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Start of The Smite War

by Alteran

An indepth account of the prolouge history (The End)

Beginning of The

Smite War

“If we’re going to take them we need to concentrate the effort,” Adam said to the Godfather, “A few hits here and there are not going to stop SPEW. We have to do it hard and fast. On a single target.” It was the only way. That’s what Adam told himself. It was the only way to stop all of this. To return things back to the way they were.

“I see your point,” said the Godfather, “send the message to the other family members. Tell them we strike tomorrow.” Adam bowed and left his office. The two families in the little town of TSR had been going at it for a while now. A few quiet disagreements here or there but now things had escalated.

It had to end. TSR wouldn’t hold together of a large conflict broke out. The town was unprepared. It had always only contended with the SPEW. But like most organizations a group of the town’s people didn’t agree. A wealthy member of the town became their leader. Dan (The Godfather of the Cabassi Crime Family.


Adam arrived at his apartment thirty minutes after his meeting with Dan. A quiet building. No one suspected him to be one of them. The laptop on the living room floor gave a faint light to the room. Adam typed quickly giving as much information as he could. No form of communication was safe anymore. Except for face to face, but even then you never know who might double cross you.

Tomorrow we strike. Meet me.

That was all that could be said. Any more info and the SPEW hackers would find them. Writing when the strike was would no doubt put everyone on high alert.

This could be the end. Finally. SPEW would be gone and we could all go back to living

Adam hurried to get ready. The next meet time would be in ten minutes and he had to get their first. The 12:00 meeting house was half way across town. After shutting down the laptop and grabbing his keys Adam went to his car parked on the street.

The rusty door handle squeaked as he got in. A heat wave escaped the baking car. “I hate this piece of junk.” The steering wheel burned his hands while the broken air conditioner blew a slightly cooler version of hot air.

He pulled into the parking lot of a bar. ‘The Place’ as it was called. The owner was a member of the family and allowed the back storage to be the 12:00 meeting house.

“Hey Kay,” Adam said to the young girl behind the bar.

“Hey. Go on. I’ll be there when the rush comes in.”

In the back room it smelled of old whine and decaying food. The floor was covered in dust since the room wasn’t used much Kay never really kept it up. Slowly, one by one, members came into the back. It had to seem like nothing. Everyone had a designated time of arrival to each meeting. And a set of times was made and each time had it’s own meetinghouse. Just for safety the houses were rotated so a pattern could not be detected.

“So what’s up?” asked Kay once everyone had arrived.

“You all received my message. We’re attacking Snoink tomorrow. All of us. We need to end this.”

“Yeah,” said MH, “But you probably sent up a red flag with your message. Ever since we became the Cabassi Spew has tapped everything. Phone lines, emails, IMs.”

“I know. I thought of a plan though.”

“Do tell,” said Imp.

“Well, they expect an attack tomorrow. So we’ll attack today.”

“That’s a bit gutsy. Don’t ya think?”

“We’re not all attacking today. Snoink goes to the library everyday at the same time. MH and I will go to the roof of the building opposite the library and snipe her.”

“Heck yeah,” said MH, “At last a reason to use the Sniper Rifle.”

“Are you crazy?” said Reas E’Lil, “This is ridiculous. You’re going to through this entire town into a war! I wont have any part of it. You’re all a bunch of lunatics!” He got up to leave but MH was quick. He grabbed Reas by the collar.

“Who do you think you are? You joined us voluntarily. No one made you join.”

“Stop it, MH!” Cried DD, “I quit to ya know.”

“But you weren’t a little prick about it,” He gave Reas a little shake.

“Enough. Reas, get out,” said Adam. MH reluctantly let the boy go. He darted out the door quickly. “We don’t have time for this.”

“Hey D,” said MH, “Why are you here? You quit.”

“Adam requested me. I kinda felt obligated.”

“I just wanted you to know what was happening. Just in case.”

“So what do we do now?” asked Kay.

“MH and I are going to get the rifle from Dan. The rest of you go back to your lives. I’ll contact you tomorrow. Or you’ll probably see it on the news.” Kay went first. Back to tend her business. One by one they left except for MH and Adam. “I’ll meet you there. The we’ll take one of Dan’s cars.”

“Gotcha. See ya there.” He went out the back to his motorcycle. Adam heard the engine rev and then it faded.

Adam left the bar to his ‘craptastic auto.’ Off to the Godfather’s at top speed. Snoink would be arriving at the library in matter of minutes. Flashing lights filled Adam’s rearview mirror. “Shit.” He pulled over. He reached into the glove box and pulled out his registration and slid the hand pistol between the door and his seat. The officer came up to his open window.

“Is there a problem, officer?” Adam asked as politely as possible.

“You were going a few miles over the speed limit back there and noticed one of your tires was a little low.” The officer took Adam’s license and registration. “I’ll go run these and be right back.” Adam caught a glimpse of the officer’s nametag: Sgt. Grif.

Grif? I swear I know that name. Grif…Grif… Then it hit him. Snoink’s top guard. They’re tracking me. Shit shit shit! He held his hand to his head. Thinking. There had to be a way out. He couldn’t go to Dan’s or they would follow him. The officer came.

“I’ll let you slide this time. Just be more careful and get your tire checked.”

“Yes sir.” Adam put back his registration along with the license. It had been in the hands of SPEW. There was no telling what had happened to it while Grif had it.

Straight home. So many thoughts raced through Adam’s mind. What if they have already been to my apartment? What if they have my laptop? Everyone’s info is on it. It’s protected but if they have it their hackers will get in.

He ran up the stairs of the building. He pulled out his phone and sent a text message to MH. Meet you there Then he threw the phone on the floor. They would use it to track him. Hopefully MH would get to the location without being caught.

