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How To Take Writing Notes Like A God

by MaybeAndrew

Okay, you probably have a problem when writing fiction. Can't remember the eye color of a side character? The name of a small town in your world? Feel like you need a way to keep track of your main characters ark? You probably need writing notes! Today, I'm gonna teach you how to take writing notes like a master. 

These notes can store any bit of information you may need, worldbuilding, character info, plot points, funny chapter names, and all your passwords for safekeeping. 

When you start taking notes do NOT make the rookie mistake of keeping them all in one place. You want them to spread out. On tons of different documents, and make sure to leave them unnamed. So you know all you have to do is find the right unnamed document if you need info. You can also put them in the work itself, this is nice because if your writing and you have an idea you can just plop it right down in the middle of the work. Don't worry, you'll find it later, I promise! Also, this is really fun to come across when you editing.

Don't limit yourself to one medium. Have some in Google Drive, some on Word, some on WFP, others in email conversations with yourself and friends. Slap the most important stuff on random notes on your phone (remember to keep these unnamed as well) or directly in the middle of a random notebook or journal. 

I like to put them on random scraps of paper that happen to be near me. What's great about this is that my parents kindly put them in the trash for easy access. 

If you are ever writing and have a difficult time finding something, which is unlikely with our perfect system, instead of going looking for it just make it up, you can always change it later! Or this process may create a plot! For example, while editing I discovered my main character's mother has five names. Maybe she's a spy!

Now, when writing, if you come up with a whole new idea, subplot, worldbuilding point, or name, you may be tempted to go put it in the notes. This is not always the best idea, sometimes it is much better to just write it in, planning on editing it so it all makes sense later. If you do this enough the editing process will be a breeze, as you discover the countless plotholes and incongruent ideas that are neither sensical or remembered. 

Taking writing notes is about embracing whimsy, not about boring organization or uncreative usefulness. 

Best of luck to you! I know you can do it! Grab some paper scraps of paper, year-old WFPs, and get word vomiting!




PS This was inspired by a joke about D&D so it is not entirly of my own creation

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Sat Feb 27, 2021 6:30 am
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ForeverYoung299 wrote a review...

hello. I am foreveryoung299. this is my new username. i will try to describe what I felt while reading this.

it was a great piece. moreover, this was so relatable! this actually portrays don't be organized and I am not organized at all. I write in different places- some in my diary, some in google docs, some in notes, some in word. then, I have a great difficulty in copying one from the exact place. but, the good thing is it just helps in figuring out mistakes of mine which happens while writing in a haste.

whatever, this was a great read and I think each word is truth. hope it helps.

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Mon Feb 22, 2021 5:52 pm
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LilPWilly wrote a review...

Dang I thought this was going to be helpful loll
Time to kick you out the green room.
You led me on and maintained the tone perfectly. By the time you said leave your documents unnamed, I was still questioning.
Your flow is only inhibited by new and equally hilarious points, and you keep your readers thinking, detecting each line of sarcasm.
This is great. I’m going to read the related work “what love feels like” now

MaybeAndrew says...

Thanks! Both of these work have trick titles
Maybe I should start making real stuff and stop just messing around with my works XD

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Mon Feb 22, 2021 3:09 am
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cidrianwritersguild wrote a review...

An agreeable plan indeed! We at the guild know for a fact that the vast majority of our notes are kept in a pile on the floor of some of our senior member's bedchambers. This piece certainly strikes a chord with anyone and everyone who manages an RPG campaign. Maps and tomes strewn about haphazardly! You have great talent both as an empathizer (totally a word by the way) and an author. We strongly encourage you to continue.


The Cidrian Writer's Guild

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Mon Feb 22, 2021 1:31 am
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mordax says...

This was so helpful!! I, typically, rely upon my own mind to organize and remember my notes, only to become enraged when I awake in the morning with every file of memory tossed in my mental garbage bin. I prefer your methods.

In all honesty, if your aspirations in fictional writing don't pan out, I'm thinking comedy would because this was an absolute gem. Thanks for the laughs.


MaybeAndrew says...

Thanks for reading it. I'm glad I made you laugh

“Writing fiction is the act of weaving a series of lies to arrive at a greater truth.”
— Khalid Hosseini, Author