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Resist or Regret (Ch.4)

by tinybookfarie

“Damn it, Gabe! Give it to me.” I whisper-yell to him as I grab the phone from his hands. I stare at the screen while on the corner of my eye, I can see Aliyah and Gabe trying to contain their laughter. I shake my head and try to hide the grin beginning to form on my face.

 I scroll through Gabe’s texts and I see Jason’s reply. My jaw drops in shock and that is when Gabe and Aliyah burst into laughter.

“Oh my gosh, what does it say?” Aliyah asks, holding her stomach from laughing. 

I shake my head, not wanting to belive it. “He says, ‘Hey. Can you meet me at my game today?’” I read out loud trying not to blush. My heart is pounding. There is no way that Jason would be asking this of me. 

Aliyah nudges Gabe on the arm. “Wait, what game? He has a game today?” 

He nods. “Yeah. We go against Neverlyn High. They’re supposed to be like the best and everything.” 

“Well, I think you’ll do great.” Aliyah says. 

I glance at her and she looks back. I raise me eyebrows to her, and she rolls her eyes. I laugh. “Okay, but what about my aunt? You know she’ll get pissed if I leave.”  My friends sigh at the mention of my aunt. They know who she is, and how she ruins most of my life. 

Aliyahs face brightens. “Oh I know. Just tell her  that we have a basketball practice today and that you’re gonna carpool with me. She’ll be fine with it. I’m pretty sure that she doesn’t even want you to be home.” She rolls her eyes again as she talks about my aunt. 

I nod, considering the idea. Aliyah’s idea was actually good. My aunt wouldn’t mind. As long as I got home by five, which is before dinner time. It would be worth it. I would finally get the chance to talk to Jason. I’m not sure when I would have another chance like this ever again. 

I looked at my friends who looked at me eagerly, and  I smile. “Guess, we’re going to a game.”

Aliyah whoops. “Yes!”

 “Alright!” Gabe nods and grins. 



Once the school bell rings, I can’t seem to ease my pounding heart. I have not stopped thinking about Jason the whole school day. I was stuck in my head, trying to come up with the right words to say when I would meet him.  Every step I took, I was getting more nervous and nervous. 

At the parking lot, Aliyah slips her arm into mine as we head to her car. “So are you ready for this?” She asks, smiling at me. 

I shake me head and she laughs. “Not really. What if I do something stupid and embarrassing.”

“No you’re not.” Aliyah says. “I know you’ve been in love with him for like.....FOREVER and you miss him like hell, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not meant to be. Like, if it wasn’t, then why would God ever let you see him and now he wants to talk to YOU.”

I shake my head, laughing. “I don’t think that’s how God works, Aliyah. Besides, you usually don’t meet your true love until you found a job and you’re somewhere in your twenties.”

Aliyah cringes. “Really? I didn’t know that. Well then, you guys could be like those couples on those Hallmark movies. You know, like the ones who had a childhood together, but then they didn’t meet ever again until they were in their twenties and then they fall in love. Oh, and then you guys kiss in the snow during Christmas time.” 

I shove Aliyah away, playfully. “Aliyah, oh my gawd!” I screech. She shoves me back and we both laugh as we get into her car. She turns the radio up and rolls down the windows. I stick my hand out and let the wind blow my hair. I laugh and sing along to the blaring music. We pass by other cars and we can see adults staring at us in disapproval, but we don’t care. We party like the teenagers we are. 

At last, we arrive at Neverlyn High. We park and I can see the other students who glance at us in curiosity. I get out and observe my surroundings. Neverlyn High was not as big as Westrige High, our school, but it was deffinetely a more presteege looking one. It looked like a college almost and for a second I wonder if we have arrived at the right school. That was until I see a few guys my age wearing their football uniforms of green and purple and that was when I decided that we have come to the right school. 

“Dang. Look at those hotties.” Aliyah mumbles to me as she motions to a group of guys. They look at us, whispering and grinning. 

I roll my eyes as I lead Aliyah towards the football field and out of the guys’ sight. “Don’t cheat on Gabe.” I tell her. 

Aliyah shrugs me away. “I am not.” She refuses to admit. 

We walk on the field and we take a seat on the bleachers closest to the field. I’m on the edge of seat as I try to search for Jason in the crowd of Neverlyn High students.  Then I see a boy who has the same brown hair as him, and that was when my heart skips a beat. 

The boy turns around and it was like slow motion. I see his smile and then I see his sparkling eyes and I catch a breath. He was beautiful. An  angel from Heaven and I literally try not to melt in my seat. I stare at him in amazement. There he was. Right there and I wonder if he knows I’m here too. 

I was so caught up in Jason that I don’t even notice Aliyah calling my name.  “Cici? Cici!!! Damn it, Cici. Are you still in there?”

I shake head, confused. “Huh?”