Everything in the apartment was as he left it. He wiped the hard drive of his laptop and just for good measure he smashed it with a frying pan. How could this have happened? I made sure I never left a trail. Never. We don’t even know who’s a member of SPEW or not. The ones we do know of are because Dan knew.

Adam put on his bulletproof vest and slipped his handgun in the back of his pants. Then he went to the roof. He peeked over the side to the street. A long blue van had parked in front of his building. He used the fire escape and made it to the alley. From there he slowly went to the Library. Somehow he managed to make it. Snoink was already inside so Adam went to the roof of the opposite building.

“What took you so long!?” said MH when Adam appeared.

“SPEW. Grif pulled me over and they’ve been tracking me. I managed to slip away without being seen.”

“Great. They’re gonna be on us if we manage to take out Snoink. She should be coming out soon. Grif showed up not to long ago.” They looked over the side. No one yet.

MH started to assemble the sniper rifle. Two small metal legs held up the long sleek barrel of the rifle. MH took his position. His finger on the trigger ready to do what had to be done.

“Dan said this thing could take a fly,” MH said still looking through the scope. Adam stared over the edge. Staying low so no one on the street would see.

“Here she comes.” The Library doors opened. Grif came out first. Followed by a woman wearing all pink. MH’s finger tensed on the trigger. Snoink was moving towards her limo. She was on the steps. MH pulled the trigger. The shot rang through the street.

“I missed!” cried MH. Snoink had hit the ground but the bullet only grazed her shoulder. A small trail of blood ran down her pink sleeve. Grif found their hiding place in not time. He wasn’t top guard for nothing. Bullets ricocheted off the side of the building.

They left the rifle behind as they went down the fire escape. Police had already started to enter the alley. Adam opened fire with his handgun. All of his shots missed but it gave him and MH the time to escape onto the street. They ran down the sidewalk as fast as they could.

Sirens came closer and closer. The sound of gunfire and bullets hitting the walls and sidewalk made them run faster.

“Down this alley!” said Adam. The rounded the corner and MH hit the ground. He was clutching his leg. Blood soaked his pants.

“Go!” He said. Adam ran back. A police officer was almost to them. He raised his gun ready to fire. Adam fired first. The officer fell. Adam put MH’s arm around his neck and helped him walk. “Where are we going?”

“DD’s” It’s closest. Her building is at the end of the alley.” They went as fast as they could. MH was losing blood. Lots of blood. There was not time to do anything now. They had to get to safety.

“I see them!” cried a voice. A bullet zipped past Adam’s head. Who ever was firing had terrible aim. He looked back to see a female cop. She wasn’t even aiming at them. She was firing aimlessly. She then pointed he gun to her arm. She winked at Adam and MH before pulling the trigger. Her scream echoed through the alley. They both looked at her bewildered.

“Hurry!” MH cried. Adam kicked down the utility room door of DD’s building.

“Come on,” said Adam, “Almost there. DD please be home. Good thing she lives on the first floor huh?” MH was dozing. “NO! You stay awake!”

“I’m so tired.”

“I don’t care. I’ll kick your ass if you fall asleep on me.” He picked up the pace until they reached DD’s door. Adam Banged with all his might.

The door opened. DD looked at Adam and then MH. “Please no,” she said, “I can t get involved again.”

“DD please. MH’s been hit. We just need you to hide us for a while.”

“I can’t. You have to go.”

“DD, please” She looked into Adam’s eyes. Desperate eyes. He had to save MH.

“Come on.” She stood aside and let them in. “I’ll get some bandages.”

“We need those transfusion tubes.”


DD came back with a tube with two large needles attached to it, a role of bandages, and a bottle of antiseptic. Adam took the tube. She poured the Antiseptic over MH’s bleeding leg.

“OOOOHHHHHH!!!!!!!” He cried. MH was awake now.

“Shh,” DD hissed pushing her fingers to her lips. She cleaned the wound. “Luck you. The bullet missed your artery” Adam stuck the needle into his arm.

“What are you doing with that?” asked MH. Adam took his arm and stuck the needle in. Blood drained from Adam’s arm into MH’s “Hey! You don’t even know if were the same type.”

“I have “O” blood,” said Adam.

“I can’t get out the bullet but the bleeding has stopped,” said DD, “Just keep that up for about an hour or so and he should be able to make it.”

“Thanks D.”

“Sure. But the minute you can you have to leave.”

“We will. We will. Could you turn on the news?”

“Sure.” She flicked on the T.V. and sat next to MH on her blood stained couch.

“Moments ago, Sabradan was arrested,” said the Anchorwoman. “He is the prime suspect in the assassination attempt of council woman Snoink this evening. The only other suspect has not been found. Adam Atlantian.” A picture of Adam appeared on the screen “If anyone sees this man consider him armed and dangerous. Please notify the police immediately.

“Details on Sabradan’s arrest are still coming in but as of now we know he is suspected to be the leader of the Cabassi Crime Family, behind the plot for the assassination, and resisting arrest.” A video came on. It read moments ago in the corner. Dan was beating the crap out of the cops with a katana.

“That’s our Godfather,” Adam said, “Won’t go down without a fight.”

“Many other suspected members of this Family are engaged in fire fights all over the city with police and other law enforcement agents. The Mayor Meshugenah has requested the aid of Special Forces to help quell the fighting.

“Reas was right,” said MH, “We did start a war.”

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Mon Jul 24, 2006 1:42 pm
-KayJuran- wrote a review...

Ah, Adam, you already know I love it. ;)

Though.. y'know, maybe I'm biased what with me being in it and all..

There are a few spelling and grammar errors but they shouldn't be too hard to find.

For example..

“Stop it, MH!” Cried DD, “I quit to ya know.”

Should be 'I quit too'

I'll look at it some more and make sure it's properly critted for you.


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