan 9, 2023

    Mika Honeydew My story: The AI War. Thank you very much!
    Jan 10, 2023

  • So guess who got into Lego Ninjago, me...
    I don't really have anything else to say.
    Look fanart!


  • Hey sorry to any of the people who's birthday messages I just deleted, but number 10 the day I had listed as my birthday wasn't the day nor month I was born 2) I'm a little uncomfortable with people even using a fake birthday cause it's just one of those things I'd rather keep private. Just thought I'd say somethign so people don't get like... confused or anything!

  • Did I maybe perphaps do a drawing :)

    P.s: if anyone cares I have a youtube where I do writing AND drawing stuff it's Sunflower StrawberrySpice337 so that's neat!


  • Y'all underestimate the sheer AMOUNT of art I have of Cyra and Kai, I'm a little addicted to drawing them... well them and pretty women, but what can I say!


  • Okay I got the thing to work! Yay! Now y'all get to see what Cyra and Kai actually look like (in their newest iteration lol)


  • Me: *Finally excited to post pictures*
    YWS: The file is too big
    Me: *office camera stare*

  • Okay so a bunch of people have congratulated me for being a "Featured Member" would anyone care to tell me what in the world that is?

    Omni Every two weeks or so, the staff on YWS feature a member that they wish to highlight for doing awesome around the site ^^ you're our newest featured member! Here's the link announcing it: Featured Member October 19 - November 2: Sunflowerdemon3712
    Oct 20, 2022

  • EsmerayaRose
    Oct 19, 2022

    Congrats on Fm!!

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