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Depression: The Next world Pandemic..

by InJung15

We have all had those times where we felt deeply blue, including me. But are we fully aware of the risks we take by letting our mind fall into the helpless, bottomless trap of what is known as depression? If you are a parent, let me ask you this, are you certainly aware of your child's mental and physical health? It seems that most teenagers tend to hide their depression. Experts stated that depression is the second leading cause of death in young adults around the age of 15-29. Almost 800,000 people around the globe die from suicide yearly. That is around 2200 deaths a day!

Now there are thousands of triggers that cause depression, one of them is love or more precisely, unrequited love, rejections and relationships. First of all, what is depression? Depression is a serious condition that not only affects your physical health but also your mental health, which can last for a specific amount of time, perhaps a day, a week, a month or even more! As mentioned before a common link to depression is love and relationships, for example, rejections and unrequited love (one-sided love). This commonly occurs around teenagers more often rather than other age groups such as adults.

During the past year, I went through depression for at least a solid 8-10 months. The reason being, mostly to do with unrequited love. One of my close friends began dating the person I was attracted to or even obsessed with. At that time he knew that I liked her and even with that fact in mind he still continued. Although respectfully saying, the proposal was from the girl. At first I accepted it with ease and thought that I could easily get over it, clearly I was wrong.

As they began showing their affection for one another it struck me right in the heart. During the following months I showed signs of depression such as repetitive crying. It hurt so bad, as if my heart was encased in a large dark silent cage, eager to escape from the pain of sadness, loneliness, and heart brokenness. Eventually it got to the point where it became a serious issue, perhaps even involving death itself. I was extremely horrified as to what my future will be like and I knew that I had to act now or who knows if I would make it back.

From my experience, depression can literally be related to a pandemic. A highly contagious virus that feeds off the mind, inserting poisonous toxins that consist of many factors such as rejections, unrequited love, and thousands more.

This in summary is why we must not allow this virus to potentially become the number one leading cause of death in teens around 15-29. There are professionals out there trained to handle teens with depression. Organisations like “BeyondBlue”, “Black dog institute” and “Mind Australia”. Most of these professionals have dealt with depression themselves so they know a fair amount of how you are feeling. Although, in my belief, one issue is that the majority of teens tend to hide their depression, perhaps in fear of how others may respond.

Do not be frightened, because like mentioned before, these highly well trained professionals have dealt with what you are going through. If we all put an effort to help those feeling blue, I am well certain that together we can finally put an end to this horrific pandemic.

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Fri Mar 12, 2021 3:25 pm
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Elinor wrote a review...

Hey In-Jung15!

Welcome to YWS! My name is Elinor, and I thought I would drop by to give you a quick review on your essay. Thanks for joining the community and I hope that you've had a fantastic time here so far. My orange name means that I'm a retired mod, so you can either ask me (or other orange names) if you have any questions, or any folks in light or dark green.

I appreciate this essay, and I'm wondering if you wrote it on your own or for a class assignment. Either way, I find it commendable that you chose to tackle this subject, since you mentioned, it's something that you've personally dealt with. While a lot has been written and analyzed about depression, it seems like there are still so many misconceptions about it. So it is absolutely worth continuing to write about.

Right now, what strikes me the most about this essay is that it's a little on the short side. While I appreciate how concise it is, I think there are more examples you could give. There are a lot more reasons other than relationships that people can be depressed and want to take their own lives. Being in a happy relationship or marriage doesn't preclude someone from depression.

Take Kurt Cobain, for example. He was married and had a very young daughter at the time. He seemed to really love her, so after his death he was sharply criticized for leaving her behind. But in his suicide note he says he thought his daughter would be better off without her. While I don't think you're implying that with your piece, clarity can definitely be important so someone doesn't take it the wrong way.

Best of luck with this piece, keep writing and feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

InJung15 says...

Hi Elinor, thank you so much for the review and advice:) Much appreciated! This writing wasn't for a class assignment and I wrote it on my own. Writing is kind of my hobby Anyways thank you so much for the review!!

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Thu Mar 11, 2021 8:00 pm
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illy7896 wrote a review...

Firstly, I admire that you have put this out there because I feel like too many people suffer from depression- escepcially in a world and society like this where voices are left unheard and the pandemic oppresses people's ability to interact, socialise, adapt. Also, I'm glad that you're okay now and you're brave to put that up there about yourself- it is nothing to be ashamed of. It just proves how strong you are.

Firstly, you have given good info to what depression is, causes and resolutions. The style of this work reminds me of an article in the way that it is informative and direct. This not only gives good detail to the reader, but gives ways to identify the condition.

However, could you include symptoms? What does depression cause? What do people with depression tend to do? This would pinpoint the issue more precisely and would give more facts to the audience.

Could you give subtitles? In my opinion, the style of this piece switched from creative and more general to factual and informative- could you maintain one structure so that the source and style of writing would be more reliable: perhaps don't use exclamation marks but rather adopt a more reserved and calm manner, as is such with articles. Use punctuation marks and maybe extend on some details. Where you mentioned the statistics, maybe add a little extra piece of information just to highlight this point.

Thirdly, I feel like perhaps you have repeated yourself when talking about the causes. Maybe instead, you could think about what the pandemic is in relation to depresion and maybe you could tell us how Coronavirus has influenced the youth and what emotions they are most likely to be experiencing. Has the suicide rate changed ever since the pandemic?

Lastly, instead of 'heart brokeness' could you consider using a more formal word that expresses your point whilst also flowing in a more concise way?

I love the way that you have introduced yourself in this piece and referred to your own experience. I really like the way at the start you have jumped right into the topic, allowing the audience room to think and reflect and understand what it is about.

Good work and I'm really glad that you're okay and reaching out to those who need it.

I enjoyed reading this!


InJung15 says...

Wow, thank you so much for the advice, really appreciated:)

I wrote this about a year ago, when I was in Yr 9. I absolutely loved hearing your response and opinion. I am now in Yr 10 and this is my first time sharing. I didn't expect this much advice from people. Thank you for the support and advice:)

illy7896 says...

No problem, thank you for sharing this!

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