Aliyah gives me an  are-you-kidding-me look. “Seriously? What were you looking at?”

I bite my lip. “Not a ‘what’, but a ‘who’. I see Jason.”

Aliyah’s eyes grow wide. “What?!” She yells. She looks down at the football players and gaps as she see’s Jason. “Oh my gawd, it’s him. JASON! JASON!” She screams as she waves her arms in the air. 

I look at Aliyah in horror and I grab her arm down. “Aliyah! Shut up!” I hiss at her. 

It was too late. Jason looks around in confusion, trying to find the scource of the voice. Then he sees Aliyah and then turns his attention to  me.  We meet eyes for a second and that is when he smiles at me. I do nothing, but smile back. That is when he turns away.  

I breathe slowly. 

“OH MY GAWD!!! Cici..” Aliyah squeals. 

I put a hand to her mouth. “Okay! What we are not going to do is freak out, okay?” I try to explain to her calmly as possible, but eventually I can feel the heat rising in my cheeks and I can’t prevent  myself from smiling. Aliyah squeals even more. 

At last, the game has started. I can see Gabe and Jason and me and Aliyah holler and shout for the both of them.  Gabe is quarterback and Jason is going to run the ball.  I scream at the top of my lungs when he catches the throw an takes a run for it. He makes the touchdown and I scream louder.  

It is like this for the whole game.  Neverlyn played harder than  I thought, but Jason’s teams was much better and more skilled. They overwhelmed them for most of the plays, and I feel happy for them when they win. Aliyah and I whoop and clap for them and that is when Gabe sees us. Sweating, he walks over to us and smiles.

“So,whatcha guys think?” He asks, even though he is out of breath. 

Aliyah grins. “Great! See, I told you guys were gonna win.”

Gabe shrugs, but smiles at Aliyah’s compliment.  “Nah. We just got lucky. Their star quarterback was sick, but we’ll take it.”

They laugh. 

“Oh my gosh. You should’ve seen Cici. She was so red when she saw Jason.” Aliyah suddenly says, glancing at me. 

Gabe raises an eyebrow. “Oh yeah? You know, you still gotta talk to him, right?”

I shake my head. “Oh no. I could barely when handle it when he smiles at me. How am I supposed to handle it when I talk to him?” 

Aliyah rubs my arm.  “You’ll be fine.”

I smile reassuringly, but I only feel my heart pounding.  I glance at Jason who was celebrating with his team.  He was laughing and smaking his teammates playfully. I wasn’t sure if I was ready to talk to him, but that was when he turned around and looked at me.  He ‘what up’ me and motioned for me to come over.  I was shaking. Me?

I began to walk over, biting my tongue.  “Wait! Where are you going?” Aliyah calls out to me. I nod to Jason and that is when she starts squealing. Gabe just gives me the thumbs up. 

Feeling like a nervous wreck, I took small steps towards him. Jason is no longer with his friends, but now alone and watching me as I walk over. I feel uncomfortable under his gaze, but in the same time, it felt like I was walking into the gates of Heaven. 

“Hey.” I say first. 

He smiles. “Hey. I’m glad that you actually came. I didn’t think that you would.” He says softly. 

I blush and I hope that he doens’t notice.  “Of course I came.” I reply. 

He looks down at his shoes. “So uh..nice to see you again.” 

I smile. “It’s nice to see you to.  Why did you ask me to come to your game?” I don’t know why I ask him that, but I wanted to know what he would say. 

He looks at me with his deep brown eyes. There is something there that I’m not sure I how to describe. His look reads as if what he’s about to say something serious, and I instantly feel regret for asking him the question. What if I don’t like what he says?  

He steps closer. “Because...”

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Wed Mar 13, 2019 3:06 am
Honora wrote a review...

Hey Tiny!I'm going to start by saying BECAUSE WHAT? Good cliffhanger because you are driving me CRAZY! ;)
Anyway,review time. I caught a few things so here goes....I found that this chapter wasn't as good as the others. The story was fine but there was something different in your writing that made it a bit hard to read. I think it is because you used a lot of short sentences and it just disrupted the flow of your work. This sentence particularly, " I can see Gabe and Jason and me and Aliyah holler and shout for the both of them," you used "and" four times and it was too much. It made it really hard to get what you were saying. There were a few spelling mistakes but that's no biggie. I'm sure when you reread you will catch them.
Other than that, it was good. :) The pace of your work is good and I don't feel like it's too slow. I also love Gabe for some reason so you will be hearing from me when you post more! :D
Your friend,

Thank you for the review.. I%u2019m so surprised that u always review my stuff so quickly, but I%u2019m glad. Oh, and hey I guess that%u2019s something you and Aliyah have in common. You BOTH like GAbe. Lol

Honora says...

No problem! Lol yes he is cute ;)

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