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Hey...how was ur day?

by SofieR

If we were characters in a play 

There wouldn’t be any rules to obey

I would walk up to your balcony 

Carrying a beautiful bouquet 

And I’d break into a monologue 

And my words would take your breath away. 

If we lived in a different time

When photographs came in black and grey

I would write you a longhand letter.

I would fill page after page and page

I would place it in a big blue box

And I would send it off on its way.

And there wouldn’t be this agony

If your reply came with a delay.

Unlike today.

If I hit send on a text

response must come right away

Otherwise I’m in distress

I’m in complete disarray

Thinking over all the ways

I’ve convinced you not to stay

But you are not Juliet

There are rules one can’t disobey 

Fingers poised and set to type 

I’ve been thinking of you all day 

But that’s not okay to say 

So instead I just say - 

“Hey...how was ur day?” 

Is this a review?



Doubt is not a pleasant condition, but certainty is absurd.
— Voltaire