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The Chronicles of Little Volant

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Wed Dec 23, 2015 1:14 am
~Volant~ says...

Here begins my quest to become a knight! Such a special occasion, indeed!

In the wide, white expanse, the wintry silence is disturbed by a quiet shuffling. A good sized lump in the smooth snow wiggles experimentally. The silence settles in for a moment, before--


Volant explodes out of the snow with a violent gasp. Panting loudly, she scrambles for the edge of the green forests on elbows and knees, plowing a messy seam through the untouched winter. Finally, she reaches the cover of the trees. Here, the trees were too thick for the snow to fall through, and the ground is warm and spongy with pine needles. She sits for a moment, breathless, until the adrenaline demanded release.

A vocal release

"...Aaaaaaaaaugh!" she shouts. That was close! She could've frozen to death!

It's time to get moving. She doesn't want to end up falling asleep again.

"Zounds, how embarrassing!" She mumbles. "Good thing there was no one around to see that." She would never be knighted if this continued!

She gets up and shakes off the white clumps which cling to her hair and rough winter clothes. Her quarterstaff is still strapped to her back, thankfully, though with the straps frozen solid, it takes a bit of muscle to get loose. Then, leaning heavily on her quarterstaff, she heads back into the shadowy woods.

Where are we going?

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