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The Raven Knight's Headquarters

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Mon Dec 02, 2013 7:56 am
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D4RKR4VEN says...

The initiation of The Raven Knight (23 October 2013):

The hard pounding of rain dominated the night, followed by the roars of the thunderstorm over the Knights of the Green Room. A cloaked figure, obscured by the cover of darkness, pushed open the gates into the legendary hall of the knight, revealing just a hint of his exotic nature through his hand, which pushed, for a moment, into the light, revealing darker skin and an unfamiliar design of armour.

After some time of hesitation, the cloaked figure stepped into the light, into the view of the local magistrate-warriors. Undoing the knot on his chest, he shrugged the cloak off and hung it on a hook at the entrance.

His armour and decorations were completely alien and unfamiliar to the people of this world. A full suit of consisting of scales of iron and leather surrounding a cuirass of iron, lacquered to beat out the rain. A helmet with a mask that obscured half his face, with a crescent on its forehead. Even underneath his armour, the shape of his collar alone would have turned heads, not to mention his dark-brownish eye and black hair. Some would have pointed at him and screamed bloody murder just because of these alone. It did not help that his armour was lacquered in black with embellishments of red, the crescent reminiscent of the blood moon, though there was no such thing in the stranger's culture.

Gripping the sheathes of his Katana and Wakizashi, the stranger approached the Knights of the Green Room cautiously, as trouble had been his lot ever since he drifted ashore to this strange new land.

The stranger removed the mask covering the lower half of his face, and bowed. “Greetings, protectors of the Green Room domain. I have come to offer my loyalty, for it is your clan that has shown me the most kindness above every others, showing traits which is lacking but sorely needed on my home islands.”

“I am known as The Raven, a retainer of the Kickasso Clan of the Fanfictiono lands. Frustrated and exhausted by the warring state of my lands, I have been exploring ever since, which was when a fellow adventurer pointed his finger towards these lands known as the Young Writers Society.”

“The journey was hard, but it was my own doing, for I hesitated for weeks whether to call to port here in Young Writers Society, and I shipwrecked myself, washed up on shore. The immediate sights of these lands amazed me. It felt almost as if I have stepped on heaven itself, with Buddha not far ahead!”

“The islands from which I come from are in a perpetual state of war, for they have no such thing as the Knights of the Green Room. Most of our warriors know little in the way of combat, and could hardly, if at all, defend against the numberless beasts that roamed the lands. Few could claim equal skill with a knight, those precious few samurai. I have seen none better than a Knight of the Green Room. They flail their pen about, those Ashigaru! They could but muster a single line or two, most of them!”
“I apologise for my ramble, for the days have been hard upon me, and I have yet to fully settle upon these strange lands.” Taking another bow, The Raven continued, “I offer my services as squire, even if I am battle-hardened as a Samurai of Fanfictiono, for I would like to take this chance to humble myself, and meditate.”

“Shall I prove my loyalty? Is there a rogue knight you would wish me to… chastise? Beyond that, I do know of the practice of ascension into knighthood, and I shall slay my first 10 beasts in these lands to prove my loyalty!”

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